Wednesday, 11 February 2015

WEIRDER ON WEDNESDAY ~ A Space Odyssey ~ The Continuation.... Part IV


A Space Odyssey

 The Continuation....

StarDate: 11022015

Greetings Supurr Pals

This is me checking in from my lofty out of this world position... 

If mew missed anything, click here:

The good mews howeffur is that the kindly Astronauts on the space station behind me, let a bag of munchies out of the airlock.  They had been monitoring my trajectory and a good job too as I might have missed the munchies by miles. 

[Photo Credit:NASA]

 I am furry grateful fur their efforts and there was even a note stuck to the back of the bag  that said

So it looks like one more orbit and I'll be back in an oxygen rich environment, as to be honest I don't know how much longer this  green light vortex is going to last!

Smooch and Parsley seem to have reached an impasse as far as finishing the tractor beam and the other option of using the Transmogrification Sauna to beam me back is beyond their supurr furry capabilities, sadly.

[Note to self: train those two heathens up ASAP!]

I'm so purrleased that I'm visible from Terra Ferma and mew guys have been spotting my green glow as I've been orbiting the planet...

If these kindly astronauts don't manage to grab me, then I'm leaving it up to the Tabbies of TroutOTown to contact the Klingonz or Spock to rescue me as honestly, floating in a huge vacuum is getting rather tiresome now.

Here's wishing all my pawesome pals a wunderpurr Wednesday

This is Basil, Space Traveller Extraordinaire signing out fur today.


  1. That was nice of those astronauts to give you those munchies. I hope they can grab you next time round.

  2. basil...we iz on it...we all reddy sended werd ta both parteez N we all sew told de klingons knot ta EVEN bring out de burd oh travels long & pros purr ♥♥♥

  3. Those Tabbies are on this like anything! Now can you drop a few of those treats so they land near me. Buddy took all that the Dad put out this morning

  4. Spock is super smart so I'm bettin' he'll be able to help you, for sure.



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