Wednesday 21 November 2018

Happy Thanksgiving on WOW It's The Pet Parade 275 with Dash Kitten, Us & Barking from The Bayou

 Wednesday Greetings Pawesome Furriends

Welcome to WOW on The Pet Parade and our weekly news round-up!

We wish all our fab pals a supurr Thanksgiving and if there's any turkey going spare, we wouldn't say no to a sandwich, as we've run out!  NOM NOM NOM! MOL

So what's been happening at BBHQ this week, we hear mew ask?

Well pawesome pals Smooch has finally been officially ordered out of The Catnip Factory fur sampling a little too much product... he said and I quote: "But unless I test it propurrly whose to know whether is any good or not!" he argued. "And nopurrdy wants bad nip!"

"Oh really!" I said. "And while it's fine to test a little, dude mew were fully immersed, I saw mew from the RB, mew were up to your eyeballs in the stuff!" 

"But Basil," Smooch said imploringly. "I was doing it fur mew, so when mew get back mew're not disappointed with some light-weight, substandard nip, only the best fur mew dude!"

Who can argue with that logic, so I replied. "Ok dude, but no more full immersion ok?"

He nodded, grinned and said. "No wurries I'll go do a weapons inventory in the bunker then!"

COD HELP US ALL, especially if he gets Fudge and the magickal menagerie involved! MOL

Oh and my probation period at the RB is nearly offur, so I'll see mew all soon, roll on 2019!

If mew've missed any of the posts offur the last week, here's the catch up links:

Oh and don't furget enter Amber's Book Give Away, so if mew haven't left us a comment on her post, mew have until tomorrow afturnoon at 5pm GMT.

And if mew still need some more entertainment, get our free mandala colouring books below:

Amber will be here on Friday with another specially picked book just fur mew and the winner of her give-away, until then we wish mew a fabulous week!

Bestest purrs

The B Team xx

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  1. Someone's got to check the quality of the nip. So Smooch is a little too enthusiastic. ;)

    1. Hey Edie and Jake, oh mew know that somepurrdy has to check the quality, nothing wurse than bad nip! MOL XOX

  2. Too much of a good thing is definitely NOT on. I mean nipped up whilst driving is an offence in Upper Much-Mousing– penalty is six weeks of washing up and doing the laundry! you can just imagine how much nip Mrs H had had to be doing KP's all year, MOL

    1. MOL Erin, oh it's an offence here too, though the punishment is leaf clearing during the autumn months! XOX

  3. Don't worry Smooch, Flynn would have backed you up because he always said there was no such thing as too much nip. You were doing a great job with your quality testing.

    1. Thanks guys, and if mew weren't in the Angel Realm, we'd have sent mew a jar as we know that mew would have loved it! XOX

  4. Dang, nip checking is an important task!

    1. Brian dude, in the off-season there's nothing more impawtant that nip testing and quality control! MOL XOX

  5. Well, yes, that may have been a leeeetle bit too enthusiastic, Smooch!

    1. Hey guys, yep he was a little toooooooooo enthusiastic! MOL MOL XOX

  6. Happy Happy Happy Thanksgiving to my EPICALLY talented furr-iends. I luv the variety of posts you do each and every week. Thanks fur entertaining and being your fun dynamic selves! Kisses. -Valentine (& Mom) of Noir Kitty Mews

    1. Hey guys, thanks mew so much and we're thrilled that mew like our diversity, we aim to entertain! MOL MOL XOX

  7. That looks like a big feast - hope it was good :) XO


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