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Tuesday Tails ~ The Curse of The Klepto Bunny ~ Part III

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"Parsley's been contaminated..." her voice abruptly cut out and another one, completely unfamiliar spoke. "Hello little cats, my name is Baron Von Booney and I have just taken command of your control complex, if you want your white furriend to remain in the condition she's in right now, you will do exactly as I say."


Part Three

The Past Comes To Haunt The Future


Snowie's voice sounded over the comms-system, I could tell she was scared. "Basil, can mew hear me?"

I paused fur the briefest moments and then clicked the comms button before answering. "Yes Snowie I hear mew, are mew ok?"

"Kind of..."

I took a sharp intake of breath. "How do mew mean, kind of?"

I waited fur her reply, instead it was Baron Von Booney who answered.

"Hello Basil," his voice was thick with emotion, and each word he said was like he was tasting it fully before it left his lips, effur gluttonous to the end. "Do you remember me?"

I shook my head in acute agitation, and bit my tongue to stop a barrage of unspeakable words escaping, oh heck yes, did I ever remember him!

My mind cast back to the days when I was much, much younger and head of the Field Intelligence Bureau's ~ 'Bring 'Em Back Alive' Task Force or B.E.G.A. fur short.  We apprehended the most hardened criminals and brought them to justice, one by one. 

To be honest, it was a most satisfying vocation, and at times after my retirement I did miss it on occasion, but that was then and this is now.  And right now, I wish I could change effurrything.


I remembered the day we apprehended him.

Baron Von Booney or BVB as he was known within the B.E.G.A. Task Force, was head of the global syndicate otherwise known as; Easter Bunny Incorporated [EBI].  He had been the head honcho or as the official title was known; The Warren Action Tyrant [TWAT] for a furry long time and he'd used that esteemed position to embezzle the furry bestest and most extravagant eggs fur his own devious purposes, which to be purrfectly honest we neffur got to the bottom of completely.  Yes, he was that clever and devious.  There were rumours of a Bunny-Bot programme to replace all real live bunnies with robot counterparts, but that was neffur clarified or wholly confirmed. 
He was supposedly incarcerated fur life, at the top secret maximum security facility located under The Tower of London.  We affectionately called the facility; The Dungeon, we'll leave the rest to your imagination. I will say this though, it wasn't a nice place at all!

 The day we finally snared him he had the biggest cache of glittering jewel encrusted Faberge Eggs we'd effur encountered, and it was furry apparent that he'd been one furry busy bunny throughout his illustrious albeit highly dubious career.

He was one furry angry rabbit when we trapped him, and it took four of my agents to bag and tag him, then drag him into the welcome wagon fur the one way trip to a permanent stay in The Dungeon.

And that was the last I effur saw or heard of him until now! 


A stream of thoughts ran around my brain in a tight effur decreasing circle, Parsley's got something really, seriously wrong with him, his glow is getting more ferocious by the minute and Snowie's facing lord knows what!

I was the head of the FIB Task Force that finally hunted him down and brought him to justice, and he's back fur revenge.  I gave myself a mental slap around the chops and screamed at myself to GET A GRIP  fur pity's sake.  I've been in some tight scrapes and supurr hairy situations, but this was a purrsonal assault and a close quarters attack on my furmilly and there's nothing worse than that!  I was mad, really, truly honestly seething, in fact I hadn't felt this volcanic since the FeatherDuster Case back in the day. [More about that another time]


I hit the comms button next to me, "Baron Von Butthead or is it Baron Von BananaBrain? I can neffur remember! "  I just couldn't help myself, I know, I know, but remember I was MAD.

A high-pitched seething cry sounded over the comms-system and I clamped my paws over my ears.

"You horrid, vile, evil cat!" screeched BVB. "You still dare to insult me!"

I hit the comms button again. "Look Baron, I don't know what your boggle is?" I said tersely using Snowie's terminology. "But it's with me, not my furmilly.  I would suggest that you let my sisfur go right now."

A cackling laugh rang out, it chilled me to the marrow, and I don't mean the kind that grows in the garden either.

Unexpectedly there was a light tapping behind me and I spun around to see Smoochie at the window again.

"Basil! Basil! Basil! It's me!"  he said in an exaggerated whisper.

I nodded expectantly, a surreptitious eyebrow raised.

"Posie's hiding in the Research Lab, and she's got hold of the data that Snowie has about Parsley," he squeaked.  "She say's he's been infected with a nano-bot virus that unless we can get it out of him, he'll turn into a Kitty-Bot, part cat part robot!"

I inhaled deeply, could this day get any worse? I gave Parsley a sideways glance, he wasn't holding up well, his eyes were rolling back and was panting hard, vapour was drifting and curling up in little wisps from under his paws he was so hot.

"Can Posie do anything?" I asked looking up at the window, but Smooch had gone.

A second later I heard frantic whispering. "Humphrey, mew are such a pussy!" Smoochie declared irately. "I'm going to get a leather-buckle-on-back-protector fur mew next time!" there was pause. "What do mew mean, there's neffur going to be a next time? We'll see about that!"

I tapped on the glass and Smoochie popped up again. "Sorry Basil, Humphrey says my claws are digging in and it's making him squirm, and then I lose my balance," he explained apologetically.

"Furget about that, can Posie do anything fur Parsley?"

