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Basil The Bionic Cat

Just imagine for a moment that your cat is completely invincible and totally indestructible... well that’s exactly what Basil is after accidentally coming into contact with a prototype secret formula, he is changed forever with more super powers than you can shake your tail at!

Basil’s scientist owner; Mr P.  has developed a super strength serum, that if falls into the wrong hands would cause world-wide mayhem.

An Eastern European Mafia gang learn of this new creation and are determined to get their hands on it by any means necessary and Basil’s family are put in grave danger.

After the gang kidnaps Mr. P.’s twin daughters, Basil takes it upon himself to get his family back no matter the cost to himself.

This wild and at times, rather comical adventure set deep in the English countryside features mad professors, secret laboratories, a slightly unhinged tuxedo kitty called Posie, seven rather hilarious mice and a whole host of other characters you’ll never forget.

Ages 8 - 12 and up

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Colouring with Cats 

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Colouring with Cats Book Three

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The supurr hard wurking Editorial Team @BionicBasil selecting designs fur the book, and we listened to the P.A. when she said she really didn't like colouring books with a pattern on effury page as it meant that if mew used anything other than coloured pencils the ink went through the page and ruined the design on the reverse sheet and even on the opposite page!  So we've made our book with one design per page so mew can print it off and have no wurries about what kind of medium mew colour it in with, plus mew can use whateffur type of paper mew like to try different effects. Plus there's a good selection of mandalas, easy through to hard, so there's something fur effuryone.

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