Friday, 19 June 2015

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Wunderpurr Greetings Furriends

We hope mew've all had a supurr week, ours has been fun.  The sunshine finally decided to make a brief appearance and the temperature has increased slightly, going from Baltic to moderately warmish on our purrsonal heat scale.

We had the P.A. do another garden project as well this week, just because we think that she doesn't have enough to do already we gave her this too! MOL

A while back when me and the clan were purrusing pinterest for gardening idea's, as cats do... we came across a rather interesting ladder thingy.  Let me explain further; Some furry clever peep had taken an old wooden step ladder and painted it in beautiful aubergine colour and then had an array of terracotta pots placed on the rungs with an assortment of flowering alpines planted in them, the overall effect was fabulous. 

Anyhoo we got to thinking what a really neat idea and how we'd like one in our garden, but the purroblem was we didn't have a ladder, or so we thought until we followed the P.A. into the shed the other day and saw an ancient wooden step ladder RIPing against the wall.

Well mew can imagine our delight at such a truly unbelievable and monumental find - it nearly blew the fur off our backs we were so excited! 

Whoeffur said cat's aren't lucky were lying! MOL

 Plus we used the Universal Laws of Attraction fur Full Manifestation of the ladder too.

So we had the ladder, then lo and behold, we came across a brand new tin of white garden paint, too lucky or what? [Effurything is usually painted white, don't ask us why - Unless it's the phone box which is now a nice shade of Chernobyl Nuclear red! MOL]    Then we found the P.A. had bought some totally pawesome tin planters and some more herbs to go in them, talk about synchronicity, it was purrfect timing and this is how it all went, under our expert supurrvision of course!

One manky old ladder off Noah's Ark

Same manky old ladder front view

The first coat of paint being applied under Snowie's watchful eye - she said it had to be painted in 'snowie white'

Snowie's up close and purrsonal colour comparison moment - the colour passed!

With the metal planters nailed in place, so they don't fall off if it gets breezy

And planted up with Thyme on the top rung, then followed by Parsley, then Basil. Then more Parsley and more Basil!  

From manky to mavellous!

We thought the P.A.'s choice of herbs were too funny, I mean how much Parsley and Basil can one garden have, I thought that us cats were enough! MOL

So that was our interpretation from the inspiration on pinterest, our herb ladder is complete and we are furry happy kitties with the result.

Anyhoo, time fur the Parade to begin, so have fun and we'll be back on Sunday with The Sunday Selfies Post, hope mew can join us fur that.

Kitty kisses and many hugs

Basil & Co xox

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  1. WHOA. Wonderpurr job by you and the P.A. on that ladder, gang! It's mah-vellous, indeed! :)

    Enjoy your well-deserved outside time. Happy Friday, and thank you for co-hosting the Pet Parade.


    1. Thank guys, we're so purrleased mew like it! XOX

  2. Have a wonderful weekend!

    Noodle and crew

  3. I love a good ladder. Seriously! ~Wally

  4. That is such a great idea,xx Speedy

  5. that turned out beautifully! I was hoping it would end up a step ladder to a sunny cat bed, but one can dream. Here's some of our gardening tips if you'd like: RascalandRocco- How to Create a Cat's Garden

    1. And now mew've given us an idea fur our next project - we're just on our way to check out your post! XOX

  6. So cool! And I love your photo collage as well! happy Parade!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  7. guys..even noah wood bee proud oh how de PA fixed up de mankey !!! what a way kewl total lee
    awesum eye dea for planterz !!! mum did a grate job !!!

    1. Oh Tabbies mew make us so furry happy with your endorsement!!! XOX


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