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So without rambling on, let's meet Bonny and the gang of Crazy Katts!!  Ok mew guys let's dive right into the questions....

Do mew have any speshul skillz? 
Bonnie: If Georgie or Missy are inside and I see them sitting in the window, I can leap up ten feet to cling to the screen!
Georgie-George: She's scary...but my speshul skill is that I can help Sophia write! I sit at our desk and critique her screenplays and books!
Missy: I know every time The Wanted comes on the radio and I must listen to them!
Percy: I can slay monsters! 
Fish: I can make cinnamon rolls! Well...I like to try and help ice them.

Can you tell us a little about yourself?
 Percy: Everyone knows I'm actually a demigod. My dad is Poseidon the Greek god of the sea. BTM (by the mew) are you named after Basil from Fawlty Towers? We love that show! Only Georgie sometimes goes on top of the telly and steals the show...
Fish: Nobody knows this, but I am really James Bond. The hoomans stole my identity! Also, I'm a ninja. But that's just a side job, full time I'm Bond, James Bond. Code name 'Fish'.  Now, on another topic, the way these hoomans found me was in a shelter where I was a wee baby kitty stuck in a cage with my brother and sister.
Missy: I am a brilliant mouse catcher! Also I am a thief. But it's a secret. I stole Sophia's heart but that's the only crime I'll admit to. One day years ago, she and her mum were walking up to this building of insurance and I thought they looked nice so I walked out a meweled my heart and soul away.
Bonnie: I am a crazy loonie. Well, that's what the cats tell me at least. I have reigned as Queen ever since I wandered over to Sophia's house and had several babies, including Perseus.

Georgie-George: Well, I am obviously the cutest cos I'm the baby! Sophia's mum says I'm a spoiled brat but I'm not. Sophia found me at her neighbour's house when she was cat sitting, we have been inseparable ever since!

 If mew could do absolutely anything, what would it be?
Fish/Missy/Georgie-George: Build a TARDIS and find the planet where only cats live!
Bonnie: Have the hoomans all to myself! Mew-hahaha!
Percy: Same as my mum.

Are you an indoor kitty or an exploratory outdoor enthusiast/adventurer?
Georgie-George: I love going outside and catching my hoomans lots of pressies but I also have work to do inside with Sophia.
Bonnie/Percy: We like going outside, but we can't when Georgie or Missy are out because the hoomans think we're bullies...
Fish: I love it outside! I try and go out at night but the hoomans think I will get killed by a wild beasty. 
Missy: I go out all the time for a turn round the garden and a mouse in the field. Then I see the time and rush in for tea with Sophia.

Tell us about a typical day in your life?
Georgie-George: When Sophia wakes up I go have tea with her then help her write, then she feeds me my brekkie.
Missy: Nearly the same as Georgie only I don't help with writing. Sometimes I help her put a record on the turntable.
Fish: I am awake as soon as the hoomans are or before. Usually I start my routine of trying to get them to let me out. You see, they don't realise I'm James Bond and I have secret missions to get on with outside. It can be very infuriating at times.
Bonnie: I don't wake up till I have to, then I have a light snack and try and escape to catch a birdie.
Percy: I intercom Sophia in her room and let her know it's brekkie time so she better get it moving. If that fails I begin step two, attacking things and scratching.

What’s the wurst thing mew’ve effur done?
Bonnie: I can't think of a single thing since I'm an angel. 
Missy/Georgie-Georgie: Well, you've attacked us.
Percy: Leave my mummy alone! I'm an angel too just so you know.
Fish: What a fat lot of rubbish! Mummy's boy! 
Georgie-George: Tee-hee-hee...anyhow, the worst thing I've done is run around the house with Fish like crazy, knocking things over. Also Sophia says killing birdies is bad.
Missy: I will admit, 
Fish: I stole Sophia's ice cream.

What is your most favourite thing?
Georgie-George: I love when Sophia leaves a book she's reading on her bed - they are the loveliest things to sleep on!
Fish: Peacock feathers!
Missy: Mice!
Bonnie: My table tennis balls!
Percy: My speshul catnips!

What’s your favourite treat or most yummy nom? 
Fish: Cream and ice cream!
Bonnie: Dog treats cos I think I am one.
Missy: The expensive refrigerated Fresh Pet cat food.
Georgie-George: Water from a can of tuna!
Percy: I can't decide - I just like to eat!


Bonnie, Fish, Missy, Georgie-George & Percy


Mew can find all the Crazy Katts here online:

Furry many thanks to The Crazy Katts fur being total supurr star guests today, we've had a total blast!


Well, that's us done fur this weeks post, we do hope that mew've enjoyed The Crazy Katts company as much as we have!

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  1. OMC, these kitties are hilarious! Thanks for interviewing them!

    1. Glad mew enjoyed todays CoTW Summer! <3

  2. These kitties are so much fun! I loved reading this. In some ways they remind me of my own crazy kitties. Silliness is a necessary part of life.
    -Purrs from your friends at

    1. Mew can neffur have enough crazy kitties in your life! XOX

  3. another grate cat{z} oh de week basil... a paws !!!! it bee veree nice two meet ewe bonnie, fish, percy, missy & georgie george !! we enjoyed reedin all bout everee one...heerz ta stayin in trubull, eatin foodz, mice; outdoor adventures......& fish...yur name total lee rocks !! ♥♥

    1. Hiya Tabbies, great mew could drop by again and fur meeting the Crazy Katts! XOX

  4. We've never met Bonnie before! Thanks for interview her. Now we have a new furiend.

    1. Hiya Island Cats, it's fab to make new furriends! XOX

  5. We're supurr furrilled to have been intermewed by Basil!

    Purrs & Catnip,

    1. It was our purrleasure entirely, we're were thrilled mew could join us!

      Hoping mew have a lovely week! XOX

  6. MOL! Bonnie and her gang made us laugh and smile! Thank you for interviewing them, and sharing with us, Basil! :)


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