"She's working on it, she says the nano-bots are replicating at an exponential rate and they are increasingly volatile," he said as though he was repeating her word fur word. "But she says it not impossible to reverse."

"How long?"

Smooch looked forlornly at Parsley and then shrugged at me. "I don't know."

"Can mew find out, as I don't think we have much time!" I whispered hoping that Parsley didn't hear me.

He nodded and then vanished.

The Barons voice rang out again. "Basil, you know I have no intentions of giving up any leverage I have over you, your sisfur and the black one are part of the game." he cackled again. "The black one will soon be under my full control, he's a lost cause to you. You can't save him, besides he's going to be my new pet!"

I gritted my teeth. "Baron, I've got one nerve left and mew're seriously getting on it!"

He cackled again. "Oh Basil, it's such a joy to have reacquainted with you after all this time, you have no idea how eggstactic I am!"

Smoochie hurtled along the warren of corridors and almost crashed in to the Research Lab doors.

He rapped loudly on the glass. "Posie, it's me Smooch, let me in!" he said urgently.

The glass doors swooshed open and Smooch bounded in.

"What have mew got fur me?" he asked breathlessly. "Basil wants to know how long, it's tres importante!"

Posie was sat on the monitor bench. "I'm monitoring Parsley's vitals and I have the free flow scanner tracking the nano-bots in his body from here, I've locked out Snowie's console now so the Control Room won't be able to see anything."

"Good, good," Smooch said catching his breath a little. "But what about curing Parsley, he doesn't look well at all and Basil doesn't think he's got long left..."

"Well that's the tricky part," Posie said. "I'm just working on an oral infusion, it's mixing over there." She pointed to a bench covered in bubbling, steaming, vapour emitting bottles and a whole host of the weirdest glass beakers, bottles, carafes, pipes and spiral thingamajigs mew have effur seen, it was like a Mad Scientists dream laboratory. "The furst batch should be ready in a few minutes, it's the neon green liquid that dripping into the the last beaker."

Smooch nodded, and squirmed uneasily. "Will it work?" he asked nervously.

"Fur Parsley's sake I hope so," she said. "I've magnetized the fluid and infused it with an agent irresistible to them, so it will attract the nano-bots to one area, hopefully his stomach and he'll be able to expel them all in one go."

Smooch watched, almost in a trance like state as the neon green fluid dripped into the beaker. "Posie," he began to say when he was abruptly cut off by thundering crack reverberating across the comms-system.

"Jumper jeepers!" Posie cried as she launched towards the ceiling in fright. "What the flip was that?"

Smooch's eyes were as large as dinner plates, filled with dread as he answered in barely a whisper, "Gun shot!"

** AND CUT! **

*     *     *

OMC, Will Smoochie get the cure to Parsley in time? 

And more to the point will it work?

What the flip is Baron Von Booney's boggle? 

And how the flip did he escape from 'The Dungeon'?

Who fired the gun?  Did anypurrdy get shot?

 How volcanic have mew effur been on a scale of 1-10?

And did mew emit a pyroclastic flow?

Who is the big hairy gun toting Badger with the really bad taste in hats?

What was it like being the Leader of the B.E.G.A. Task Force?

Where do I sign up to be FIB [Field Intelligence Bureau] Agent?

Will mew able to take back control of the now not so secret bunker?

I'm sure mew have many more questions, and we will do our furry best to answer these and many more in future posts, so don't furget to stop by fur next weeks thrilling installment of:

The Curse of The Klepto Bunny

And in the meantime, if mew would like to rediscover the total insanity of The Pink Flamingo Saga, here's the links:

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*     *     *

As many of mew will be aware, our dearest sisfur Posie departed fur the Rainbow Bridge last week, so this is her furry last adventure with us in corporeal form, but that's not to say she won't join us for future adventures in her new spirit guise. As this is her last earthly adventure with us, the story is now dedicated in her memory.

We'll be back soon, until then

the furry bestest Tuesday Purrs

Basil & Co xox


Images used under license from Shutterstock.com


  1. dood...we think thiz izza AWESUM tribute ta posie.....we noe her iz veree veree proud & happee ta bee a part oh this adventurez...N yea...that harez got...ta....go......we ask...wherz a fox when ya knead one.....who gived a gun ta amber....we hope de green stuffz knot .......

    we troo lee enjoyed thiz weekz adventure...lookin for werd to next twooz dayz !!! ♥♥♥

    1. Thank mew Da Tabbies, we thought it was a nice idea too ♥♥♥

      Glad mew're liking the story thus far, and mew are so right, there's neffur a fox when mew need one! MOL But who knows, one may just pop up right at the crucial moment! MOL MOL MOL

      We hope the green stuff works too - paws crossed! XOX

  2. Wow!This is a great adventure! We are looking forward to the next one...

    Noodle and crew

  3. OMC! We can hardly wait to see what's going to happen next!

    We sure hope that green stuff works...


  4. I am sorry, I didn't know Posie had gone to the Bridge and send my purrs to all of you.
    It is a great adventure and a lovely way to honour Posie.

  5. What a beautiful tribute to your beloved Posie. Soft Pawkisses <3

  6. We missed the first three -- must catch up!

  7. That baron banana brain bunny gives all us bunnies a bad name.....Let me at him Basil,so I can give him a taste of my thumpers!xx Speedy The Ranger and Pirate Captain and Knight Bunny


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