Thursday 17 June 2021

What's in the box? Just Catnip Review ~ Adventures in Catnip

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Wunderpurr greetings fabulous furiends

Today we're sharing one of our *sponsored posts with mew from the fabulous peeps at...

 If mew remember a few weeks ago we partnered with them on our Instagram account to host a truly epic giveaway, anyhoo they very kindly sent us a couple of bags to try as well, so today we're letting mew know what we think of Just Catnip.

So let's show mew what was in the box.

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From first glance, this catnip looks purretty good, so let's get this pawty started.


Info from Just Catnip

Sustainably Farmed and Ethically Cultivated – Our catnip is hand-grown and hand-picked by family farmers in the open fields of Bushwillow Estate in rural South Africa.

100% Natural – We work hard to create pet treats that are completely free from any nasties – so you can be sure you're giving your cat the treats they deserve.

Our story

How we got our start?
We’ve always believed in keeping crops natural. And we’ve always loved cats – every farm needs one! But when we looked for catnip, we couldn’t find a natural option. So we decided to grow our own – in the perfect growing conditions of our long-standing farm at Bushwillow’s Estate, South Africa.
What makes our product unique?
Our premium catnip is hand-grown and hand-picked with the radiant sun and fresh flowing water of the open fields in our South African farm. It’s 100% natural – so you can be sure you’re giving your cats a wholesome, healthy and cat-friendly treat.
Why we love what we do?
We’re a family farm – and that means growing crops is in our blood. We love getting the chance to help people get closer to their pets, and we’re proud to be a part of the move towards getting more natural and nasty-free pet care products out into the world.


Fudge was furst on paw to check out this highly fragrant delicacy; well mew know his radar is constantly pinging at BBHQ, he never wants to miss a thing! MOL
What's In The Box ©BionicBasil® Just Catnip and Fudge
As mew can see our ginger ninja wasted no time in getting up close and purrsonal with it!

(BTW if mew like Fudge's bandana, it's from our fab pal at Eric's Empawrium at Etsy, see badge and discount code in the sidebar on the left.)

What Did We Think To Just Catnip

Adventures in Catnip

Just after Fudge reached up to sniff the contents of the bag, the P.A. was trying to multitask by sprinkling a bit on the rug while videoing but Fudge made a grab for the bag and she got caught unawares which made her jump, drop the phone, and in the next moment a pile of catnip landed on the rug. We edited the phone drop out because well, there was a little expletive as the iPhone hit the floor, and it went something like, OH FLUFF, I bet that's broken now, FLUFFING FLUFF!  Anyhoo, the phone survived! MOL

Check our Instagram feed to see the video.

We think Just Catnip is a TOP PAW primo catnip which highly fragrant and aromatic, we really enjoyed it and have had subsequent catnip chaos sessions to reiterate our findings. We also like that mew can reseal the bag, so it stays fresher for longer, not that it will last that long here with us heathens!

We would like to say a special thanks to the pawesome peeps at Just Catnip fur giving us the oppurrtunity to try out their epic catnip ~ THANK MEW FURRY MUCH!

Visit online:

Many thanks for joining us today, and don't furget to stop by on Friday when we're back with more fluffers!

Until next time...

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Wing Commander Basil and The B Team

*FYI: Even though we were given this item/s free of charge for a review, our review is completely honest and reflects our own experience with the product/s

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  1. We could have heard mom say bad words? I laughed out loud. I'm glad you were excited about the catnip though. As it should be.

    Have a purrfect day. My best to your mom. ♥

  2. Yup, that bad word junk happens here too...maybe more than we want to admit!! LOL!

    Looks like it was a huge hit!

  3. Catnip delivered is purrfect, so we can ignore the language thing!

  4. F werd iz hurd a lot round heer two !!! ;)

    grate ree veew tho...while we iz knot much inta nip; we iz more inta grazz; thiz
    nip soundz grate !! :) ☺☺♥♥

  5. Thanks so much for your recommendation. Our momanager is currently growing a baby pool size lawn for us to enjoy, and we think adding a section of catnip is necessary. From Fudge's exhupurrant reaction, we think this nip is worth waiting for. Excellent review!

  6. All natural catnip certainly sounds good to us!

  7. We are going to get some once we can that is Fur-Sure!

  8. Great review ! That catnip sounds great ! Purrs


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