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We finally decided [June 2020] that we should make and sell some of the supurr funky and utterly cat'a'licious stuff we create here at BBHQ.

Here mew will find all the latest items that will be available such as our:

Snuggle Mats - with or without pom poms

Catnip Snuggle Buddies

Catnip Kickers

Catnip Pillows

BBHQ Organic Catnip

Plus lots of other items we've got in the pipeline...

Space'a'licious Snuggle Mats and Toy Sets ©BionicBasil®

Most of the items will be limited editions or one of a kind, therefore enabling mew to have something exclusive and unique. We don't like mass-produced stuff, and we only use the nicest cotton fabrics.

We can offer a bespoke service too if mew're looking fur that extra special item or have some fabric mew'd like us to use that matches your home decor.  

So do bear with us while we get a little stock-pile happening and open an Etsy store. But if there's something that mew'd really like, do email us at:

deardrbasil @ gmail . com ~ with shop in the subject line.

Thanks for your patience 

Wing Commander Basil & The B Team

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  1. We are so excited about your new shop. You have made such Wonderpurr cat goodies over the years. Wish our Mom was as talented. We are spreading the word about Kwerky Kat Boutique!


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