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Wordy on Wednesday ~ The Pink Flamingo Saga Finally Concludes... Part X

Wordy on Wednesday 

[formerly known as Wordless on Wednesdays but we've got too much to say! MOL]

 The Pink Flamingo Saga finally concludes... in Part X

At last we have reached our final destination.  We are so furry sorry fur taking so long to conclude or inhume our series, howeffur, we're here now and to be honest we've been dealing with a lot of really, really rubbish stuff, that should neffur have happened but it did, nothing to do with us - all at the hand of other peeps with an agenda and programme of their own device and making.  

So that aside, and all their issues with them, we're so furry purrleased to announce 



The Pink Flamingo Saga


Fur a quick re-cap and all the events thus far, please click the links below:

 Part I ~ Part II ~ Part III ~ Part IV  Part V ~ Part VI ~  Part VII ~ Part VIII ~  Part IX


 Episode IX Quick Recap


A minute later he stopped, dead in his tracks, well flapping anyway.  Breathless, sweaty and realising that he was trapped with no way to escape, he screamed wildly in acute agitation.
We all gave him our; we couldn't give a monkeys tails aunts uncles pip or a fat rats arse fur that matter!
"What have you eeeeeeeevil, eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevil cats done?" he spat venomously through the bars.
Smoochie who was on the end of chaise accidentally rolled off and landed on the rug.  Gathering himself up, he walked forward and said in his furry bestest ice cold tone.
"Mew have no idea what we are truly capable of!"

I was sat in the kitchen with Smoochie, he was furry upset.

"Basil, the evil pink menace needs to be got rid of, like yesterday," he said. "We can't hide it from the P.A. anymore and mew know what she'll do if she finds it!"

I sat thoughtfully fur a while pondering the predicament.

Finally I spoke.  "You're right Smooch mew know what she thinks of  vile, fake, superficial things who are only interested in themselves and causing unnecessary rubbish," I conceded. "We'll get rid of it and I have just the plan, follow me."

 We ambled sedately across the courtyard to the shed, making sure that we weren't followed.

"What's your plan Basil?" Smoochie asked eagerly as we entered the fitness room.

"Well now my young whipper snapper this is where the fun begins," I gestured towards a large wooden box with a door.

Smoochie gave me a rather perplexing stare. "But that's the P.A.s sauna, how can that possibly be fun?"

"Keep your fur on," I said quietly shushing him.  "I've made some alterations and modifications."

He stared wide eyed at me as I pulled out a remote device and grinned my most horrible evilest grin. "This Smoochie-San is the answer to all our problems!"

Seeing the manic glint in my eye, he too grinned the most evilest I'd effur seen. [This made me so furry proud]

"Let's go get that vacuous pink fake thing and eradicate it once and fur all!" I said.


Making sure the coast was clear, we hastily ran to the Summer House and got hold of the pink menace, sadly we can't show mew this footage, as it would be furry incriminating as extreme force was used -  because the evil, rancid burd wouldn't come quietly!

FYI: Items used in our assault:

Duct Tape

Let your imagination do the rest.


Once back in the fitness room, we positioned the vile fake thing in the sauna and locked the door most firmly.

Smoochie looked at me questioningly.  "Ok Basil, so what did mew do to the sauna and will it affect the P.A. as mew know she'd be really upset if mew've broke it!"

I grinned the most evilest grin again. "Oh Smoochie, the P.A. is quite quite safe," I assured him, "But that burd is totally toast!"

He was bouncing up and down with excitement, manic glee was almost pulsating from his fur,  as I reached fur the new remote.

The evil, superficial, fakeness was screaming at us, but we couldn't hear a thing as I'd already, during my modification, sound proofed the sauna.

I pushed the green button on the remote and said, "Welcome to the Transmogrification Sauna!"


My paw hovered above a big red button.  I looked at Smoochie,  raised an eyebrow and said, "Are mew ready fur this?"

He nodded like a minion on crack. "Do it Basil! Do it! Do it!  Do it! "

I pushed the button and a second later a metallic robotic voice said.

"Transmogrification sequence activated."

