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TUESDAY TAILS ~ ONCE UPON A TIME... Bionic Basil ~ The Kitten Years ~ Part II



Greetings Furriends

Today I'm back today with Part II  of The Kitten Years.  

I know it's been a couple of weeks since the first installment, so if mew need a reccap or missed it, here's the link:


Basil The Bionic Cat

The Kitten Years


The shock on their faces was plain to see as I flew towards them.  They scrambled trying to get out of my trajectory and in doing so only bumped straight into each other.

Purrfect, I thought, I get two fur one now.  My front paws connected with skin, one paw on each face, my claws dug in looking for purchase as gravity took told.  My back paws were scrambling furiously on their chests; my back claws were longer so it wasn’t long before I felt the slicing of soft shirt fabric beneath them.  My caterwaul was furry impressive, as I gnashed, slashed and sliced.

Both the men were screaming.  Mr P. stood shell-shocked for a few moments before he came to their rescue.

“Basil,” he said grasping me around the middle.

At furst I didn’t hear him as I was on a mission.  These men were bad news, I could smell it and I needed Mr P. to know.


I heard Mr P.’s voice, loud and clear. I felt his strong grip around my tummy and instantaneously retracted all claws and let him lift me away from the men in black.  I purred loudly as he cradled me to his chest, but my tail was still enormous and thrashing side to side as I glared at the now bloody faces in front of me.

Mr P. whispered in my ear. “Shhhhhhh little Basil, it’s all going to be ok.”

I meowed softly back and nuzzled against him.

Johan Sveetaman and colleague Enri Jacquard stood, like a pair of shop dummies in shredded shirts and dripping blood.

“That cat is rabid,” Johan growled angrily. “I’m calling animal control, it needs to be put down!”

Enri who was holding a blood soaked hanky to his mouth, nodded in agreement.

I felt Mr P. tense, his whole demeanour changed in a heartbeat.

“Gentlemen, there is sign on the gate and one to the left of the door, that clearly states ‘Caution, Guard Cat on Duty!’ and under that there is another sign that clearly states, ‘Beware of the Cat!’   You had ample warning and took no heed, turning up completely unannounced and without an appointment,” he took a quick breath. “I will be calling the Natural History Institute in Geneva to make a formal complaint.  Also another thing to consider if you’re thinking of taking this matter any further, you are actually trespassing on private property and I will prosecute, in fact I think I should call the police right now and tell them all about how to tried to hurt Basil and add an animal cruelty charge to the proceedings.”

Johan and Enri paled, colour draining from their skin at the mere mention of the police. They slowly began back away and off the stone porch before turning and heading back down the long gravel drive without uttering a sound
We stood in the doorway and watched them leave.  Finally Mr P. said. “Well Basil that was interesting wasn’t it?”

“Meeeeeooooooow!” I replied wiping my chops all over his chin.

He held me out at arm’s length and stared straight into my lucid green eyes.  I blinked at him. He smiled and chuckled softly. “You really are quite the guard cat aren’t you?”


“Very perceptive too I might add,” he continued. “I have a register of all the employee names from the Natural History Institute and guess what, theirs aren’t on it.”

I blinked again, acknowledging the fact.

“So it would appear that we have a mole in our midst and trouble is brewing.”

He carefully placed me on the floor with a quick tickle behind my ears and returned to the coat stand, quickly retrieving the stashed briefcase.

“I should get this back to Pilkington Industries right away,” he said thoughtfully. “I’ll leave you in charge and if you see those men again, raise merry hell young Basil.”

He closed the heavy oak door with a solid click and I padded off towards the kitchen.  I really liked the kitchen, it was big, airy and had lots of windowsills fur me to perch on and peruse the great outdoors from the convenience of indoors.

Aunty Elsie, Mrs P.’s aunt was stood next to the Aga stirring a big pot with one hand and a glass of sherry in the other.  I jumped up on the stool next to her and meowed.

“Hello Basil,” she beamed at me.

I purred.

“Don’t tell anyone,” she said in a whisper and pointed to the glass in her hand. “It’s for medicinal purposes only!”

She laughed softly and winked, her aged skin crinkling up even more.  Her silvery blue hair glistened in the late afternoon sun streaming through the windows.  I looked at it closely, last week it had been a soft shade of pink, and the week before a pale lilac.

I sat watching her stir the big pot, it was almost hypnotic as the spoon went round and round and round. I wasn’t really listening to her speak, but caught a few snippets.

“…Secret family recipe… passed down from my great grandmother… it’s the best tasting jam ever… the ladies at the W.I. have been trying to get the secret off me for years…”

The sweet scent of strawberries filled the room as I continued to be transfixed.


The house quaked and Aunty Elsie almost toppled over.  The stool tipped sideways and I landed with a soft thump on all fours.

My senses went into red alert, as I scanned everywhere in the immediate vicinity. I ran to hall and towards the cellar steps. The front door burst open, acrid greyish white smoke puthering in thick plumes began to fill the house.  


Well my pawesome furriends, that's all fur today, come back fur next weeks exciting episode to find out more in

The Kitten Years

Enjoy your Tuesday

Bestest purrs

Basil xox


  1. dood....did mizzter P leeve a booby trap for de eeevil Sveetaman & Jacquard !!! we canna wait for part three...bravo N high paws on yur storee...we loves it !! ♥♥♥


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