Monday, 9 February 2015

Meandering on Monday ~ A Space Odyssey ~ The Continuation.... Part 3

Meandering on Monday

A Space Odyssey

 The Continuation....

StarDate: 09022015

Greetings Supurr Pals

Sorry fur my absence on Friday fur The Pet Parade, but by all accounts the rest of the Clan stepped up to the plate and delivered an admirable post. 

As mew can guess I'm still meandering in the star studded galactic soup of space, if mew missed any of the action, click here to see how I became lost in space:

Mew know I don't know if I like the feeling of weightlessness and I'm purretty starving too.

I haven't seen a passing Rodent or tasty morsel since I got here!

Anyhoo, that's the least of my worries, many thanks fur all your concern and getting a Klingonz war ship [No Burdz] may be the answer, thank mew furry much Tabbies of TroutOTown fur the offer, I'll keep mew posted... It may be my last bestest hope fur returning to our lovely little planet if Smooch and Parsley don't get a fix on me with the tractor beam I was working on at the time of my ejection from the atmosphere, or making a few simple modifications to the Transmogrification Sauna to beam me back to earth  [which would be tres simples if I was there to do it, but as Smooch's attention span is about 3 minutes, it could take slightly longer than anticipated - oh joy!]

[Photo Credit:NASA]

This is my latest picture, taken as I casually floated by an orbiting satellite, sadly fur me I was having a bath at the time!

[mew can't let your fur get manky in space]

Well my supurr-fly furriends it's time fur me to sign off fur the day and conserve energy, but rest assured even this little hiccup won't beat me.

If mew have any spacey questions mew'd like me to answer, let me know.  Such as:

Is space cold? 

Is it true there's a giant vacuum up there?

Can mew touch anything?

Where the nearest milky way?

Have mew met any Aliens yet?

How many stars have mew seen?

What time does the next shuttle fly by?

Why aren't there rodents in space?

Are mew anywhere near the moon?


This is Basil, Space Traveller Extraordinaire signing out fur today.


  1. dood.....whatz it like ta bee in a.... TOTAL LEE...BURD.....FREE....ZONE ~~~pee ezz if ya can get ta vulcan, tell spock we sended ya..... & him shuld give ewe sum foodz .... ♥♥♥

  2. Hey, we think we saw you floating by the other day! No...that was the International Space Station!

  3. I saw a green flashing star in the sky last night but mum said it was probably an aeroplane. I know it was you and I waved to you.

  4. Nowadays when I look up at the lights in the sky I'm wondering if it's a plane, or a satellite or a BASIL!

    Hugs, Sammy

  5. Oh my dog! I will have to start searching the sky for you!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  6. Meow Basil my family has done some stuff that has caused me problems but this takes the treat, and the nip, and the mousie, and the cat tree, and the, the... you know what I meow! I just hope you have no need of the um, litter pan. That may be an issue with that glow keeping things out and, most likely, things in!

  7. Even in SPACE there are pictures bein' taken while we bathe? MOUSES! May the force be with you, my friend. May the force be with you...



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