There was a moment of total stillness as a light shone down from the roof trapping the evilness in its beams. Three seconds later, the light rippled and effurything changed.  The whole world seemed to slip sideways fur the briefest of moments and as we adjusted to this new perspective my gaze fell upon the contents of the sauna.

"Jeepers creepers it worked!" Smoochie screamed with pure delight.

As there right before our eyes was a bright pink MP3 player and no sign at all of the vile fake pink thing.

"Do it again Basil!" Smoochie cried in wonder. "Push that button!"

Who was I to say no at this point?

I pressed the red button again.

"Transmogrification sequence activated."


Again, right before our eyes, the MP3 transmogrified into a pink glittery pencil with pink fluff.

Smoochie howled with laughter.  "Again Basil, again!"

How could I not indulge such pawesome delight in my baby brofur?

I pressed that button again.

 "Transmogrification sequence activated." 

Moments later a bottle of pink body spray appeared.

"Again, again, again!" Smoochie yelled excitedly, clapping his little paws together.

Of course I obliged.

 "Transmogrification sequence activated." The robotic voice rang out.

A pair of pink Lacoste mules appeared next.

Smoochie didn't even have to speak, I pushed the button over and over and over and over.

Obviously, we can't show mew all the pictures, we'd be here fureffur, but here's a short list:
[we spent all afternoon playing]

A Pink Cactus
A Pink Napkin
A Pink Ruler
A Pink Umbrella
A Pink Squirrel
A Pink Fork
A Pink Pair of Scissors
A Pink Paint Brush
 A Pink Cricket Bat
A Pink Cushion
A Pink Tin
A Pink Book
A Pink Rock
A Pink Lamp
A Pink Poof
A Pink Basket

[Mew get the idea, it was fun, fun, fun all the way fur us!]
And our final thing...

 A pink handbag with furry fluffy flamingo trim.

"Purrfect!" I mused breathlessly as I'd been laughing so hard.

Smoochie was flat out, in fact he was so laughed out and could hardly move by this point.

"Let's get that thing into one of those bin liners with the recycling in," I said.

"But I thought mew were going to turn him into a postcard and send him to Antarctia?" Smoochie spluttered.

"I was, but then I thought about all the poor penguins," I answered seriously. "Mew wouldn't want to inflict that on those poor innocents would mew?"

Smoochie thought about it fur a moment. "No, I wouldn't," he acceded thoughtfully.

"The rag bag it is then and what a purrfect ending fur a vile piece of trash like that!" I said coldly.

And so it came to pass, that the vile, evil, superficial pink flamingo ended up as nothing more than fodder fur recycling.

And the moral of this story is:

No Superficial, Vile, Cheap, Fakery is Welcome in Our Lives EFFUR EFFUR!

 The End


Well that's us done fur this incredible saga, we do hope most sincerely that mew've enjoyed it as much as us and we'll be here again on  Friday with another totally pawesome Pet Parade.

And we'll be back on Monday with another installment of The Monday Meow, so don't go to far away as we have some absolutely stupendously amazing news to share with mew guys.  Mew won't believe what has happened now... is that enough of a teaser fur mew?

Happy dayz

Bestest kitty purrs and kisses

Basil & Co


  1. That was an exciting story! You should have kept him transmogrifies as a pink furry ball do you could put the bitey on him every day.

  2. We agree with Flynn! Always a pink furry ball would mean he would always be primed for a bitey!

  3. OMC! What a a MOL we had reading this saga!
    We are still MOL!

    We don't think anything pink will evfur look the same here.

  4. Smoochie, what a pic! Hope the stuff you've had to deal with is over now, or soon to be. Sorry for all that stress! I like what Meezer said, nothing pink will look the same! MOL ~Rascal and Rocco

  5. Wow! What a great ending!!!!!! We had a lot of fun with your pink flamingo saga!!! Well done!!!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  6. Wow Basil I was so happy to see the final installment and end of that nasty burd. Now if you could send us the plans for the super Transmogrification Machine we would be grafefur. There may be a few, um, problems ,that need some altering around here


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