Saturday 9 September 2023

Basil Remembrance Day ~ 5th Angelversary ~ Come Sit A Spell With Me And Let's Reminisce A Little

Hello fluffy furiends

Today is my 5th Angelversary, though in all honesty it only seems like mere minutes since my departure, as time works differently at The Rainbow Realm, and it seems like only yesterday I was bipping in my corporeal form around BBHQ being a complete heathen in charge of The B Team.

There have been tears at BBHQ the last few days as mew can imagine. It's really tough on the P.A. and Cat Dad as I know they miss me so much still, and that hasn't changed at all in the last five years.

Anyhoo, enough of the sad side, let's take a look at my best bits as mew know I was an epically epic dude! 

(This was the video from my 4th Angelversary, the P.A. was too upset to creat a new one)

I had the best time effur visiting with mew all today! 

Thanks for stopping by on Basil Remembrance Day, and we'll be back tomorrow with our usual selfies post plus Smooch's Historic Travel Blog, so do stop by if mew get a chance, as mew know we love your company.

Purring for eternity and being epically fluffy furever

Celestial Basil 

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  1. Bridge Days are always sad. Sending some strength and happy vibes your way.

  2. Hard to believe that much time has passed, Angel Basil.
    Hugs and purrs to your humans.

  3. Well, we loved seeing all the 'bits' Pawsome remembrance video! Thanks for sharing them, we didn't know you that least not back then! We barely knew youu when nthe Angels called upon you.
    Hugs to your furmily, esp to your PA and Cat Dad.

  4. Anniversaries are always hard on the family Wing Commander. I enjoyed your video and seeing you play. You were a vigorous bunny kicker like Flynn! Hugs to the PA and your dad.

  5. Precious and I are sorry we did not know you before you left your wonderful home and the great PA. I am sure there is never a moment when she does not think on you. And you are so helpful as an angel now. The whole crew knows it.

  6. we luvz ewe dood and we mizz ewe…..tell mum and dad two look UP…
    they noe what we ree fur two🌟⭐️ we sendz hugz and lovez two
    de PA and dad, we total lee understand how ruff two day iz🐟💚💙

  7. Awww Basil, that was a nice look back. I know your PA and your Dad miss you, and always will.

  8. Basil was a special boy. Such a sweetie. Beautiful video. Sending you hugs on this sad anniversary. XO

  9. Hugs as you always remember that special guy, we'll always remember him too.

  10. Purrayers as you remember Basil !

  11. You were most certainly awesome and epic and still are.

  12. We miss Basil, and the video brought back great memories. Sending ou all hugs today.

  13. Basil you're epic we love you always you're always in our hearts love seeing you today darling xx

  14. Aw, Basil, it was nice reminiscing about you today. We will never forget you!


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