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Tuesday Tails! The Curse of The Klepto Bunny ~ Part VII

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Welcome to Part VII of our latest bonkers adventure and if mew've missed out on the story thus far, please click the links below to get up to speed:


A quick recap from last week...

"Go Humphrey! Go Humphrey!  Fire another one, GO GO GO Humphrey!" Smooch chanted.  "Can I fire the 50 cal now Basil? Purrlease, can I? Can I? Can I?"

I shook my head as I watched with morbid fascination as the missile careened towards the gate.


The missile hit the gate and exploded, turning the wood into a million toothpicks and that's when all hell broke loose.

** AND CUT! **

*   *   *

Part Seven

Missing Rabbits, Bobtails & Raspberry Jelly


The boom was deafening shaking the entire garden, the leaves trembled on the trees, some fluttering to the lawn, rose petals floated gracefully to the ground like someone had thrown buckets full of confetti and finally after the flotsam and jetsam of the gate hit the ground the subsequent silence was equally disturbing.  

The last wisps of acrid smoke dissipated as I jumped off my look-out perch, grabbed my Uzi's from Amber and hastily looked around the garden, waiting fur the ferret army to attack.

Smooch had the 50 cal on the tripod and was scanning all perimeters, Humphrey hit the automatic reload for the missiles in The Beast and had his paw on the trigger ready fur the furst wave.  

"Effuryone ready?" I asked, my comms unit crackling furry slightly. I got the ok as I began to sweep to garden with Amber at my back. 

We furry stealthily approached the gate, well the hole in the fence where the gate was a few seconds ago. "Cover me!" I said. "I'm breaching the perimeter."

I was just about to step over the threshold when Snowie spoke, her tone urgent.  "Basil, do not take another step!" 

I stopped dead in my tracks and waited.

"I'm just rebooting the external camera system," she explained. "There's no point walking into an ambush when we can see exactly what's going off from here... I have eyes in three... two... one..." she said. 

"Give me some good news," I said waiting anxiously.

"Basil I have excellent news," she sounded so happy. "The ferret hoard is hurtling down the field to the cover of the wood, the perimeter is all clear, I repeat all clear!"

I sucked in a sharp intake of breath and released it slowly, letting the tension slip from my fur like raindrops off silken petals.  "Guy's," I said. "It seems that we're in the clear fur now." then added. "Snowie what happened to the Baron?"

The comms were silent fur a moment.  "I'm just rewinding the camera feed to watch what happened at the time of impact," she answered. "Ah.... The Baron escaped, he seems to have been catapulted by the blast down the field and landed in a tree upside down." 

She paused. "Wait a sec, let me rewind that..." I heard her chuckle. "It would appear he didn't get away completely in tact."

"Explain," I said.

 She laughed out loud. "His tail got blown off!"

I could hear raucous laughing from effuryone now.

""If mew look through the debris I'm sure mew'll find it!" she said in hysterics.

I shook my head in utter dismay, what the flip did I want Baron Von Buttheads bobtail fur?

"Good job effuryone," I said once the laughter had died down and turned to face The Beast.

Smooch had laughed so hard he'd fallen on the lawn.  Sometimes I just couldn't believe my furmilly.

I walked to Smooch. "Come on mew, time to get The Beast back into the bunker," I said giving him a move it soldier look.

"Awwwww Basil, can't we keep it out a bit longer, there's other things we could blow up and Humphrey's such a good aim!" he whined.

I shook my head.  "Time to clean up, quick sharp before the P.A. get's home from work," I replied. "What will she say coming home to this?"

Smooch got up, looked at Humphrey, then at Amber and then at me. "I think she'd say, why the flip didn't mew ring me because I wanted to play in The Beast and blow things up... that's what she'd say, mew know it's true and then she'd say, give me the 50 cal and we're going to have some serious fun!" Smooch burst out laughing.

I raised an eyebrow, trying to keep a straight face. "Ok, ok, mew're right, she would have loved it and wanted to play with effury gun we have," I conceded. "I know that she would have really enjoyed getting tooled up, armed to the teeth and jumped right in the fray, but Smooch this isn't her fight, it's ours, well mine in fact, so let's do the clean up and hope she's none the wiser."

*    *    *

A short while later, the clean up was done and after finding a couple of wooden pallets, a nail-gun and with bit of heavy lifting, we'd managed to mackle a new gate together between us. 

We stood back and admired our handy work. "The P.A. will neffur notice!" I said, sounding a lot more hopeful than I actually felt.

Humphrey shot me a look. "Mew've got to be kidding, just look at it, it's an abomination of a thing and if mew think she won't notice the difference mew're crazy!"

"Ok, so it looks completely dreadful but it's the best we can do with the tools and supplies we have," I conceded. "We'll just explain the situation to her, she'll understand right?"

Effuryone looked effuyrwhere but at me, and that's when I knew the P.A. wasn't going to be best purrleased. 

