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Thursday Frolicks on Wednesday ~ K9 of the Week!

Thursday Frolicks on Wednesday!

Supurr Festive Catmass Eve Greetings pawesome furriends

Welcome to the third week of our popular new feature and this week we have our furry furst K9 on the blog!

glitter maker

featuring the incredibly pawesome

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Many congratulations Lexus!!


So without further adieu here's what happened in the interview 

Welcome my supurr furriend

Furstly can you tell us a little about yourself? i.e: how mew came to your current home, were nmew a rescuee or adopted as a kitten or puppy, how old mew are,  what do mew like best about your living arrangements, etc…
My name is Lexus, and I am a 2 year old Siberian Husky. My mama rescued me from a bad backyard breeding situation. I was just 4 months old and had lived my entire life outside in a cage, with very little human interaction. I mean, sure I had my mom and fur sisters and brothers with me, but a pup needs some human love too n’mean?
I was the second husky in our house with the sibe tribe. I even have mini humans to play with now! I love the littlest human especially! There are days where we just play and play and play! It’s all a dog could dream of!

Do mew have any fur-siblings and if so, can mew tell us about them?
As I mentioned above, I am the second husky in our sibe tribe, the middle furchild if you will.
Mika (my big sis) came first. She is 6 years old now, then came me, and finally my little bro Koda. Mom says she wants another husky, but I think we have plenty!

What is your most favourite thing?
My most favorite thing of all time is my mini humans! Next comes snow!

Do mew have any nicknames?
*sigh* yes, unfortunately. I mean, I love my nickname, but mom likes to use it in public, and it’s just embarrassing! She calls me Lexi Pie.

Do mew have a special story to share?
When I was first adopted, and rescued out of that bad situation I was telling you about, my mom was really worried about me for a long time. I was scared of humans as I hadn’t been around them. I didn’t want to leave the safety of the kitchen and spend time with them in the living room because I was scared. I will never forget all those hours mom sat on the kitchen floor with me, just talking to me. She knew I was scared, and she did everything to help me feel comfortable in my new house. And you know what? It worked! I couldn’t imagine being separated from my family now, and wouldn’t dream of staying in the kitchen! I love my humans and have turned into quite the snuggler!

When on walks, are mew well behaved and mildly mannered, or are mew a law unto yourself? MOL
Well…..I should be honest. I do like to pull my moms arm a lot. She complains all the time that after our walks, her arms hurt. I feel bad, but I just get so excited with all the smells and other dogs, I can’t help myself!

What’s your favourite treat or most yummy nom?
Hmmm that’s a tough one. I love all treats! I think the snowflake treats from Fruitables would top it off though.
Did you know that they are made with real snowflakes from the Rocky Mountains?? A huskies perfect treat!

Tell us about a typical day in your life?
A typical day in the life of me includes 2 walks, morning and night, a short fun training session with yummy treats, lots of snuggles, playtime with the mini humans and sleep!

What’s the wurst thing mew’ve effur done? i.e: bringing live prey into the house and onto the pillow next to your sleeping hoomans as a speshul surprise, chewing/scratching the furniture/soft furnishings into oblivion, destroying something precious, digging the flowerbeds up, eating the car seat, yakking up on the new silk throw, yakking up everywhere apart from on the wooden floors etc…  [these are all things experienced by my P.A. at some point during her animal guardianship]
Oh boy…..there are a few. But the one that stands out is when I peed on the brand new area rug that my moms mom bought her for xmas. To make things worse, I peed on it right on Christmas day in front of the WHOLE family who was all here for xmas dinner.

Where’s your favourite snooze spot?
Moms bed, of course.

Do mew have a speshul toy, if so can mew tell us about it?
I like anything that squeaks!!

Are mew social or antisocial towards your fellow housemates if mew have any?
Oh I am a social butterfly….now!

Do mew have any speshul skillz?  i.e: can open the tin of tuna while the hoomans are at work, escape artist, hiding, jumping, sleeping, playing, catching, fetching, supurr fast, etc…
I can definitely run super fast! And jump super high too!

Are mew supurr creative? i.e:  Have mew written a book, created art, jewellery, etc? Purrlease share as much as mew’d like and photo’s/links too.
Well, I don’t create jewelry, but my mom does!!! She creates special pet themed jewelry!
You can check it out if you like! Just head to and follow the “Pawz N Clawz Pet Lovers Items” page.

What’s your favourite time of year and why?
Christmas! There is always lots of yummy treats for us, and family to play with!

Who do mew most admire?
This one’s easy peasy! My mom! She saved me, she loved and loves me, and we are partners in crime so to speak!

 If mew could do absolutely anything, what would it be?
Hmmmm….snuggle with mom!

 Is there anything else mew’d like to share, that we haven’t asked?
I just want to thank my bionic pal Basil and his whole family for the opportunity to share my story, and our blog. We huskies feel so special having our own blog, and would sure be happy to see some new faces around there!

So thanks my kitty pals!!!! Much love to you!


Visit Lexus and her fabulous Family here:

Twitter: @HuskyCrazed    

Instagram: Jenna_Huskycrazed

Furry many thanks to Lexus fur joining us today, we've really enjoyed your company!


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Bestest Festive purrs

Basil & Co xox


  1. Aw, Lexis looks so festive! Meowy Catmas Eve!

  2. we iz ona stolen moe bull dee vize. N we just typed like a bunch o stuff. wears R commint blogger. faaaaaa. anymew. we wuz TRYIN ta say veree nice two meet ewe lexus, a grate interview by both ewe N basil. we think itz way kewl ya peed on de noo rug!! N when we iz bak ona Pea Cee we will head ta yur blog lexus. Merry Christmas everee one XX.

  3. Lexus sounds like a very nice dog.
    Merry Christmas to all of you.

  4. ConCats Lexus, gweat posty.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  5. Aww thanks so much for our feature and everyone's lovely comments!!
    We loved being here on your blog today Basil!!!
    Happy Holidays!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!


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