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Tuesday Tails ~ Pirate Q&A ~The Secrets of The Voyages of Captain Basil Revealed ~ Part VII

Welcome to 


 Pirate Q&A 

The Secrets of The Voyages of Captain Basil Revealed

So me seafaring pirating fiends, are ye ready to discover all the secrets, and get thee answers to thee questions that have been keeping ye awake night aftur night??


If ye missed the previous Q&A just be clicking the links below:

Now that we be 'aving that out of thee way, let's be getting on with divulging the answers from  Part VI 

Here's the questions:

Is the Kraken gone fur good?

Yes indeedy! See previous Revelations for the full scoop! 

What did The Creator Dude tell mew?

Flynn buddy here goes... The Creator dude imparted this to me while I was in the pocket universe with him.  But it was more of a show, don't tell affair.

Mew may remember that he actually admitted to saving me from some furry narrow escapes several times and to be honest at the time of those near misses I often thought it was a miracle I survived!  But I digress, he did ask me to keep things to myself, which at the the time of the discussion I agreed to, but he neffur said anything about not confiding in my closest furriends when I was back in real time.  So here we go - he said and I quote; 

"I want to show you something," he went on. "The easiest was for me to do this is from my mind directly into your mind, do I have your permission?" 

That's when he did the Vulcan Mind Meld thingy... and this is what happened.

I was floating, weightless above the earth, I assume it was the earth yet it looked different, not all green and blue like we know today.  It was a ravaged, barren waste land with decaying cities and hardly any signs of life.  When I did fly closer to the ground I saw peeps fighting fur food and water and to be honest it was savage.  I couldn't really discern if there many animals left in great quantities as I was suddenly ripped into another scenario.

This time the earth was even more lushly green than we know today, crystalline oceans teaming with aquatic life.  Animal life was abundant and as I inspected things more closely I could see that the vast cities we know today were now overgrown and part of dense jungles.  After further investigation I realised that there were no peeps to be found, only animals and burds [Many apologies Tabbies of Trout Towne]  yet there was a harmonious vibes between the animals.

I was abruptly ripped away into another scenario, which played like a movie on fast forward as I observed. Now things were furry different, animals and peeps were living together harmoniously, the earth was gloriously well tended and all animal life was treated with respect in this new order of society, the earth was loved by all inhabitants, there was no greedy corporations raping the planet, no brutal slaughter of innocent animals fur purrleasure, peeps wurked together instead of competing with one another and if I'm honest this was the best scenario of the three.

The Creator dude joined me, floating up right along side as the future events movie played.

"Basil, your world is on the brink of change," he said solemnly. "When I created everything all those eons ago I never realised that this it how it would end up."

I looked at him. "But mew know effurything," I replied. "Surely mew knew how it would be?"

He shook his head sadly. "I thought it would be the version we're watching right now, however I didn't take into account freewill and choice, those two things are the determining factors of how your society came to be and while in one respect you live in the best of times, in another you live in the worst of times."

I knew exactly what he meant, we have the best medicines, we live in an organised society with a high modicum of safety compared to other era's.  Most peeps have food and shelter, jobs etc... we have great tech, we can travel around the wurld in hours, there are so many positives, yet in the next breath there are many, many negatives.

War, why?
Famine, why?
Slavery, why?
Animal cruelty, why?
Hunting species to extinction, why?
Corporate greed, causing destruction of the planet, why?

So many things whirled around my mind and the list could go on and on and on, that shouldn't be, because we know better, well we should know better, yet here we are... living in the 21st century repeating the actions of the dark ages.

The Creator dude spoke breaking my mental whirlwind. "Basil, scenario's one and two are a high probability fur your world if things don't change and there's nothing more I can do to stop it and that is why I wanted to show you, because if nothing changes now within several short centuries humans will not be at the top of the food chain, they will be the breed bordering on extinction."

I pondered this fur a moment and nodded as I knew he was right.

"I needed to share this certainty with someone, and that's why I brought you here," he said quietly.

"But I'm only a little, iddy-biddeh puddy cat," I replied. "What can I do to stop it?"

"Basil, you are very resourceful and I'm sure you'll think of something," he answered.
In the next moment we were back on the floating rock in the pocket universe and I gaped at awe at him, speechless was an understatement.

His face suddenly changed as though he was tuning into something I couldn't see and then he spoke again.  "Your crew need you, it's time for you to leave."

"I have more questions, how and what am I supposed to do?" I blurted, but I was suddenly travelling at immense speed and then flopped out of the orb into the temple.

