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Tuesday Tails! The Curse of The Klepto Bunny ~ Part X ~ THE FINALE

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Welcome to Part X, the penultimate episode of our latest bonkers adventure, and if mew've missed out on the story thus far, please click the links below to get up to speed:


Part IX - A quick Recap

Outrage exploded in the control room as effuryone spoke at once.

"Quiet!" I yelled above the din and the hubbub settled down.  I waited fur a moment before I spoke again. "It would seem that the Baron will stop at nothing to get his revenge and he doesn't care who he hurts in the process, this is completely unacceptable and after much deliberation I have decided that we have no choice other than to unleash Bunzilla."

Amber squealed in terror.  Snowie screamed in complete fear.   Posie squawked in horror. 

Smooch and Parsley exchanged quizzical glances.

Humphrey looked at me and asked. "Is that our only option?"

I nodded my head solemnly. "I'm afraid so."


*   *   *

Part Ten

'Bunzilla vs Baron Von Booney'

Speedy arrived in our little village, called, Sleepy Hollow; with Bunzilla.  They both materialised in the field behind the house without any incident, plus there were no news crews, army or airforce to contend with [in other words - a miracle]

"Yo Speedy dude, it's so great to see mew!" I called as I hurtled down field to meet them.

A few moments later I was right there with them.

Ranger Speedy hopped off Bunzilla's back and I looked up at Bunzilla.

"Wow, dude mew've grown up since I last saw mew!" I gasped in awe. "Mew were half the size!"

Bunzilla chuckled, it was a low thrumming sound which made the ground tremble effur so slightly beneath our paws. 

"Hey Basil, it's so great to be here," he replied trying to keep his voice low. "Sorry about the Navy, Army and Air-force thing, I was planning on tunnelling all the way here but I got ravelled up in some pipe line and cables which left me no option other than to surface!"

"Hey, it's no problem, my supurr buddy Ranger Speedy here saved the day," I placed a paw on Speedy's back and gave him a gentle pat. "Good job he was available to come and rescue mew!"

"Oh Ranger Speedy is the best," Bunzilla agreed. "I don't know what I would have done if he hadn't been there, well let's just say it could have turned very nasty indeed!"

We all nodded in agreement. 

Suddenly remembering my manners, I asked. "Would anyone care fur refreshments?"

*     *     *


Baron Von Booney was hiding in his secret lair, he was alone as his ferret army neffur came back after the attack.

"Curses, curses and more curses!" he spat angrily as stomped around the table, finally kicking it over in his temper. "It wasn't supposed to happen like this, that flea-bitten Basil Widdairs should have been dealt with by now..."  he hurled a chair against the wall. "I can see I'm going to have to go up top and deal with that evil pussy once and or all."

He pulled a moth eaten blanket off a battered trunk and opened it.  Staring at the contents he reached in and pulled out a smaller box. 

"I really didn't want to use this, but I've got no choice!" he mumbled as he slammed the lid down and replaced the holey blanket. "I wanted to save this for another day, but what the flip, maybe that day is today!"

*     *     *

After making Bunzilla invisible again as he was too big to fit in the bunker and fitting him with a comms unit, Speedy followed me to the bunker where we met the rest of the clan in the Control Room.

After all the usual pleasantries were exchanged and a few of niptini's [shaken not stirred] and an extra supurr juicy carrotini fur Speedy were quaffed, we got down to bunny business.

Bunzilla had been grazing on the delicious sweet meadow grass while we slurped.

"Can mew hear me Bunzilla?" I asked when Snowie switched on the comms.

There was a great belching sound and then Bunzilla spoke. "Pardon me... Yes I can hear you Basil!"

"Excellent, we've come up with a plan and will be with mew shortly," I replied.

"Sure thing Basil, I'm just really enjoying grazing right now!" Bunzilla answered.

I turned to effurypurdy. "So we're all agreed on the plan, now it's time to get going."

*     *     * 

We headed down the field, leaving Snowie in the control room.   We had just reached Bunzilla when Snowie's voice sounded over the comms.

"Basil, can mew hear me?" she asked.

"Loud and clear Snowie, what's up?" I answered.

"The Baron is in the garden!" she replied.

"That's wunderpurr news, he's right where we want him!" I said with a wry smirk.

"There's one more thing," she added, a hint of uncertainty tingeing her voice.

I paused and then said. "Tell me."

"The Baron is sitting on the lawn with a silver box," she continued.

"Yes..." I said.

"Well the box is smoking and the Baron looks positively manic," Snowie replied.

I looked at effurypurdy, then noticed Smooch who had climbed onto Bunzilla's back.

"Smooch, purrlease get down," I said.  "I'm sure that our guest doesn't need mew clambering all over him!"

Bunzilla chuckled.  "To be honest I was quite enjoying the back massage!"

I gave Smoochie one of my 'purrlease get down down from there looks' and said. "Snowie tell me what's happening now?"

"It's smoking pretty full on now!" Snowie's voice began to quaver. "I can barely see the garden now!"

I turned to the gang. "This can't be good!"

A moment later Snowie spoke again.  "I've managed to zoom in on the silver box and it's got a dragon on it, does that mean anything to mew?"

