Tuesday 28 November 2017

THE LAST BIG JOLLY ~ Part XIV Of Our Latest Epically Epic Adventure! The Penultimate Episode...

Welcome to



In our latest mind-blowing, fur-raising, most epically epic adventure to date when we attempt to travel around the wurld in 42 and a bit days!

What could possibly go wrong?

Pawesome greetings supurr pals

Welcome to Part XIV of our latest saga, the penultimate episode and we know this is the post mew've all been waiting fur since last Tuesday, so let's get started and see what today brings! 

If mew're wundering where the links fur the previous episodes have gone, we have good news and we have bad news.

The bad news is, there aren't any. But the good news is, the series is being turned into a novel, so the posts have been taken down fur the time being while we make that happen and then mew'll be able to read it all offur and offur again, and all from one place - how pawesome is that!? MOL


A quick recap from the last episode:

"OMC!" Snowie squealed, "I thought Bob was going to get eaten by those bears!"

"Oh fur sure, that bear was aftur Bob, thank cod he made himself invisible!" Smooch laughed.

"Yes indeed!" I laughed.

"But those wolves, did mew see those teeth?" Fudge mused. "They'd make quick wurk of anything, maybe we need one on the team?" 

"NO WOLVES!" I said.  "Mew can't look aftur your teddy-bear, which is by the way now sitting in my nice pleather chair at the helm!"

Fudge blushed and snuck a peek at my chair.  "OOPS, I don't know how Errol got there!" he said pulling the brown teddy off and sitting him on the floor.

Smooch grinned and Bob smirked, they knew exactly how Errol got there! MOL

I began ticking off the last of the destinations on the now supurr crumpled Bucket List and stopped when I reached 'HOME'.

"Bob," I said. "It's time to make a move dude to save your planet, so if mew can do the honours and let's go!"

Bob clicked his heels together three times and said the magic wurds, "There's no place like home... There's no place like home... There's no place like home!"

Pandora hit the button and I yelled. "CATOPIA HERE WE COME!"


Part XIV

Catopia or Bust

**And Action!**

The TTTB landed with a soft thwump and I turned on the external sensors and checked the monitors.

Posie had already gone on a solo scouting mission outside.

Bob assured us that the atmosphere was fine but still Snowie liked to check these things out.

"The atmosphere is almost identical to earth!" she mused.

The monitor's changed their usual space view and what we saw was pawsitively breathtaking. 

Catopia was magical....

I'd seen something like this before, when I met the Creator in the pocket universe when we were lost on the island in our Pirate Tails adventure [sorry we can't share the links fur this either as those posts are currently being turned into a novel].

I opened the TTTB's door and stepped outside followed by rest of The B Team and that's when Snowie said.  "Bob, mew didn't tell us your planet was so beautiful."

Bob mumbled some apology and then ran off.

"Bob!" I yelled aftur his disappearing figure.

"Oh don't vurry," Pandora said in her odd little foreign accent. "He's just gone to to find his peeps, he vill be back in no time."

I shrugged and asked if anypurrdy would like a refreshment before we went and found the Eveeel One and took care of a few things.

A few minutes later we had a picnic set up and everything was all rather peachy, Posie returned from her solo scouting mission and reported that the vicinity was clear and no hostiles were present. 

"Good news!" I said cheerily and offured Posie a niptini.

Leaning back on my pop-up hammock, I let the gentle breeze ruffle my fur as the tri-suns blazed in the star-splattered sky.

"This is the life!" I mused taking a sip of my nip-colada.

"Absolutely," Humphrey agreed getting comfy on a floor-cushion next to me.

Time ticked by and we were all just chillaxing as though we hadn't a care in wurld, when all of a sudden we heard Bob wailing.

I jumped out of my hammock and snatched up my Uzi which had been laying in the long grass.  "BOB?" I shouted. "Where are mew dude?"

The wail sounded again and that's when I looked up.  Bob was perched in a tree sobbing.