Well mew can imagine my shock at such a discovery and to be honest I still don't know how to do it, my only thought was start small and hopefully good things will spread throughout the world and make pawsitive change fur effurypurrdy.

One itteh-biddeh step at a time....

How did mew know the crew and ship were in trouble?

The Creator dude gave me the heads up on the drama unfolding back at the ship.

Did mew learn the secrets of the universe?

No but as I imparted a moment ago he did show me possible futures... that was scary enough!

What was it like to travel by smoke?

Well let's just say that having ones body dematerialized by magic is a rather odd sensation,  and then travelling like Willo the Wisp is really also rather peculiar, but then after just being sucked into a pocket universe and then spewed out, I can safely say that if I had to compare the two, smoke travel is far less swooshy.  In that I mean no loop the looping or any swirly roller coaster antics were occuring when travelling by smoke, it was purely A to B as fast as possible, which in reality was purretty quick.  

Are mew really having sushi fur dinner?

Yes, we had sushi and a whole host of other Kraken delicacies to offur the coming weeks, mew can see a sample of our menu in last weeks Revelations.

Is The Crimson Revenge on fire?

Yes and no, the Kraken was on fire due to being coated in the highly volatile hot sauce  - a little something that Humphrey concocted in the lab and it went wrong - furry luckily fur us the Kraken disengaged its tentacles from around the ship before anything was seriously set ablaze, while I'm not saying the ship wasn't on fire, fortunately there were a only a few small blazes to extinguish, which Posie, Amber and Humphrey managed to do before things got our of control.   

It looked much wurse than it was! MOL

OMC who the flip has turned up now?

Captain Raveneau and his deranged crew on the infamous ship, The Filthy Pearl.  These brigands were notorious fur being rather brutal and highly barbaric. 

And how could anything possibly be wurse than a Kraken?

If mew effur read any pirate history mew'd have come across Cap'n Revaneau, who was the most feared pirate captain of that era.  The things that he did to prisoners would make your toes curl and wish mew'd invited the Kraken on board fur tea and scones!   

*     *     *

And here's some more questions from our pawesome buddies - we know we answered these at the time, but we didn't have all the facts, now we have more....

Erin the Cat  said: Cap'n, hope what's coming next ain't as scary as the Kraken! 

Mew haven't met Cap'n Revaneau in purrson then! 

The Tabbies of Trout Towne   ...we hope de creator dinna impart BURD info two ewe coz talk a bout a wasted trip if thatz de case

Sorry Tabbies in scenario two burds were there, don't know what to say about that really! 

Flynn  OMC! What can be worse than the kraken?

As per Erin's query, mew haven't met Cap'n Revaneau yet!

So until next weeks Pirate Q&A, shiver me timbers, get thee a bottle o'nip rum and a hammock, and we'll be seeing mew on the morrow!

   Aharrrrrrrrrrrrrr me hearties and sail the highs sea's safely, until next time

Hearty purrs and salty sea-spray head rubs

Cap'n Basil & the Crew of The Crimson Revenge XOX


  1. OMC! While I am very relieved to at last know what the Creator imparted to you, I don't think I will be sleeping any easier at night. The first two scenarios are very scary. I hope with your help the third one is the way of the future. I have a horrible feeling that it won't be though unless mankind can see the error of their ways. If you ever need any help, you can rely on me.

    1. Flynn I think I'm going to need all the help I can muster, thank mew furry much fur your offur of assistance to help spread the wurd and make the world a better place... small steps towards a brighter future fur all! XOX

  2. dood....we wooda had a faint if we thinked seen two waz it......citiez gone ore knot !!! thanx bee two de creator dood... & ewe.....seen three came a long.... & we will chooze that one thanx much...N dood.....we join ewe, de crew & flynn when we say, if ya knead help, we bee heer.... { we will all sew take a ree order oh 3 number 5z pleez } ♥♥♥♥

    1. Of course mew can have a repeat order - I'll get it sorted! MOL

      Yes, it was a bit of a blow, but with effurypurdy helping we can spread the wurd and hopefully make it better! XOX

  3. Oh my mouses! Someone rotten and scary enough to wish I'd invited the Kraken over for tea and scones? Hope I never meet THAT one, for sure. MOUSES!!!


    PS. Ummm.... point of information, if you will. Will there be nip in those scones?

    1. Hey Seville, yes there will nip of the extra strong variety in those scones! MOL MOL


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