Thursday, 7 November 2013

The Purrsday Paw ~ 'SKY FALL' The sky is falling down!

Today on

The Purrsday Paw


The sky is falling down!

[Not really, but it makes a damn fine headline]

What would we do if the sky did fall down?

I was pondering this and several other mind boggling questions yesterday as I was chillaxing in my nest and letting all those uber calming zen harmonies wash over me like a light summer breeze.

Is the sky heavy?

If so, how heavy?

And would that heaviness be, soft squidgy heavy or rough crushing heavy?

As fur the softness/roughness factor, how would we gauge that? 

Do mew think we'd all end up like pancakes if it did come crashing down?

But then I thought:

If the sky was heavy, that would mean that the air was heavy too,  thus resulting in supurr slow movement. This would mean that we'd all be in permanent slow motion and really, that would be no good at all, as how would we effur catch all those pesky rodents?  

As fur the softness/roughness factor, we kitties with our supurr sensitive faculties can surely judge fur ourselves whether the sky is like the softest silk or like the roughest sandpaper.  

Howeffur this leads to: 

On a warm summers day, the ambient air is like the gentle caress of satin on our fur, yet at the other extreme: on the harshest winters day, the freezing cold feels like ice daggers penetrating our fur. With so many other levels in-between....  

Hmmmm... mew see the purroblem, one question leads to another and another and another.

This sky stuff is furry furry tricky, and neffur the same sky two days in a row either! 

If any of mew are savvy in the Quantum Physiks Department and know all about this physiks and spacey sky stuff, I'd really appurreciate your input right now. 

Can mew answer my questions? As that would be pawsitively pawesome, if not I think I will have to ponder on something else other than the sneaky sky - any suggestions?! 

Wishing mew all a supurr purry Thursday 



  1. I think the sky fell here yesterday cuz it was all grey and dirty like - almost like it had been rolling around in the mud. Now I know why my human moves so slow - she's trapped under the sky and can't get out!

    1. MOL Mario, mew make a furry good point!

  2. Deep thoughts, Basil. We'll have to think some more on it, but we're indoor cats so for all we know our roof is holding up the sky so it doesn't fall on us. The dogs go outside and they don't remember feeling any heavy weight force, so they figure the sky isn't heavy, and that's why rain leaks through.

    1. I'm furry happy that mew don't have any sky fall issues, but I do like your theory of the rain leaking through - a furry interesting point to ponder :)

  3. Very deep thinking there basil. I will sleep on it and let you know

    1. Thanks Timmy!!! :D :D MOL ZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzz's

  4. Oh my gosh! The physics of the sky...

    I'm gonna have to have a think on this one but I will say this. The sky, I believe is made up a lot of oxygen and hydrogen. The sea, also, is made up of a lot of oxygen and hydrogen. The sea is heavy for sure so... so I'm thinkin' the sky might be as well.

    Sometimes, bits of the sky leak and it rains or snow and I KNOW FOR A FACT that I've heard the peeps complain about the weight of the snow on the shovels. More evidence, I believe.

    I will think further on this and get back to you.


  5. We have another question for you to ponder. If the sky did fall, would all the angels fall down with it and crush the rest of us? Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo


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