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FAST, FURRY & DANGEROUS ~ Revenge of the P.I.T.H ~ Part VIII


Featuring our latest mind-blowing, fur-raising, dam-busting, bestest adventure to date!

The Heathen Hoard are on a mission to save Sleepy Hollow and life as they know it, can they do it?

Pawesome greetings supurr pals

We know this is the post mew've all been waiting fur since last Tuesday, so welcome to part VII of our; on-the-edge of your seat, claw-biting, fur-twiddling, tail thrashing, nerve-wracking adventure, and if mew missed any of the previous episodes, here's the catch up links:


A quick recap from the last episode:

Parsley had his goggles and parachute on and was ready to jump as we slowed right down and hovered a thousand feet above the garden.  He gave his weapon straps a second check-offur and then gave me the paws up.

"Three... two... one.... go!" I said.

He jumped and his chute should have opened immediately but it didn't.  I stared in horror as he began to plummet towards the ground.

In the next three seconds my comms were filled with several voices all shouting at once, the flyboys had seen what had happened as they flew by on their last pass and I didn't have time to think.  I ripped off my headset and shouted at Smooch. "Take the controls dude, this burd is all yours!"  I grabbed another chute and was still strapping it on as I leapt from the chopper, but the flipping freaking thing opened as soon as I jumped slowing me down.  I had no choice but to pull the disconnect cord and let the chute sail away behind me.

Angling my body forward in a sleek line I shot like a bullet from a gun towards Parsley who was spinning out of control with the ground looming up faster than I could think.

Parsley was shouting something but the rush of air in my ears made it impossible fur me to hear what he was saying.

"Stay calm dude, I'm on my way!" was all I could yell back as we both plummeted downwards at deadly speed.

** And Cut **


Close Shaves and Hitting Rock Bottom

'And Action!'

I could hear Parsley screaming, not like a gurl but like a purrson who only had just offur a minute left to live.

My heart was thumping so fast I thought it was going to burst from my chest as I angled my body again, changing direction slightly and careened downwards towards him willing myself to go faster as the ground loomed closer and Parsley tumbled out of control. I knew I only had seconds to save him and my throat clenched tight, my breath restricted as the cold air whooshed passed me ruffling my fur in all kinds weird ways and if that wasn't bad enough, the overwhelming dread of our imminent mortality which now rested in my paws made my body tingle with gut-wrenching fear from the tops of my ears to the tip of my tail.

I know we'd had a few close shaves before but the scenario I suddenly found myself in, terrified me to my furry soul and there was no coming back from this purrticular one if it went completely south and we hit rock bottom.

Parsley was only a few feet away and I reached out fur him shouting. “Grab my paws!”

His goggles had come off and he stared straight at me his lucid green eyes glimmering bright green. “No time dude, pull your reserve chute and save yourself!” he yelled back. “Mew still have time!”

“No way dude!” I screamed at him as I managed to grab hold of his rig with the tips of my claws.

“Let me go and save yourself!” his voice was high and shrill.

Pulling him closer as I grappled to get a firm grip, I happened to glance down and then wished I hadn't.

* * *

Amber was screaming in the garden as Humphrey suddenly appeared from the secret tunnel.

“What the flip?” he asked hurtling towards her.

“I can't look!” she cried in dismay covering her eyes with her paws.

Humphrey looked rather purrplexed as his comms unit suddenly crackled. “Purredator One come in, this is Control,” Snowie said her voice fraught and tight.

“Go ahead Control, I'm back in the garden,” Humphrey answered.

“Look up!” Snowie instructed.

He did, then his eyes bugged out and his jaw gaped, he closed it and then tried to speak. “Wwwwwhat?”

“Parsley's chute failed,” was all Snowie said.

“What can we do?” he snapped.

“I don't know,” Snowie said starting to cry. “There's no time to do anything!”

“Oh my cod fur all that is merciful!” Humphrey choked out. “There must be something we can do... there must be something!”

* * *

Smoochie flung his helmet off and quickly pulled on the headset. Then he looked at the high-tech control panel of the Black-Burd and his heart gave a little stutter as he squeaked. “This is nothing like the chopper flight-simulator in the bunker, OH FLIPPIN' FREAKING FLIP!”

He hit his comms unit as the rotors started to slow. “Control I need a patch to C.J. in the hummer right now!” he shouted anxiously. “I have a code red emergency, I repeat I have a code red emergency!”

The chopper started to slip sideways through the air and he felt his stomach lurch. “CONTROL CODE RED!” he yelled  into his comms panicking, it was at that precise moment he saw Parsley's terrifying plight. “CONTROL COME IN!”

A second later Snowie answered, her voice quivering. “This is Control, Smooch I'm trying to patch mew direct to the hummers radio but C.J. isn't answering.”