"Dude, what the flip are mew doing up there?" I asked as I heard the distinct sounds of guns readying as I ran towards him.

He wailed again and then blurted. "The Opal City is gone, effurything is gone Basil?"

"What?" I yelled. "How is that possible? We came to the exact time space co-ordinates mew instructed."

"I don't know Basil!" he sobbed and began to slide down the branches between anguished cries.

When he was within my grasp I lifted him down and sat him on Parsley's back.  "Humphrey do mew think the city is cloaked?"

Humphrey shrugged. "It could be, but wouldn't Bob know about it if it was?"

"True," I conceded, then added. "Bob how much time has passed since mew were here last?"

Bob stared at me and began to mumble numbers, he finally said. "I've been gone just under one of your earth years."

"Were your people wurking on any cloaking tech before mew left that would render your city invisible?" I asked.

"Hmmmmm, great uncle Eugene was wurking on something to evade the Eveeel One," he replied thoughtfully.

"Get that cube thingummy out," I said suddenly. "That might be the key!"

The little Fuzzykin gave me a toothy smile as he removed the Cube of Averon from his rucksack and held it in his paw.  He held it up to his eye, peering around and finally aftur doing a complete 360 he locked onto something.  He let out a huge sigh and almost slid of Parsley's back with relief as he pointed towards the far hill.

"It's there, right there," he beamed at me. "Thank mew Basil, thank mew Basil."

"Dude, mew were so happy to be home that mew probably furgot," I said patting him gently on the head.  Glancing towards the hill I noticed that the tall grass was moving but there was nothing visible to the naked-eye. "Bob are your peeps coming to great us as there's a lot of movement on that there hill mew're looking at?"

Bob glanced through the cube again and then shrieked in terror. "NO NO NO NOOOOOOOOOO!" he wailed. "That's the Eveeel One and his army coming down the hillside!"

"Do mew mind?" I asked Bob pointing to the cube.

Bob nodded and I took a turn to look through the magical object.

The entire B Team stood waiting fur confirmation.

"Dudes the pawty is a wrap because we've got a war to win!" I yelled. "Let's get armed and dangerous HOOAH!"


*    *    *

Mew know one thing about The B Team, we're ready fur anything and while mew're thinking we'd all been sat there doing nothing, in fact we were doing plenty while we were sat there doing nothing FYI! MOL

*    *    *

I nudged Amber. "Is the perimeter snare activated?"

"Sure is Basil!" Amber replied grinning.

"Fudge did mew set the Para-light-boxes fur a five second delay?"

"Yes Basil," Fudge answered and waved a remote device at me.

"Good job Fudge!" I praised. "Smooch and Parsley, did mew replicate enough ammo should we need it? And what about the RMD's, did mew manage to re-program them Humphrey?"

The two heathens nodded as Humphrey said. "Of course I did, though I have to say Astrid really did a number on their circuits, I had to strip them back to basics and almost do a total rebuild," then added. "But they'll do whateffur mew need now."


"Snowie, comms on what channel?"

"Comms on channel one Basil!" she said, and I gave her the paws up sign.

"Pandora, are mew going to be able to protect the TTTB with the robot mice droids?"

"Basil, I vas in the Resistance remember, of course I can hold off the enemy!" she replied with a really dangerous smile. "I 'ave my veapons, enough ammo to last two days and a couple of expendable RMD's under my command... life is so beautiful!"

I had no wurds fur that, so I just nodded and moved on, mumbling, "Good, good!"  

Posie appeared by my side and said. "Basil, there's something odd going off here, when I go full spirit-mode and vanish into the cloud I can see the Eveeel One and his minion army, though really I shouldn't be able to see them in that realm."

"And this means what?" I asked as I watched Parsley and Smooch set up the 50 Cal on the back of the ATV Humphrey had just de-miniaturized with his ray-gun.

"It means that they're all dead," Posie said.


"The Eveeel One is marching a ghost army to fight us, is he dead too?" 

