Sunday 18 April 2021

The Purrfect Panfur Pose by Parsley on The Sunday Selfies & Caturday Art Blog Hops

The B Team Sunday Selfies @BionicBasil ®

Epic greetings supurr furiends

Welcome to another selfie selection and today our theme is:

The Purrfect Panfur Pose by Parsley

The Purrfect Panfur Pose by Parsley ©BionicBasil®The Sunday Selfies

This is one of our all-time fav pics of Parsley; he's notoriously difficult to take a photo of, so today we're using this epic throwback from October 2016. And if mew're wundering, the little white box on his collar was a tracking device we were testing for a company and did a review for.

We're also joining in the lovely Athena's Art Hop so do stop by and show off your pawesome arty-farty skills.

The Purrfect Panfur Pose by Parsley ©BionicBasil® Caturday Art

The effect was created with Befunky, and it's a new one we haven't seen or tried before - Poly Art DLX 2 + adjustments to contrast and shadows.  

We also turned this fab arty-farty picture into a puzzle, so do stop by the puzzle page and take the Puzzle Challenge, see if mew can beat our time of 9 mins 50 secs. 

Anyhoo it's time for us to go and snoopervise the P.A. in the garden, as we're planting more catnip today, and a few other fun things. So we do hope mew have a totally terrific day and we'll be back tomorrow with another free mandala for mew to colour and another crystal of the week.

Wishing mew lots of snoozy snuggles

Supurr Sunday Purrs

Basil & The B Team

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  1. Parsley is a purrfect panther! We LOVE the flashback photo! We agree that Black Cats are difficult to take photos of. Ninja was darn near impossible! We hope you all have a marvellously happy day!

  2. Parsley, that's a beautiful flashback photo of you! And your artwork turned out great!

  3. Flashbacks are always wonderful to (re)admire!

  4. That is a lovely flashback, Parsley! The art is lovely too, and thanks for the puzzle.

  5. That is indeed, an excellent pose. Yes, panfurs can be hard to photograph (as We well know).

  6. You really do look most fabulous Parsley!!!

  7. What an uber-handsome kitty you are Parsley! That garden is impressive too, we're jealous.

  8. What a flashback pose on Parsley! Amazing! What a stunner

  9. Parsley's flashback was great. You beat us on the puzzle!!

    The Florida Furkids

  10. We have four panther fursibs at my house - Gidget, Elly, Nikolas and Jesse - all of whom strike the cutest poses... but only when the lighting is dim, or its nighttime. I think panther kitties are notorious for wanting to keep their identity sekret. Parsley is a very hansum mancat.

  11. You look pretty cool with your filter Parsley. I always struggle with taking photos of our Phoebe who is dark too. Not easy but with a filter like this SPECTACULAR!!!!!

  12. Wow! Parsley that's a great selfie!


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