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Arrrrrrrrrrr me hearties, welcome to ye on this mostly auspicious day, and in honour of this rare event we be thinking it be fitting to share with thee a truly extraordinary adventure that befell on us on this day exactly a year ago... are ye ready to relive the pirate adventure of a lifetime?

Hold onto ye hats matey's as this is one adventure mew'll neffur furget as long as ye live arrrrrrrrr! 

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Featuring our latest bonkers time travelling pirate adventure

The Extraordinary Voyages of  Cap'n Basil Blackheart and his Motley Crew 


The Crimson Revenge

Arrrrggg and wunderpurr greetings supurr furriends

Here we are again on another truly unbelievable adventure, this time on the high seas.

I know it must seem quite impossible some of bizarre things which happen to us, [on a furry frequent basis] but paw on heart and let lightning strike if I effur tell an untruth... this is an 'as it happens' or a 'squirrels eye-view' or a 'fly in the soup' whoops sorry, I meant to say 'fly on the wall documentary'  kinda vibe.

Join us as we share the facts of what happened on that fateful Sunday night, as we sailed back home from Speedy's Pirate Party

So hold ye fast matey's, as we're in fur a wild ride tonight



Part I ~ The Whirlpool

"And Action!"

It was a chilly September evening, the breeze was biting and the sun was supurr low, just peaking above the horizon saying a fond farewell to another glorious day.  We'd just set sail on our ship, The Crimson Revenge with a course plotted back home after a rather wild and wunderpurr weekend at Speedy's place fur his Annual Pirate Party.  Let's just what happened at Speedy's stays at Speedy's! MOL

"Parsley, wake up the glow-flies in the lanterns!" I called.

"Aye Cap'n," Parsley replied as darkness descended on us like an inky black shroud.

"Smooch, anything on the horizon?" I yelled towards the crows nest.

Smooch popped up, his night vision telescope scanning the blackness ahead. "No Cap'n, all clear!" he called back.

I leaned against the ships wheel and took a deep breath of the invigorating salty air, there's nothing like it fur freshness [well, snowy, icy air up a mountain comes close after being chased by a hoard of Zombie Yeti's, but that's another story fur another time].   Anyhoo as I stood there, each one of the glow lanterns burst into life after Parsley had given them a rather severe shaking.

"Good job young Parsley!" I said as the deck was washed with a pale bluish hue. "Humphrey?  Humphrey?"

Snowie nudged me. "He's strapped in a hammock below deck sleeping off the nip rum and all the party food, Pilchard is with him," she said with a shake of her head. "He'll be out fur hours, but the funny thing is he looks like a kitty chrysalis, I wunder if he'll be nicer when he emerges from his cocoon!" 

We burst out laughing. "I doubt it furry much," I replied. "He'll be as grumpy as effur!"

Amber lifted her eye-patch and glared at me. "How come I can't go and get in a hammock?"

I paused briefly, looking at the state of her. "Because mew, One Eye Amber were so off your chops mew couldn't even crawl up the gang plank and then mew fell into the water," I answered curtly. "I think mew are quite sober after that little impromptu icy dip, and just look at the state of your fur. I think mew should go take a bath pronto, savvy..."

Amber harrumphed rather loudly and stomped off, disappearing behind the main mast fur a quick clean up.

Posie began to sing softly, her voice was melodic and soothing as it wafted gently on the breeze while we sailed on in the dark.

We had been sailing fur approximately forty one minutes and fifteen seconds when the sea started to become rather choppy.  White foamy spray splashed over the deck and the ship began to lurch rather alarmingly.

"Smooch, what the flip is happening?" I yelled above the increasing noise of the rising waves.

A few seconds passed, and I gripped the ships wheel tighter as a strong current took hold.

As I was fighting with the wheel Smooch answered.

"Sorry Cap'n I had to attach my safety straps furst," he shouted loudly from the crows nest. "The good news is, they're holding me in place..."

"What's the bad news then?" I yelled back as forked lightning streaked across the sky in ways I'd neffur seen before.

He paused again. "The bad news is really bad news," he shouted.

Snowie was helping me hold the ships wheel as we were battered with the icy sea spray while the lightening flashed and thunder boomed all around us.

"Kindly relieve us from this suspense, tell us what the bad news is!" I almost shrieked to make myself heard above the din.

"We're being dragged into a whirlpool with a massive water-funnel and there's nothing we can do about it!" Smooch had to scream above the effur increasing noise.

I paused fur a second while I let this humongous bad news sink in, then I shouted as loudly as I could.

"Effurypurrdy strap yourselves to anything that's not going to move, NOW!"

I threw a length of rope at Snowie and then, using another length of rope I lashed myself to the ballustrading, then I gripped the ships wheel with all my might, if this whirlpool was taking us down then I was going down as a propurr captain - at the helm.


I jammed my hat on extra tight, and wiped the the salty sea spray from my eyes as we continued on a course I had no control over and in storm conditions I neffur knew were possible.

The ship pitched and rolled, the wood creaking and groaning with the immense pressure as we were sucked faster and faster into the spiralling vortex. Relentless waves crashed across the deck while lightening erupted from the central vortex in jagged, fractured forks.  I just prayed to any god that may have been listening that my crew were fastened tightly to something as the angle we were now on; sideways on and looking straight down into the gaping maw of the deadly unknown, because if they weren't securely tied to something they were surely going to be lost fureffer.