"He's some kind of demon," Posie said soberly. "But it gets wurse Basil."

"Wurse, what's wurse than fighting an army of souls?"

"Basil do mew remember that the Creator dude said that he had a mission fur mew and that only mew could take care of it?" Posie asked.

I nodded.

"Well this is that mission!" she said.

The entire B Team stared at me.

"Basil, the Creator needs mew to save Catopia because this is the gateway wurld to the Rainbow Bridge and if it falls into the hands of the Eveeel One all souls will go elsewhere," Posie explained.

I looked at Bob, he gave me a terribly sheepish glance and then concentrated really hard on a blade of grass under his right paw. "Bob, is this true?"

"Awwwww shucks Basil, he made me promise not to tell mew, mew know what that dude is like... all secret this and secret that and all will be revealed in good time... blah, blah, blaaaaaaaah..." Bob blurted with a mild grimace.

"So what mew're saying is; the Eveeel One is a demon, and the Creator needs me to save Catopia because otherwise the Eveeel One will be stealing souls and sending them elsewhere?" I asked.

"Yep!" Bob and Posie replied.

"So the Eveeel One wants to stop all access to the Rainbow Roads by closing the gateway to the Bridge fureffur?!" I paused. "So what was a simple, smash 'em, grab 'em and bag 'em mission has turned into someething so much more?!"

They nodded again.

"So why aren't your peeps fighting Bob?" I asked, watching through the glass cube as the invisible army turned and headed on a direct path towards us.

"Basil there are only ten Fuzzykin guardians left to watch the gateway..." Bob replied quietly.


"Basil, we are millennia old and have been here a furry long time moving souls into their new lives, there were neffur more than a hundred of us, but the Eveeel One has managed to cull our numbers dramatically since I left," Bob explained. "I myself am offur thirty millennia old..."

He let that statement hang in the air fur a brief moment.

"Mew're thirty thousand years old?" Smooch almost choked.

"Jeez, mew could make a mint from selling your youth-secrets to the general public!" Amber mused.

"Stop, wait, back-up," I said. "Bob dude, mew're really 30,000 years old?"

Bob nodded. "Basil I'm one of the last remaining immortals left in the entire universe."

I pondered all the possibilities, I remembered what the Creator had told me *BTW it's totally classified* and was mulling it all offur when Snowie and Humphrey both said. "Basil mew have to fix this, we'll be leaving really soon and we don't want to go elsewhere!"  They pointed downwards. 

'OMC!' I thought. 'That would be totally heinous!"

I took a breath and said. "Dudes if it's the last thing we do, we take down the Eveeel One and save the gateway!"

"Basil can we fight with conventional weapons?" Parsley asked. "What wurks on souls of the damned fur full extermination?"

"Good point!" I said, then added. "Fudge hit that remote now."

Fudge pointed his remote unit towards the marching force and hit the green button.


It's that time of the post, when we bet mew've more questions/comments than mew can shake your tail at!

Such as:

GUYS this is really serious...How much time do Snowie and Humphrey actually have left?

OMC Catopia is the gateway to the Rainbow Bridge, who knew?

Jeez, only 10 Fuzzykin Guardians left?

Do mew think mew'll be able to stop the Eveeel One taking Catopia?

How are mew going to fight an army of souls?

What weapons will dispatch them purrmanently?

Did mew effur think mew'd be walking into this today?

And OMC that Creator dude is a proper cryptic, does he write crosswurds in his spare time? MOL

Have mew been having any visions lately? 

Good luck gang, we think mew're gonna need it!

And quickly, just we before we go, what the heck does that green button do????????


If mew have any questions, or would like to offur input, leave us a comment, as mew know we luffs them so much! MOL

Join us fur Part Fifteen and the Grand Finale of our Autumn Blockbuster next Tuesday, when we finally conclude our epically epic adventure.... who knows what will happen....  as Catopia needs to be saved and we're the only ones who can do it!