I pondered this fur a few moments putting the search button on in my memory banks.  Trawling through all the cases when I was an FIB agent [Field Intelligence Bureau] back in the day.

"Oh jumping jeepers!" I exclaimed suddenly. "I know exactly what it is!"

All eyes were on me now as I said. "It's the fabled box of the secret Dracus Cult and if it's opened, well let's just say life as we know will be over furever."

Horrified gasps erupted and my brain spun with a myriad of scenarios as to how to stop Baron Von Booney from unleashing the contents of the Dracus Box.

"Basil I don't mean to alarm mew, but the Baron has started to chant something, the smoke is getting thicker and there are weird sparkles surrounding him!" Snowie almost squawked.

"Oh fur all that is merciful!" I cried out. "Can't this maniac effur stop?  If he completes the secret incantation of The Dracus Cult and opens that box, we're flipping well doomed!"

Smooch had hopped off Bunzilla's back and it was a good job too, as Bunzilla gave me a look and then launched skywards like a giant white fluffy cloud heading at lightning speed straight fur our garden.

We hurtled up the field towards the manky garden gate [the P.A. hasn't gotten around to fixing it yet] and just as we flung it open there was a rather sickening crunch and the ground shook beneath our paws like a mini earth quake. 

"Wait!" I said abruptly. "Wait till the smoke thins out as we can't see what on earth is happening."

The smoke gradually began to clear until Bunzilla could be seen sitting quite calmly surrounded by the last few wispy clouds.

"Where's the Baron?" I called to Bunzilla.

Bunzilla gave me a look and then glanced down at his huge fumper feet. "Don't panic Basil, the Baron has been contained once and fur all," he said as a tinge of regret flashed in his eyes.

I stared down and that's when I saw the Baron, well what was the Baron.  He was flatter than a pancake that had been under a road roller, literally. 

My eyebrows were hovering about 10 inches above my head as I took it all in. "And the Dracus Box?"

"I've got it!" Smooch yelled from behind one of the big pots.

"The lid is still closed, right?" I called back.

"Oh yes, it's still sealed," Smooch replied appearing next to me and held it out to me. "And it's not smoking any more either."

Whooping and cheering erupted from the entire gang, I gave effuryone a tight smile and felt my entire body relax fur the furst time since the Baron came into our lives and nearly changed effurything fur effur.

"Phew!" I let out a big sigh of relief. "That was lucky!"

'The End'

*     *     *

The Aftermath

We made sure the Baron was given a propurr send off, one that included a capsule that was launched into space and a 'DO NOT RETURN -LIKE EFFUR!' sticker placed on it [MOL]

The ferret hoard were released and all their weapons confiscated.  They were all given a good behaviour bond.

Budger the Badger was neffur seen again.

After finding the Barons secret liar courtesy of Fiddler the Ferret, all of the nearly almost real diamonds were recovered, and a whole host of other weird and wunderpurr artefacts were discovered and placed in the vault in our bunker.

Parsley continues to surprise us after his nano-bot encounter and we're placing bets that he's going to a propurr supurr cat one day.

Humphrey still has the Barons top hats and the Viking helmet too, and we're sure he likes wearing them in secret, yet this still has to be confirmed.

And as fur all of us, we had a big pawty before Speedy and Bunzilla departed.

And the really good news, the P.A. neffur had a clue what was happening!! MOL MOL

*     *     *

The Curse of The Klepto Bunny is dedicated to the memory of our beautiful, valiant, inspiring and sometimes rather bad tempered sisfur, Posie

Hearts glitter gifs

Rest in Peace Posie ~ Mew will Neffur be Forgotten

30th June 1999 - 22nd April 2015

*     *     *

We'll be back on Friday with our usual slot of The Pet Parade, and we're working on several new idea's to entertain mew with, until then

the furry bestest Tuesday Purrs

Basil & Co xox


Bunker Background Images used under license from Shutterstock.com


  1. Awesome finale! BRAVO! That Bunzilla is a standup guy, isn't he? And Speedy is the bestest!

    Thank you for saving the world, Basil and Crew. So glad that the P.A. never knew. MOL.

    R.I.P., Angel Posie. You are missed and loved always.

  2. ther bee a standin ovationz in de land oh trout for a most eggs cell ant storee guys !!! HOORAY for speedy & bunzilla....we loves ewe both ...thanx for saving basil's familee & de werld ~~~~ we troo lee hope von barron doez knot land like on marz & come bak all marshun like ...ore zombeez like...ore dracula like coz we like dracula :) we noe posie loved loved loved this storee.......rockin awesum ta dedicatez it two her ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ and ......whoa...wait a minit...that wuz knot budger we just thinked we saw outta de korner oh R eye ~~~~ a paws a paws a paws.....total lee rockin awesum storee ♥♥♥

  3. Thank goodness Speedy and Bunzilla came to help you save the world! That was a great story and had me on the edge of my seat. Posie would be very proud with having it dedicated to her.

  4. Oh I do love a good Party Basil especially after a grand adventure ,Thanks for letting me help out,it was so much fun!xx SPeedy


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