Friday, 9 October 2015

The Pet Parade Blog Hop No: 113 ~ Hosted by Rascal & Rocco Co-Hosted by Basil & Love is Being Owned By A Husky & Barking from the Bayou



Pre-Weekend greetings pawesome furriends

We do hope mew've all had an excellent week!

Ours has been a busy one, all the spring bulbs have finally been planted so we're hopeful of a colourful start to 2016.  The weather has been rather clement, so it's been warm during the daytime, although the evenings have that October chill happening, all we can say is thank goodness fur our fur coats as the P.A. say's it not really cold enough to start the daily fire regime! MOL

If mew missed anything this week, here's the links:

Sunday Selfies  with all of us and a frog

Tuesday Tails The Pirate Adventure to end all other pirate adventures

We will be back on Sunday with our regular slot of Supurr Selfies, and hope mew can join us then.

So on that note we'll wish mew all a totally supurr day and an epic weekend

Purrs and kitty kisses

Basil & Co xox

With our fabulous hosts Rascal & Rocco, and pawesome co-hosts Love is Being Owned By A Husky and Barking From The Bayou so don't furget to visit them and see what exciting stuff they've all been up to this week, we know mew won't be disappointed!

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  1. We're still waiting for it to cool off here!

  2. Happy parading pal!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  3. Luv yous fotos. Glad yous all planted up. Weez not even fawt 'bout it. MOL

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  4. guys.....everee ones lookin grate N we HOPE folkz haza chance ta reed yur total lee awesum pie ratz day
    adventurez storee .....happee caturday two all....heerz two a redfin perch kinda week oh end ♥♥♥

  5. The weather is good here also. I have been helping my mum weeding, and pruning bushes.

  6. You all look great today. Enjoy your good weather.

  7. Looking good, gang!

    It's definitely cooling off here, too. And the leaves are starting to change color, too! :)

  8. Hey, Basil and siblings. Hope you have a great weekend!

  9. Hey guys, it's so great mew could all join us again fur another fabulous Pet Parade!

    Purrs Basil & Co xox


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