Until then

Bestest purrs

Basil & The 'B' Team

*    *   *

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  1. Oh! My! COD!!! I am on tenderhooks!!! What incredible questions!!! Catopia is the gateway to the Rainbow Bridge and we are the gateway to Catopia? Who are the other 9 guardians? Could more be around and they are just lost? An Army of souls? Can we turn them to our side?
    I got a zillion more questions....

    1. Hiya Marv, dude so many questions, so little time and only one more episode to go! How will it end? XOX

  2. You MUST save the day for Snowie and Humphrey, for us ALL! Ohh my word this is a dreadful situation, It is epically DIRE beyond epic! Demon armies lead by a Demon Evil doer of Evil deeds. What you need is a King of cats to save the day... we need BASIL! and a very large spirit killin' sword.... or bazooka!
    Purrs for you and the team and Bob

    1. Hey Erin, like OMC who knew, beyond DIRE fur sure especially if we lose!!! XOX

  3. Basil, pal, that is a lot on your shoulders to save Catopia. But I know you're up for it and will be the hero that your crew knows you to be. Watch out for that !EEK! soulless army! Who knows what they're capable of! Hugs!

    1. Valentine dude, yep a huge weight, thank mew fur your confidence! XOX

  4. guyz....cranbereez....whoa...N we thinked de food servizz gurl waz old.....well her DID watch de wheel act shoo a lee bee inn invented but.... 30,0000000 bob iz like a reeeeeeeealy long time.....dood...think bak.....what kinda weaponz waz used ta kill off de evvvvvvvvvil onez in 29,875 BC ? :) ♥♥ glad ta lurn de PA is puttin ta storee yur past postz....KEWL !! ☺☺♥♥

    1. Tabbies, dudes and Miss Dai$y of course, yep cranberries fur sure, mew know I don't know what weapons they used in 29,875 BC I'll have to go do some research! MOL MOL Yep and great news the series in being book-e-fied! MOL XOX

  5. You can do it, Basil, we know you can do it ! Purrs

  6. OMC! Who would have known Catopia was The Gateway. I have faith in you Basil. If anyone can defeat the ghost army, you can. Heck, you have to!!

    1. Indeed who knew that Catopia was the Gateway... neffur fear I will do my bestest guys! XOX

  7. We can't believe Catopia is the Gateway! We're sure Basil can save it!

  8. OMCs.................up up and away I love hot air balloons; probably because I'm full of hot air.
    Ohhhh we rec'd your wonderful envelope and Amber's gorgeous yet very crotchety picture
    Thank you very much for the goodies and ours is on the way across the pond too.
    Proudly crotchety

    1. Hiya Madi & Mom, so glad mew got Amber's card, it was so funny! MOL XOX

  9. This is gonna be a novel?? That's so exciting. Please save Catopia, Basil!

    1. Hey Lola and Lexi, yep hopefully it'll be a great novel, and yes I'll do my best to save Catopia! XOX

  10. Wow! Catopia is the gateway to the Rainbow Bridge?! Who knew???

    We're on the edge of our catbird seats ... but we know you and the crew can do it, Basil!

    1. Hey guys, who knew right? I'm gonna try my bestest Gracie to save it.... XOX

  11. Even Angel Sammy didn't tell ME about Catopia when he made his way to the Rainbow Bridge - I suppose it's a highly prized secret??? Anyway, this is truly an epically epic episode and I've learned a LOT - it's a good thing this is gonna be a novel because it will also be an eggcellent reference book too!!!!

    Hugs, Teddy

    1. Teddy dude, no-one knew until know, it was the best kept secret in the cosmos! MOL mew're so funny about the reference book, we love it! MOL XOX

  12. OMC!!! Now we are getting into interesting caterritory! Wow. Basil, we need you to get that Catopia out of that other meanies clutches...

    1. Pipo dude, I'm gonna try my bestest to fix it and get home unscathed! XOX


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