“This burd is going down fast and I don't know how to fly it!” Smooch said desperately.

Snowie gulped audibly suddenly frozen to the spot as she continued to watch the monitors in the control room, with effurything happening so fast and broadcasting in HD as the motion-activated camera's tracked the unfolding nightmare in real-time.

* * *

Snitch and the P.I.T.H. were poised on the outskirts of Sleepy Hollow when they saw the five fighter jets make another low pass.

“Are those missiles ready?” he growled. “We might neffur get another opportunity to shoot down some of Basil's allies.”

“Priming now!” Bazooka Bros #1 answered.

“Ready!” Bazooka Bros #2 said a moment later.

“Well what are mew waiting fur, a flipping invitation, FIRE!” screeched Snitch.


The heat-seeking missiles launched skywards tracking the fighter jets and Snitch cackled with manic-delight.

The five planes split off in evasive manoeuvres and rolled to avoid the missiles; the missiles  then promptly changed their trajectory and began to close in on two of the nearest fighter jets.

The two purrsued jets rolled and twisted heading higher in the sky before releasing a slew of anti-missile flares and the missiles exploded a few moments later, their targets missed.



Snitch swore like a tavern keepers daughter on a Saturday night at closing time and screeched. “FIRE AGAIN AND KEEP FIRING!”

The Bazooka Brothers had already reloaded and fired simultaneously, the missiles rocketing into the sky. They reloaded and fired again. Then again and again. The onslaught was unmerciful as missile aftur missile hurtled skywards and the pilots split apart again trying to evade the new threat as they manoeuvred their planes in an aerial ballet dance deploying more anti-missile flares.

The sky was a mass of glaring red explosions as the missiles were lured by the decoy flares and detonated one aftur the other like the biggest firecracker mew have effur seen. Sleepy Hollow had suddenly become a war-zone and the fighter pilots didn't hesitate before unleashing their furry own brand on hell on the P.I.T.H.

* * *

As if my situation couldn't get any wurse I was suddenly surrounded by exploding missiles as I gripped Parsley with all my might while desperately trying to pull the ripcord on my emergency chute with my free paw. I just couldn't seem to get any purchase on the release-hook as my paws felt numb with the cold. The air around us was on fire and stank of acrid gun smoke as we continued to plummet downwards our speed increasing exponentially.

Parsley gave me a smile and shouted. “Basil thank mew fur effurything, dude mew're the bestest furriend a kitty could effur have!”

My heart squeezed to the point I thought it would implode in my chest and my mouth refused to wurk as he just smiled at me accepting his fate with a reconciled grace, as my mind screamed, 'NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!'

* * *

The rotors on chopper had slowed so much that the Black-Burd was just free-falling on a side-ways angle towards the field, Smooch glanced in the back to see if there was another parachute and gulped when he saw the parachute locker was bare.

The sky all around him began to explode and he did scream like a gurl. “Snowie fur flips sake, get a grip and get me C.J. stat!”

Half a second later he heard C.J.'s voice on his comms unit. “Don't speak just listen!” he instructed calmly. “There's a big blue button right in front of mew, just hit it!”

Smooch's panicked eyes scanned the console several times before he saw it. Punching it with his paw the chopper lurched alarmingly as the rotors began to pick up speed and whirl with a rather satisfying sound.

“Now what?” Smooch asked fearfully.

“Furstly breathe, mew aren't going to crash,” C.J. advised. “That is the fail safe button, the chopper is now flying itself.”

“What?” Smooch cried. “Do mew know how stupid that sounds?”

C.J. replied. “It is not stupid, it's just saved your life!”

“But it can't save Basil's or Parsley's!” Smooch sniffled hopelessly. “Can it?”

“That depends,” C.J. answered.

“On what?” Smooch asked sharply. “They got like 55 seconds before its Splats-Ville Arizona!”

“Mew see the big green button that says V.C.?”


“That's voice control, push it and say fly forward and once mew're in position say deploy cushion,” C.J. instructed. “Now hurry up as mew are their last best hope!”

Smooch thumped the green button. “Turn around one eighty and fly forward.” The chopper spun around and shot forwards so fast he was above the garden before he could blink. “Deploy cushion!” he yelled as the chopper passed just above Humphrey, Horice and Amber causing them to hit the deck.

“Did mew do it?” C.J. asked.

“Cushion deployed,” Smooch answered flatly, his adrenaline reserves abruptly depleted as he prayed in his mind that whateffur C.J. had told him to do wurked.

“Good, now turn the burd around and land it in the field, once its on the ground say 'engine off' and push the black button,” C.J. said. “I'm still twenty seven minutes away and I don't want to get back and hear bad news!”

“OK offur and out,” Smooch replied and followed C.J.'s instructions to the letter, safely landing the chopper behind the field and powering down within a few short seconds. The rotors were still whirring as he launched from the cockpit and began to run as fast as he could towards the garden keeping his eyes on the two rapidly falling objects above.