The pitching and rolling became increasingly violent as we descended the through the cyclic centrifuge in tighter and tighter circles as the huge funnel of water loomed up above us like a giant coiling snake hell bent on smashing us and The Crimson Revenge to smithereens.

The only thing going through my mind was that this was some really, really, monumentally freaky natural phenomenom and the chances that we were going to survive it, well let me just say I wasn't holding my breath!

I was abruptly brought back from my momentary mind-scape by my crews' terrified high-pitched screams as we reached what could only be described as the mouth of hell, and then there was nothing but blackness.

"And Cut!"


Guy's, we're sorry to leave mew in all in acute, harrowing suspense, but mew know that's how we roll! MOL

Also, I bet mew've got endless questions, such as:

How come The Crimson Revenge didn't get turned into toothpicks?

What about Kitty Chrysalis Humphrey below decks?

Where are all the crew?

And did they all get time to strap themselves to something secure?

What about Smooch in the crows-nest, surely that mast couldn't still be intact?

That whirlpool/water-funnel/storm is truly frightening, devastating, destructive, etc... can mew really survive it?


If mew have any questions feel free as to ask!

*    *    *

So stop by next Tuesday fur the continuing tension and to see if we survive this cataclysmic weather phenomenom...nom...nom!

[Obviously we did! MOL]

Mew don't have to wait that long anymore... here's the links fur effury episode just in case mew missed out on this epically epic journey! MOL

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Hearty purrs and salty sea-spray head rubs

Cap'n Basil & the Crew of The Crimson Revenge XOX

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  1. What an adventure ! We never heard 'bout it, 'n th' suspense be just killin' us ! Purrs

    1. Arrrrrrrrrr but a least ye don't have to wait to read ALL the story!!! XOX

  2. You make a great pirate!

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie

  3. You have the best adventures! I enjoyed this one with you again, and I can't wait for tomorrows as well. I'm sure all this excitement is what keeps my ticker working!

    1. Arrrrrrrrr, that we do Flynn!!! We be mightily purrleased that our epically epic adventures assists ye ticker!!! ARRRRRRRRRR!!! XOX

  4. Ahoy Mateys!!! You certainly put us to shame with this most PAWESOME pirate day post!!!!! I am honored to have you sail beside me!! Love from Capt.Cody xoxoxo catchatwithcarenandcody

    1. Ahoy there Cap'n Cody, it be a purrleasure to be sailing the high seas along side thee!!! Arrrrrrrrrrrr!!!! XOX

  5. Blimey, Mates! Such a frightening tale. We hope ye survive it!

    1. Arrrrrrrrr Funny Farmers ye know we be a most resilient crew, we'll survive to tell another tail!!!! Arrrrrrrr!!! XOX

  6. I didnt get to see this first time around but I'm sure glad I did this, Arrr! ERin cant wait till tomorrow tooo

    1. Arrrrrrrrr Erin, ye don't know what ye missed!!! MOL & Arrrrrrr-ing!!!!! XOX

  7. blimey buckoz; a draught two all ye bucaneerz N hearties spesh a lee sum nelsonz folly ~~~ ♥♥♥

    1. Arrrrrrrr that be most thoughtful of thee Tabbies, thank ye kindly furry much!!! Arrrrrrrr!!! XOX

  8. Argh, matey - that's quite a tale! How's it going to end?!?

    1. Arrrrrrrrrrr, just follow thee links Chatty Cats and ye'll find the ending soon enough!! Arrrrrrrrr!!! XOX

  9. No quarter! Avast buddy, that's quite an adventure!

    The Florida Furkids

    1. Avast me heartie Furkids, come aboard while we be sailing past.... arrrrrrrrrr! XOX

  10. Yarr Basil we came to wish yee a grand Meowin Pirate Day an we git more than we brot so we be back agin tomorra to hear the tale!
    Terrible Tim and his Fearless Family

    1. Arrrrrrr Terrible Tim and ye Fearless Family, it be grand that ye could join us today!! Arrrrrrrrrr XOX

  11. Arrrrrr! What an adventure, Cap'n Basil! We hope you live to tell the tale.

    1. Arrrrrrrrr Island Cats, ye know that me and thee crew have more that 9 lives!!! MOL & Arrrrrrrrring!!! XOX

  12. Great story, you re all fantastic pirates.

  13. Ahoy, Cap'n Basil! This be a rollicking adventure ye be having! We hope good fortune prevails, and ye survive to finish your tale!

    1. Aye, a wind of good fortune will prevail, that be a certainty Arrrrrr! Come aboard if thee wants to join the adventure!! Arrrrrrr XOX

  14. Replies
    1. Arrrrrrrrr Momma Kat & Bear, ye speak furry kindly wurds and I thank thee furry much!!! Arrrrrrr XOX

  15. Yarrgghhhh! We be late ‘n all, but avast we be here now! Yo-ho-ho an a bottle o’rum!! Ya’ll be scurvy pirates indeed! An we're shivering our timbers with offto find some grub and rum??

    1. Arrrrrrrr better late than neffur and thank ye fur the nip rum, Humphrey the Guzzler has nearly depleted our stores, come aboard fur some weavily tasting crackers and tails of adventure!!!! Arrrrrrrrrrr XOX


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