Saturday, 29 August 2015

The Saturday Special ~ Featuring No Cats Whatsoeffur! Have mew heard of Doga?

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Greetings wunderpurr furriends

A few days ago we were contacted via the blog contact form, to see if we would like to share this info post about Doga, if mew haven't already guessed it's yoga fur dogs.  Well, we thought what a pawesome idea fur all our supurr K9 furriends and their hoomans to try - or purrhaps not! MOL/BOL

That aside if it helps facilitate bonding and health, how could we say no... so without further adieu, let us introduce mew to the joys of Doga.

If mew're having trouble viewing/reading the destructions on the graphic below, there's a link below that will take mew to the main webpage where mew'll be able to see effurything clearly. But mew can get the gist of it here... [magnifying glasses at the ready!]

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Getting Down with Doga

If you’ve ever noticed your dog stretching out its front or back legs then you know there is a connection between dogs and yoga. Those stretches are mimicked in most yoga practices, forming the cornerstone poses of upward and downward dog. Many animal-like poses are featured in yoga, but it isn't overly practical to do yoga with a cow or a lion, so why not corral your domesticated furry friend instead? That’s right, doga; yoga for dogs!
You can practice doga one of two ways, with your dog as an active participant, or by simply allowing it to visit with other dogs in the class as your perform your asanas. Doga can be practiced at home with your dog, or by attending a class for other dog owners.
If you choose to practice the former, there are a variety of positions you can aid your dog in achieving, including wheelbarrow, forward bend, and even chair pose. In addition to building the bond between you and your dog, these poses can help your pooch physically by improving circulation. Doga also functions as a form of behavioral therapy and can help to calm a hyperactive or anxious dog.
It may be difficult to find a doga class at first, but this latest trend in yoga is sure to catch on like those before it!

Having trouble reading the text?

 [Sadly the P.A. had to resize the graphic as it was way too big fur the blog] but here's the direct link:

So if any of our supurr K9 furriends are thinking of trying this new zen activity, purrlease leave us a comment, as we'd love to know what mew think!

Happy Caturday 


Basil & Co xox

[This is not a sponsored or paid post - just purely sharing fur sharings sake because we can and we thought it was a pawesome idea! MOL]

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  1. hehehe have you tried bunny yoga?xx Speedy

  2. I'll leave that to the dogs. I need a nap!

  3. I wonder how many dogs you can do at once?

    1. We have no idea, purhapps mew could let us know! XOX


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