* * *

Amber, Humphrey and Horice heard the chopper zoom above them amidst the exploding missiles and watched as what looked like a black box dropped from underneath it and landed in the garden.

The sky was alight with red, orange and yellow flames, the noise deafening as the fighter jets began to retaliate and fire at will on the P.I.T.H., causing the ground to shake and tremble beneath their paws.

“Freaking flip me!” Humphrey cried out as he grabbed Amber pulling her towards the ground. “Hit the deck Horice!”

The huge Hefflelump keeled offur and crumpled on the gravel. “Aye thank ye fur that Purredator One!” Horice said as he lay on his side. “That be a mighty close call.”

Humphrey got to his paws and helped Amber up. “Horice can mew use your magick ju-ju here?” he asked quickly, then right before his eyes he saw the black box open up into a giant inflatable cushion which spanned most of the lawn.

Horice stared at the giant black rubberised shock-absorber and then said. “Aye me magick ju-ju does be wurking 'ere but it be a little hit and miss.”

Amber was trembling, tears streaming from her eyes as she wailed inconsolably watching her falling comrades.

“Horice, mew need to get that ju-ju fired up now and stop this now!” Humphrey said pointing skywards.

The giant sapphire on Horice's forehead began to glow, then pulse with a ethereal blue light, just like it had done way-back-when on the island, and in the next breath effurything stopped, like stopped completely.

** And Cut **

It's that time of the post again, when we bet mew've more questions than mew can shake your tail at!

Such as:

OMC How could mew leave us hanging like that and we've got a whole week to wait?!! Again & again & again!!

OH MY COD!!!!! OH MY COD!!!!! OH MY COD!!!!!

We can't believe what maniacs the P.I.T.H. are, what will happen now they've started a fire fight?

It looks like Armageddon above your garden, can mew contain it?

Who is this Horice?

And what kind of magick ju-ju does he have?

Mew can read all about Horice's magickal powers in our Pirate Adventure, and mew can find all the links at the bottom of our MEOW LIKE A PIRATE DAY Post the other week.

How is it possible that he made time stop?

Will that cushion be enough to save mew and Parsley?

What are the other residents and Parish Council of Sleepy Hollow going to say about their quaint and quiet village being turned into a war-zone?

Who will take responsibility fur the damage caused?

Oh and can we get a chopper with voice control, as that sounds real fun?


We're sure mew purrobably have many more but to be honest we can't think of any right now as I've still  got to save Parsley and myself and the P.I.T.H.-heads have started a war and OH MY COD IT'S ALL GONE WRONG!

Many thanks fur joining us today and don't furget to come back next Tuesday fur Part IX , the penultimate episode of our pant-wetting, uber action packed adventure.

Until then


Bestest purrs

Agent Basil & The Heathen Hoard

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  1. Oh my, Oh heck, Oh blimey, Oh Basil! Oh I need to sit down and have another Niptini! this is so nerve wracking it is awesome! Oh I so want to get down to Sleepy Hollow and lend a paw... count me in if you need reinforcements! purrs ERin

    1. Erin get on your pink princess scooter with the kraken in the sidecar and come help us!!! MOL xox

  2. wear de sam hellz R commint blogger.....faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    1. guys. we will try again two morrow when we iz ona pea cee.....
      *{#%^]. .it all reddy iz two morrow

  3. OMC!OMC!OMC! I didn't think it could get any more exciting after last week. I'm exhausted hearing everything that is happening. Everything stopped completely? You mean that Basil and Parsley are suspended in mid air? Wow! My ticker's going 19 to the dozen!!!

    1. Flynn dude, calm down and breathe... mew know how we roll on the excitement front if mew aren't a jelly aftur reading this we aren't telling our story propurrly! MOL MOL xox

  4. Oh MY! I just wanted to add I'm STILL on the edge of my seat! purrs ERin

    1. Erin stop sticking blingy crystals on your pink scooter between sips of niptinis and bring us that kraken!!!! MOL MOL xox

  5. OMC ! We can't bear the suspense ! Purrs

    1. Guys, mew've only got 2 more days to wait, just breathe ok? MOL xox

  6. guys.......high paws two ewe smooch furst off, way ta go horice, basil & parsley ya BETTER bee all rite N we hope ta cod ya dinna get stopped in mid air rite next two a ewe noe what pleez due knot cry amber & snowie ; humphrey, we noe...we waz like whoa R selves....& posie...any kinda help ewe can ask frum any bodee ther wood bee like a troo lee grate thing rite now...ya noe ~~~~~~

    1. Thanks Tabbies, jeez I need to breathe too now!!! MOL Only 2 more days till the next episode... what on earth will happen next???? XOX


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