*    *    *

After putting The Beast away and replacing the weapons in the secret armoury,  we all trooped into the control centre and found Parsley sitting on the console just finishing another pot of raspberry jelly.

"Gosh Basil, this jelly is utterly delicious!" he declared and swallowed the last mouthful.

"I know, it's pawesome right?" I answered. "Mew're looking a lot better, how do mew feel?"

"Mew know I feel quite invincible to be honest," Parsley replied. "Posie says there's no lasting side effects either, so in fact I'm as good a new, better than effur in fact!"

A soft tinkling sound resounded around the control centre and we all turned to see was it was.

Smooch had emptied a small pouch containing the nearly almost real diamonds onto the glass console.

"I picked up these during the clean up," he said beaming nearly almost as brightly as the supurr twinkly nearly almost real diamonds.

"Good job Smooch, I'd forgotten about those fur a moment," I said. "Real nice work!"

Smooch beamed wider.

Then he produced something else and placed it on the console. 

He began to laugh as I realised what it was.

"Oh Smooch, mew didn't?!" I said in utter horror looking a the thing he'd placed down.

His hysterical laughter filled the control centre and he fell off the chair with a soft thwump.

"Oh fur all that is merciful, get a grip mew guy's, I don't know how much more I can take today!" I declared. "Smooch remove that heinous thing and sanitize the console, purrlease!"

Taking a moment I regrouped and then said. "We've been lucky today, but The Baron will be back, mark my words and next time he's going to be angrier than effur and an angry bunny is an unpredictable bunny!"

The Clan looked at me, serious expressions etched on their faces, and then Amber spoke. "So what's the plan Basil, how are we going to stop The Baron once and fur all?"

I pondered this fur the briefest of moments and then said, "Mew know I think I've got just the plan!"


*   *   *

OMC, did The Baron really get his bobtail blown off? 

Are mew going to hold it for ransom? MOL 

The P.A. will be best purrleased about the nearly almost real diamonds being found won't she

Howeffur, how will she react to the NEW GATE? MOL

Are the ferrets nothing more than a big bunch of baby pussies?

Mew still didn't tell us where mew got The Beast from?

What is the new plan?

I'm sure mew have many more questions, and we will do our furry best to answer these and many more in future posts, so don't furget to stop by fur next weeks thrilling installment of:

The Curse of The Klepto Bunny

And in the meantime, if mew would like to rediscover the total insanity of The Pink Flamingo Saga, here's the links:

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*     *     *

We'll be back on Friday with our usual slot of The Pet Parade, until then

the furry bestest Tuesday Purrs

Basil & Co xox


Bunker Background & Tank Images used under license from Shutterstock.com


  1. What an excellent adventure! Is that REALLY the Baron's tail???

    We think the P.A. may just forgive mew kitties about the gate. You *did* recover the nearly almost real diamonds, after all! :)


    1. Yes, that's really the Barons tail!! MOL The P.A. wasn't too happy about the gate but after an explanation or two, all was good! XOX

  2. As always Basil yous got me on da edge of meez seat. Sissy also sez she can't wait to see what happens and how yous gunna defeat da Baron once and fur all. MOL Y'all have a pawsum day.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

    1. Thanks Dezi & Lexi, hopefully mew'll be reading Part 8 asap and find out about my sneaky plan! MOL XOX

  3. I think the PA will forgive you anything...well almost. The Baron's bobtail looks like it would make a good toy.

    1. Oh mew know she'll furgive most things fur sure! MOL And now mew mention it, that bobtail would make a most excellent toy, I'll tell Smoochie to repurrpose it and attach some elastic and a wand just to make it a bit more exciting! MOL

  4. guys...a paws, a paws, a paws onze again !!!!!

    N afturr ewe show de PA de.... real ...diamonds.... ☺ her willna care if de fence iz good, bad, blown up, re painted, ore haza shrubreez growin in front oh it...just due KNOT let her try N take em ta a jewel ree stor...ya noe....

    N bee care full.... de ferretz & de baron...escaped....two eazee , sum thin smellz fishee N itz knot a ten day old halibutt !!!! ♥♥♥

    1. MOL Tabbies, mew guys have me in stitches - seriously!!! MOL MOL

      The P.A. is delighted to have the 'almost nearly real diamonds' back and is re-attaching them to new collars as we type :D

      And yes, the ferrets and the Baron - the escape was far too easy....


  5. Okay Basil, I NEED to know. Did your PA notice the gate? Did she or didn't she? And if now, how DID you get away with it?


    1. Hiya Seville, the P.A. noticed the gate immediately and we all got grilled about it - once she heard what had occurred she was fine and said the old was - and I quote; 'flipping awful!' and 'mew guy's did me a favour!' - and off she trundled to order a new gate from the joiner! MOL

      I guess we are just born lucky!! MOL XOX


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