Saturday, 16 May 2015

The Saturday Solution ~ An informational Post

Welcome to another installment of

The Saturday Solution

 ~ An informational Sponsored Post ~ 

The New Toy

As mew may remember a few weeks ago we found that young Parsley had been saving his money in a box under the bed [fur what exactly we can't say fur sure]  howeffur we got him sorted, invested and making some nice interest.  As his investments have been doing furry well he decided just the other day to splurge some cash on something he'd had his eye on fur quite some time.

Anyhoo, Parsley being the young impulsive housepanther that he is decided to scour the interwebs fur his new toy and found it at the best price overseas, so far overseas it was almost in another dimension!

*   *   *  

I was sitting in the lounge with the P.A. when he sheepishly appeared as if by magic in front of us. he sat on the rug and gave us a look, mew know that look, the one that says "Oh my what do I do now?"

The P.A. gave him a quizzical glance as I said. "Parsley, what's up dude?" 

"Basil, mew know I wanted that supurr new toy, the one that's remote controlled with all the glittery feathers?" he said.

I nodded, my eyes narrowing. 

"Well I found it at the bestest price in a land far, far, far away and I don't know how to pay fur it as I don't have a credit card!" he replied solemnly. "And I really, really want it!"

I raised an eyebrow and tried not to smirk as I gave the P.A. a quick sideways glance.  She too was trying hard not to smirk.

Slowly I took a long inhale, stretching the moment out as Parsley squirmed like a naughty kitten on the rug. 

 "And this is exactly why mew don't have a credit card," I answered trying not to chuckle.  "But there are other ways to pay."

Before I'd even closed my mouth he'd perked up exponentially. "Really?  Mew promise?" he beamed widely and did a little happy dance.

"Yes, we can send a Bank Transfer and mew can have your supurr new fandango toy," I said.

"Oh wow," Parsley was almost somersaulting with joy, "Can mew do the Bank Transfer fur me? Purrlease?"  

"Of course," I replied. "It's furry simple and mew can send your money all over the world should mew need too, we can either call the branch, go online or head into the bank..."

Parsley cut me off rather abruptly.  "Let's go online as I don't think the P.A. wants to take a cat hoard to the bank today!"

I nodded in agreement as I remembered that the P.A. actually broke her big toe on Tuesday and has been hobbling effur since.

"Yes great idea, we'll leave the P.A. to recoup," I said jumping off the sofa. "Come on, let's do this Bank Transfer and get mew your new toy."

Parsley followed me from the room, with the biggest smile I've effur seen threatening to engulf his entire face!

*   *   *

And that's how we sorted Parsley's toy purchasing dilemma today! MOL

Happy Caturday Furriends

Enjoy your day and we'll be here tomorrow with Sunday Selfies

Until then

Bestest Banking Purrs

Basil XOX


  1. What would Parsley do without you to help him out! I hope the PA's big toe is soon better.

    1. I know right? The rest of The Clan would be lost, floundering in a sea's of interwebs!!! MOL The P.A.s toe is healing furry nicely thank mew XOX

  2. doodz...pleez say it iz knot tranz furrz...N moneez saved N de PA with a toe that willna let her run afturr ewe both....time for trubull we R thinkin...N parsley....yur buyin...BURD SKIN !!! ????? ♥♥♥

    1. BURD SKIN MOL MOL MOL too funny - but you're absolutely right, I'll have words with Parsley about his toy choices and make sure that he is a lot more sympathetic to the cause! MOL XOX


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