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Thursday Frolicks ~ Cats of The Week!

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Thursday Frolicks

Many greetings & sunny salutations wunderpurr furriends


Welcome to our regular slot of

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Many uber con'cat'ulations Raz!


Raz and I met a long time ago [in cat-time] and we're both memfurs of Cat Scouts, Raz is pretty high up there as he is a really, really pawesome scout!  [I won't say anything about my non-attendance of late #hangsheadinshame]   But anyhoo, here's all about Raz

Welcome my supurr furriend

   Furstly can you tell us a little about yourself?  
I came to live with my family in November of 2012.  I was rescued from a trailer park in South Florida with my Mom and brothers.  I am going to be 3 years old on May 3.  I love my Mom and Dad and am thankful that I found such a great family.
 Do mew have any fur-siblings and if so, can mew tell us about them?  
I have two sisfurs, Ellie and Allie and a woofie brofur Cubby.  Ellie is a Daddy's girl and Allie loves everyone.  Allie likes to lick my head - she says I taste like chick-hen.

 What is your most favourite thing?  
Snuggles with Mom in the morning!  I burrow my head in her neck and make biscuits.

What is your most least favourite thing?  The VET!

   Do mew have any nicknames?  
Razzle Dazzle, Razzle Roo, Razzy.  Raz is actually a nickname since my real name is Razputin.

 Are you an indoor kitty or an exploratory outdoor enthusiast/adventurer? Indoor only
Do mew have a special story to share?  
When Mom came to the adoption event that she got me at she really came to get my brother.  My brother pooped in his carrier and they didn't take him out because they had to clean him up....that was my chance to impurress and I DID!

 What’s your favourite treat or most yummy nom?  I love stinky goodness

Tell us about a typical day in your life?  
I sleep near Mom and when I know she's awake I do the biscuits in her neck.  I ususally stay in bed a bit after she gets up, very often I bring toys to bed so I can play and not have to get up.  After that it's fun fun fun!  I play with my toys a lot, take snoozes in sun puddles and, of course, enjoy delicious noms.  I'm a Cat Scout so I spend a lot of time on the Cat Scouts web page too participating in exciting adventures.

What’s the wurst thing mew’ve effur done?  
I caught a bird INSIDE our house!!!  I also catch lizards all the time.  I brought one to Dad when he came home from the hospital....I was SO PROUD!

Where’s your favourite snooze spot?  Near Mom or Dad.

Do mew have a speshul toy, if so can mew tell us about it?  
I have a skineez mousie that I won from Sammy's Halloween contest.  I carry that around a lot.

 Are mew social or antisocial towards your fellow housemates if mew have any?  Very social.

Do mew have any speshul skillz?   
I can jump almost all the way up the wall when I'm chasing the red dot.

Are mew supurr creative? 
i.e:  Have mew written a book, created art, jewellery, etc? Purrlease share as much as mew’d like and photo’s/links too.  
Nope...not creative.

What’s your favourite time of year and why?  
Christmas!  I love the decorations and the presents and all the fun stuff that goes with it.  I find bows particularly tasty that time of year.

Who do mew most admire? 
Oh many icons in the Cat Blogosphere!!!  I admire all of them and, of course, Mom and Dad since they do so much to give us a happy life.

If mew could do absolutely anything, what would it be?  
Make sure all the kitties and woofies of the world had loving homes.

Is there anything else mew’d like to share, that we haven’t asked?  
I want to thank you for the opportunity to do this fun interview!!!



Mew can find Raz and Furmilly here:

                                        Twitter: @friendsfurever                                         

Furry many thanks to Raz and his furmilly fur being total supurr star guests today, we've had a total blast!


Well, that's us done fur this weeks post, we do hope that mew've enjoyed The FriendsFurEver's company as much as we have!

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  1. I love Raz! He is such a nice kitty, and such a regular guy - meaning no attitude!

  2. YAY Raz!!!! He's my buddy and pal - my partner in crime - my fellow Cat Scout - and one my BESTIES! Brilliant interview Basil - hope to see you back at Scouts soon?????

    Hugs, Sammy

  3. Great interview! Nice to learn more about Raz. I know my Cat Scout, Sammy P admires you.

  4. Raz was honored to be interviewed!! We love the pawsome graphics too.

    The Florida Furkids

  5. basil......another grate interviews dood and an awesum choize for cat oh de week...we liked lurnin
    mor bout raz......we haz known him fora while two ...

    raz...dood....tho if we may...pleez ta wash yur head buddy sew allie says yur furz tastez like a pork chop
    ore sum thin..any thing but burd ~~~~

    happee thurzday everee one !!! ♥♥♥

  6. Awesome interview, Basil!

    We love Raz! We're pals with him, and really enjoyed learning more about him and his family. :)

  7. Raz, Ellie, Allie and Cubby is some of my bestest furrends! Mes reads their blog almst everyday (even though mes does not gets a chance to comment as much as me likes. Great post!


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