Thursday, 5 February 2015

Freaky on Thursday ~ A Space Odyssey

Freaky on Thursday

A Space Odyssey 

Well if mew were here yesterday, mew will know that Parsley and Smooch pressed the button on my secret control console that clearly stated


Like ever!!!

Rendering me trapped in a green light vortex and being pulled up through the atmosphere, I thought that the vortex would run out of juice before I reached the upper echelons of the stratosphere and that I'd gently float back to earth.

I was wrong, seriously wrong!

Floating into space was not my idea of a great day out, especially since it's the P.A.'s Birthday today and I was deep in preparation fur a surprise pawty fur her.

Anyhoo, nothing to be done about that now...  many thanks to the pawesome guys on the space station fur taking my picture as I drifted by and emailing it to the P.A. so she didn't worry too much about my sudden disappearance. 

[Photo Credit:NASA]

Luckily the green vortex seems to generating oxygen somehow, as obviously if it wasn't I wouldn't be able to breathe! MOL

And mew maybe wondering how I'm able to transmit my thoughts as I float off to lordy knows where, I'll let mew in on a little secret, when I was part of the F.I.B (Field Intelligence Bureau - mew will remember from the Pink Flamingo Saga) I was implanted with a chip which is connected to a supurr computer in my secret bunker.  I can send my thought-waves via the chip which uses many of secret satellites orbiting earth to transmit my thoughts directly to the computer, which then uploads them here. Purretty smart eh?  Mew can't beat a bit of modern technology, so as I continue my deep space exploration I can keep mew updated on my progress, I just hope I don't slip through any black holes as I think all communication will be lost furrever. 

Parsley and Smooch are in my secret bunker monitoring my progress around the clock and trying to figure a way to get me back to earth asap.

Believe me when that happens, I'll be having many stern words with those two heathens.

BTW I could do with some whiskers cat milk over ice and a bag of dreamies when I return! MOL

In the meantime, this is Basil, Space Traveller Extraordinaire signing out fur today.


  1. Well pal, you certainly did have a big adventure. Looks like fun too.

  2. Goodness Catness Basil be carefur out there! Keep an eye out for meteorites and flying Squirrels and such. I will try and work on the cat milk and dreamies but it may diffurcult to keep them from being usurped and slurped by the family

  3. dood...want we shuld contact de klingonz....they could help ewe out in a moe mints noe tiss; { hope full lee KNOT with de burd oh prey } ...but they was kind enuff ta put de force feeld round de hole oh trout towne for uz.....ta KEEP burdz out.....

    happee day oh birth ta de P.A.......heerz hopin her haza yeer a head filled with flounder, happee nezz & health ♫♫♪♪♫♪♫♪

  4. Thank goodness for that chip Basil or no-one would know where you were or what had happened.

  5. Oh Basil, hurry back. Weez wuld help you ifin we kuld.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  6. MOUSES! I know that I've been dyin' to get the guys up at the International Space Station to read my blog but I've NEVER gone right up there. Gosh, Basil... You've gone where no cat has gone before. MOUSES!



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