Also, our new supurr funky and utterly cat'a'licious Kwerky Kat Boutique is open at Etsy, mew can follow us on Instagram to see all the epically epic designs. 

There mew will find all the latest items that will be available such as our:

Snuggle Mats - with or without pom poms

Katnip Snuggle Buddies

Katnip Kickers

Katnip Kushions

Katnip Pyraminds

Katnip Hearts

BBHQ Organic Katnip

Plus lots of other items we've got in the pipeline...

Space'a'licious Snuggle Mats and Toy Sets ©BionicBasil®

We can offer a bespoke service too if mew're looking for that extra special item, or have some fabric mew'd like us to use which matches your home decor.  

 Email us at:

deardrbasil @ gmail . com ~ with shop in the subject line.

Here's a little selection of what's in the shop right now:

At the moment, we can only ship within the U.K. to begin with, as we are a new independent start-up we couldn't get insurance for overseas sales, so do bear with us while we get going and hopefully, we'll be able to open to a wider market soon.

Epic purrs and happy shopping

Wing Commander Basil & The B Team

graphics created with paid licence 
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