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The Saturday Special ~ Interviews with Cats & Dogs featuring Jan's Funny farm

Welcome to another edition of


Caturday greetings pawesome furriends

Today we have our fabulous furriends from the blog at Jan's Funny Farm with us, sharing a little of their life, fun stuff and the odd blogging tip!

And just so mew know exactly who effuryone is, as there's a few of them, here's their gorgeous pictures:

Welcome, welcome, welcome Funny Farmers, we're delighted that mew could join us today fur a little parle and some light refreshments!

Can mew tell us how many Funny Farmers there are?
Merci:  Since I'm the oldest, I'll answer this one.  There are eight of us.  Cyndi, Buddy, Percy, Rusty, Sam, Micah and Marcus.  Oh, and of course, me.  We haven't been a static group.  We have lost four felines – Jenny, Crystal, Cotton and Cameron - since we opened the blog in 2005 and we've had a few temporaries come and go.  You might remember Luke the Pee Machine as one.  
Is there a story of how mew all ended up together?
Buddy:  Most of us were throwaways.  I was dumped when I was 3 or 4 weeks old.  Marcus was given away at Walmart at three weeks of age and then abandoned at five weeks.  Merci and Rusty were adopted from the local shelter.  
Rusty:  Yes, I was Jan's mother's Thanksgiving dinner.  
Percy:  You were not!  Jan adopted you for her mother in place of Thanksgiving dinner since she couldn't afford both.  
Cyndi: I was a tiny girl rescued from the engine of Mr. Doug's car one January.
Micah:  Merci rescued Percy. He was such a pipsqueak, Jan thought he was a bird chirping.  And I was abandoned at the mill as an adult in the same area of the mill as Sam when he was four months old.
Do any of mew have any funny nicknames?
Marcus:  Jan calls Sam “Brick Butt” because he's so big and strong when he swings around, he'll just about knock her down.  
Sam:  She should call you “Bruiser” for all the times you've crashed into her with your iron head.  Oh, perhaps I should rescind that?  I used to do the same thing.
Can mew tell us about a typical day in your life on The Funny Farm?
Buddy:  We get up whenever we can push Jan off of the bed and then we watch her run around getting ready for the day, scooping poop inside and picking up poop outside, and walking dogs.  And finally we all have breakfast.  
Sam:  Marcus walks Jan in the evening and we canines eat dinner whenever Jan remembers she forgot to feed us.
Micah:  We have a wet breakfast with the dogs and then we can free feed the rest of the day.     
Cyndi:  Most of us are older so we live quietly, except for Jan's screeches when we knock things off the furniture or Marcus eats a letter before she's had a chance to answer it.
Out of all of mew, who is:
  • The most affectionate?  It's a tie between Merci and Cyndi.
  • The most playful?  Definitely Marcus.
  • The most shy?  Micah.  No, Cyndi. Good question.
  • The funniest Funny Farmer?  We think Sam is.  
  • The most clingy?  Buddy.  
  • The most sneaky?  [that would be me in our household! MOL]  Percy holds that title.  He was into everything! Such as the time Percy went through the house finding all the treat stashes for cats and dogs and eating them. Now that was sneaky!  
  • The most agile?  Marcus!  He loves to jump for joy and has bashed Jan in the nose more than once.  Also, he can catch flying insects with one leap and a snap of the jaws.
  • The most fearless?  Rusty.  The dogs are afraid of the igloo doghouse in the pen, so Rusty claimed it.
  • The most loyal?  Micah.  He is so grateful for his rescue and loves being a Funny Farmer.     
  • The most crazy? You have to ask?  Marcus is the most crazy.  It used to be Buddy but he grew up.  We all have our moments, though.  
What’s your bestest time of year and why?  
Micah:  We love fall.  The air is crisp and cool and we are full of pent-up summer energy.   
Do any mew have a speshul snooze spot?
Sam:  We dogs tend to play musical beds.  We like to drag all the beds to Jan's feet so she can't get up from the chair.
Cyndi:  And we cats like to snooze anywhere Jan doesn't want us to be.  Like on top of the computer tower.   
As well as your own pawesome blog, mew are part of the legendary Mousebreath Magazine  [bows with much reverence - epic kudo’s], how do mew find the time to fit so much in?
Buddy:  Thank you, Basil.  If one wants to accomplish a lot, it helps to take naps.  Since there are eight of us, we take a lot of naps and thereby we get more done.   
Mew have a lot of really fun posts on your blog, can mew tell us about your inspiration fur some of them?
Percy:  Most of our inspiration comes from real life.  Occasionally, we embellish a little, but so many of the things that happen around here just beg to be published.  How could we not post when we watched Marcus run with a corner of the sheet that covered the computer and monitor and Jan had to dive for the flying monitor before it hit the floor?
Merci:  On the other hand, it is hard to be funny when the incident is serious, such as the time Marcus was attacked in the face while walking with Jan and Merci.
Apart from Mousebreath and your blog, do mew have any other social media links, mew’d like to share?
Rusty:  We don't have our own Facebook page but we do have our own Twitter account.  We aren't on there very often because we have never been able to figure out how to read all those hashtags and abbreviations posted there.  Perhaps we need a Twitter for Dummies book.
What is the bestest thing mew enjoy about blogging?
Marcus:  Oh, that's easy.  I get to photobomb many of the pictures we post.
Percy:  The bestest thing about blogging is that we get to meet some of the bestest furries and their humans on the Cat Blogosphere and in Blogville.  We've never met any in person, though.
Do mew have any tips fur new bloggers just starting out?
Buddy:  Yes, don't try to imitate what anyone else is doing.   Be yourself.  You are unique.
Well we think that's enough of a grilling, but if there’s anything else mew’d like to share, purrlease do! MOL
Cyndi:  Thank you for having us, Basil.  You and your siblings have been most gracious.  We're used to asking the questions, so we have just learned that it is easier to be on the other end of an interview but this has been fun.  
Guys it's been an absolute purrleasure having mew with us today, we do hope mew enjoyed the niptini's, the beefy broth beer and the light refreshments that Amber & Smoochie purrpared just fur mew all.

