Monday 5 September 2022

**NEW** Cat Hazards ~ Part 6 ~ The Art of Keeping Your Cat Safer ~ Top 12 Common Indoor Plants 'Safe' To Have Near Cats **Free Printable List with Pictures**

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  Happy Monday supurr pals

Today we're sharing Part Six of our Cat Hazards series, and if mew missed the last post click here to catch up on the free A4 printable of 'safe' cut flowers to have near cats.

If mew're new to being cat staff, then maybe there are a few things mew haven't thought about, and we're here to point mew in the right direction and share tips that we've garnered over 25+ years. And for those seasoned and veteran cat staff, do feel free to add more suggestions in the comments, as all tips and cat hacks are welcome. 

Let's Talk About House Plants - AGAIN!

In our second Cat Hazards post, we talked about house plants which are highly toxic to cats and should be avoided at all costs ~ There is a free A4 Printable available on the post for mew.

Today we're sharing a list of the Top 12 Indoor Plants which are deemed **safe to have near your kitties.

Top 12 Common Indoor Plants Safe To Have Near Cats

And here's a free A4 printable so mew can have a visual reference of what's ok to have near Fluffy.

Top 12 Common Indoor Plants Safe To Have Near Cats - see website disclaimer ©BionicBasil®
right-click the graphic to print it off and stick on your fridge or noticeboard

**Just remember that nothing is truly safe, especially if ingested in larger quantities. And mew really don't want Fluffy drinking any water that is sitting in a plant saucer.

Ideally, we would advise mew to position your plants in areas inaccessible to fluffy, as mew can never be too careful. 

We have several spider plants at BBHQ, which are in an accessible place for a nibble alongside our homegrown cat grass, and if mew'd like to grow your own cat grass and other greens see the links below. 

The B Team have never shown any adverse effects from nibbling on our spider plants, however all cats are not the same, as all humans are not the same.

If mew are bringing in a new plant from the 'safe' list we would recommend monitoring things closely for a few weeks, just in case your kitty is not compatible with it.

There are more 'safe' plants which mew can have in your home and if mew'd like another list, drop us a comment, and we'll extend this information further.


Check out our definitive guides to growing greens for your cat

If mew can't grow your own cat grass for whatever reason, take a look at our review of My Cat Grass mail order company, click the link. (This isn't an affiliate link)

Or check out our definitive guides for growing greens for your cat:

If mew need any further info on growing your own plants or have queries on anything else in today's post, let us know in the comments as we answer all our readers' questions on our Wednesday posts, The BBHQ Midweek News Round-Up.


What To Do If Your Kitty Ingests or Licks Something That Might be Poisonous or Toxic

If mew think that Fluffy may have ingested something that he or she shouldn't have, call your emergency vet immediately.

Or call the Animal Poisonline run by the PDSA on 01202 509000 - calls cost £30 payable at the time of the call. 

If mew are in the USA, mew can call Pet Poison Helpline on 855-764-7661 - they have a $75 charge payable at the time of the call.

Our advice, check online for your country and keep the number handy, whether that's stored in your phone or on the fridge, or where mew keep your emergency numbers.

The above prices are correct at the time of posting - September 2022 

Please note: these are not affiliate links, and we are in no way linked to either organisation in any capacity.

It doesn't take long to make your home a safe place, and mew'd do it for a baby/toddler/child, so do it for your cat too, and our K9 buddies, of course!

If in doubt, don't do it! 

We'll be back in a couple of weeks with some more top tips, and if mew missed any of our previous Cat Hazards posts, stop by our Top Tips for Pawents page, and mew'll find oodles of useful stuff and pointers to help mew safely navigate pet pawrenthood.

Until next time...

Wing Commander Basil & The B Team

Disclaimer: We are not vets, animal medical professionals, animal doctors or have any formal qualifications in animal health. If mew are worried or concerned about anything at all, purrlease take your feline furiend to your purrsonal veterinarian or other health care provider and seek expert advice and assistance immediately.

The safe indoor plant list is subject to change pending new information and data on the aforementioned plants, but at the time of publishing was correct according to our resources.

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  1. There sure is some scary stuff out there!

  2. Momma's got a number of those (orchids, African violets, and spider plants). I leave orchids and da African violets alone - but spider plants can be tempting!

  3. We never had plants here when we had cats, except for an occasional Christmas amaryllis...which we kept far away from them, knowing they are toxic. Now we have a few plants, and thankfully our pups are not interested in them at all.

  4. All very good info. I was lucky that the boys never showed any interest in plants. Probably because they could go outdoors and chomp on the grass whenever they wanted to.

  5. Such a wonderful public service announcement. We need to do everything we can to make sure our babies are safe. Thank you.

    Have a fabulous day and week. Scritches all around and a hug to mom. ♥

  6. Good reminders that we need to stay careful and aware, so we can always keep keep our kitties safe!

  7. We have a couple of spider plants and one Christmas cactus...wait, only one spider plant because Manny chewed one down to a dead nub.

  8. Good. ALl I have are spider plants and Christmas cactii. XO

  9. I never knew this about plants until we got a dog. Then everyone started warning us....good post! #FriendshipFriday


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