Sunday 18 November 2018

The B Team in November on The Sunday Selfies Blog Hop

Supurr Sunday salutations pawesome pals

Welcome to another selfie selection and today our theme is:

The B Team in November

As it was as rather pleasant day, we spent yesterday in the garden snoopervising the P.A. and Dad while they cleared up the fallen leaves, they did an OK job, but we're getting the leaf vacuum out today to get the last stragglers! MOL

How's your weekend so far?

Wishing mew all a totally terrific day, and we'll be back on the morrow with our regular Colouring with Cats post, to get your OMs On and Zen Harmonies happening fur the week ahead, so we hope mew can join us fur a bit of colouring. 

And just before we go, don't furget to check out Amber's latest book review and give-away

Until then...

Bestest Sunday Purrs

The B Team xox

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  1. It is nice to be able to enjoy the sun, isn't it. It's sunny again today but much chillier. Nice selfies from all of you.

    1. Hey guys, its got colder all week, hope mew guys don't have any snow! XOX

  2. Pandora certainly is going for it, and I bet with that sort of twisting action could scatter them leaves in no time... Mind you that would ruin her fur and I bet I would never hear the end of that suggestion. MOL
    Toodle pips

  3. Awwwww, you all sure do look terrific!

  4. You all look AMAZING today,xx Speedy

  5. This is our doubling up our Selfie visit with our Thursday visit MOL!! Loved the story and the ending. We are late catching up as just finished work but back to say thank you for the Thankful Thursday hop visit too!

  6. Great selfies, mew guys!

    Wait, your parents have a vacuum for the leaves outside? EPIC!

    1. Hiya guys, yep the P.A. has a leaf vacuum, saves no end of time! MOL XOX

  7. You always shine in your selfies! Mom and the doggie did the leaf thing. It took a few days, 'cause we have trees that shed lots and lots of leaves. I supervised from the window to make sure they didn't miss any. Tee hee hee. Hmm . . . I think Mom needs one of those leaf blowers, too. Hugs. -Valentine (& Mom) Noir Kitty Mews


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