Monday, 11 August 2014

Welcome to The Monday Meow ~ Getting All Arty-Farty With Our Photo's ~ Part 9 ~ Next Top Model

Welcome to another Installment of

The Monday Meow

Hello and greetings furrriends

We hope that we find mew well on this bright and sunny Monday morn, especially after the brilliant pawties on Friday to celebrate our 1st Aninnversary of The Pet Parade.  If mew happened to fall off the planet last week and inadvertantly missed it - it's not too late - mew can still join in and enter the pawesome monster give-away, click here to find out more.

And moving on... it's great to be here again sharing our latest Arty-Farty feature, we love Mondays! Anyhoo, we went cruising around the interwebs over the weekend and found this to share with mew this week. So if mew've effur fancied yourself on the cover of one of these prestigious magazines, here's your oppurtunity.


To see previous weeks, click any of the links below: 


Our gallery this week is called

Cover Models Extraordinaire

Obviously being the uber cool cat that I am, I had to take the Rolling Stone Cover and as the cover says, He's still got that RED-HOT MAGIC 
Who can argue with that!?! MOL
 But don't ask me about the 'WET, HOT and LOUD!'

Amber is rocking on Glamours' Cover, but apparently she's not too happy about the 'How much sex is enough?' question or the 'Newest, Freshest, Cheapest' line, but I said, "Beggars can't be choosers, just be grateful that mew had your furry fizzog on the cover!"  [Jeez she can be difficult and after last weeks Wanted Poster, mew'd think she's be delighted with this!!!]

Humphrey is being all small, dark and mysterious on the cover of People Magazine, and he's lapping up that headline:  100 Most Beautiful People - Summers Hottest Bachelors!
  "Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!" Humphrey agreed.
But now all I can hear rattling around my brain is Ushers song YEAH! [Yeah! NOT!]


Posie is the Ultimate Cosmo Girl fur sure!
"Of course I'm on top!" she snorted hysterically. "Mew don't think mew're going to sit on me!" MOL
I laughed, furry loudly, as I don't think she quite 'gets' it and I'm not telling her either!!
"Of course I get it!" she replied, giving me one of her 'really' looks complete with 'the eyebrow raise'.
At this point I think we'll move on, rather rapidly...

 Smoochie, who only imagined supurr fame on his post last Thursday is back owning the cover of GQ Magazine.  He said, "Jeez, I'm just getting more and more furmous, how is this happening Basil?"
I gave him a little pat on the head and replied, "It's because mew're supurr speshul Smooch!"
He beamed with happiness and radiated love to the point where I had to put my ray-bans on.

Snowie is loving the headline 'THE MOST GORGEOUS GIRL ON EARTH'
Who could disagree with that?
Howeffur she said, "I have no idea about Sex in the City, as I'm a propurr country kitty!" *cheeky wink*

I have absolutely no comment at all about that.


So if mew'd like to get your supurr cute furry fizzog on the cover of one of these epic magazine's and be the NEXT TOP MODEL click that link:


We're done fur the day, but we'll be back with Episode 9 of The Pink Flamingo Saga on Wednesday.  We are still spitting feathers after the total shambles that was last weeks attempt to post it, howeffur one most excellent thing did come from that ballz up and that was that truly pawesome elevator mewsic,  just thinking about it has completely erased Usher's tune from my mind and I'm all uber chilled and supurr relaxed now... pawesome!

So we'll wish mew all epic purrs and hope to see mew on Wednesday

Basil & Co xox


  1. Lucky you, kitties - I've been trying to get on the cover of Cat Fancy for years!

  2. Looking great on those covers! But those headlines make it even more special.

  3. Yous all look gweat Basil. Luv da fotos and yous magazine covers.

    Luv ya'


  4. I'll have to jump in the Pet Parade one day soon. I keep forgetting about it. Those are pretty good cover cats - woohoo.

  5. guys...we dunno what iz better, yur cover fotoz ore de commint tarry !!!! ☺☺☺☺☺we loves it !!

    happee mackerull monday ♥

  6. Ya'll are famous!!!! WOW! hahaha!! nice!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  7. You kitties are STARS! You make wonderful and stunning cover cats, for sure. :)


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