If mew'd like to visit the Funny Farmers at their blog, here's the link:

And follow them on Twitter:

We're sure they'd love your company, as who doesn't like furriends dropping by!

We're back tomorrow with Sunday Selfies, so we hope mew have time to drop by fur that, and many thanks once again to our fabulous buddy's on The Funny Farm fur joining us today, we loved effury moment.

Bestest Caturday Purrs

Basil & Co xox

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  1. Great interview! They spend so much time interviewing everyone else, it's about time they got their own.

  2. Hey, Basil. Thanks! It was fun being interviewed by you. Our thanks to Amber & Smoochie for the light refreshments. Delish!

  3. We love the Funny Farmers (and Jan, too, of course)! Thank you, Basil, for interviewing them. They do so much good, and interview so many other pet friends, and it's nice that THEY get to be in the spotlight for a change. :)


  4. WE also LOVE the Funny Farmers... they are hilarious... THAT was a super interview of them...

  5. Basil, what a great interview. We are used to reading their interviews, so it was nice to learn more about the Funny Farmers. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  6. Awesome interview Basil. They are so funny. What a huge crew to look after. I liked the fact we learned more about them.


  7. Pawesome interview efurrybody! We specially liked learning that to get lots done, you needs to take lots of naps. We kitties have that down pat!

    Nice to meet all of you too. We'll stop by again fur sure!

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  8. Funny Farmers!! Whoot! We love reading their blog,and now we know so much more with this great interview!
    Woofs & Miaow!!

  9. What a GREAT interview, and I learned so much about where you guys came from that I wish I had asked earlier. Never a dull moment at your house, that's for sure!! And you are all so beautiful and handsome. I sort of have a crush on Marcus....

  10. What a great interview! We recently just met the Funny Farm and it's great to get to know more about them!

  11. Thanks for getting the inside scoop on the Funny Farmers. We love that gang! ♥

  12. Great interview- they really are funny :)


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