Monday, 29 June 2015

Top Secret Interim News Report! BUNZILLA!! Plus More WORLD EXCLUSIVE headlines from THE DAILY PURR

Top Secret Interim News Report! 


Well, my fabulous furriends if mew've been following our supurr charged, high octane adventure The Curse of The Klepto Bunny mew'll know that things have got out of control in the most outrageous way, if mew missed anything, here's the catch up links:

Part I  ~  Part II  ~  Part III Part IV ~ Part V ~ Part VI ~ Part VII ~ Part VIII ~ Part IX 

and subsequent events since I called in Bunzilla last week.

Just to bring mew up to speed, Ranger Speedy went on a intercept mission, while we're all in the bunker monitoring the progress from Command HQ.

Snowie managed to get the MOD [Ministry of Defence] map, showing how they will be boxing Bunzilla in as he heads northwards. Little do they know what I have in store! MOL

*   *   *

Meanwhile, our supurr intercept agent - Ranger Speedy  got to the beach just as Bunzilla landed.

Using the Invisibility Ray Gun, Ranger Speedy Zapped Bunzilla, good and propurr!

Moments later, Bunzilla emerged from the water and stood on the beach in all his mammoth, gargantuan glory.  Ranger Speedy was nothing more than a speck in comparison to the hulking behemoth Bunzilla.

Moments after that, they both vanished  **POOF**

*   *   *

The next part of our mission is get to get Bunzilla here, without causing too much mayhem on route, Ranger Speedy, that's all in your hands.

This is our map trajectory of their journey.

*   *   *

Meanwhile, The Daily Purr's headlines are as follows:

Well done Ranger Speedy!!!

*   *   * 

In other news, we may be a little late posting the grand finale of our saga as a prime swarm of honey bees [between 15,000 -30,000] descended upon us on Saturday and took up residence in the chimney, then decided to crawl through the vents in the wood-burner and infest the sitting room - EEEEEEK!

After trying to smoke them out with a fire, and then realising they had completely blocked the chimney, our sitting room is a devastation of smoke damage, soot and smells like burnt wet paper.

The P.A. has been thoroughly consumed with this dilemma since Saturday P.M. and the good news is she has no clue about Bunzilla.  We have to get scaffolding put up now and experts to come and remove the bees from the top of the chimney where they are still swarming in a lesser capacity, as there's no other avenue to go down.  The Loss Adjuster is coming furst thing in the morning to assess the sitting room, as everything is covered in black greasy soot and smoke. [I did tell the P.A. having cream effurything was a bad idea! MOL]

So we'll be back asap with the finale episode of


Bestest Monday Purrs

Basil & Co


  1. hehehe so cool to let me help you out,I'll post tomorrow ,xx Ranger Speedy

  2. guys...we iz crackin UP !!!!! we all wayz new speedy waz knot a giant flemish...but whoa...speedy ewe iz kinda wee small dood !!!!!!!!
    :) :) :) :)

    N sorree bout de beez guys.....we noe thatz KNOT fun for de PA an ewe guys either....hope noe one getted stinged by em.....

  3. Wow! That Bunzilla is huge. I hope those bees get quickly moved and everything gets put right without a delay.

  4. Great job, Speedy! We are amazed at how big Bunzilla is, and now you're both invisible. Good luck!

    That's crazy about those bees. We hope everything gets sorted out for the best -- for you AND the bees.

  5. OH MY MOUSES! You were attacked by a swarm of bees? They invaded you house? MOUSES!!!

    Are you sure they weren't sent by Bunzilla?


  6. I can't believe you managed to do such an awesome post while under attack by bees! *bows down*

    Jean from Welcome to the Menagerie


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