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Wordy on Wednesday with Biblio-Kitty Amber #19 featuring A Scone To Die For

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Wunderpurr greetings fellow book lovers

Welcome to another Wurdy Wednesday in the Library.

Before I furget, mew may remember on Sunday that we started The Wurld-Wide Tour of

The Time-Travelling Bobble Hat

which is being kicked off by the fabulous Florida Furkids on their pawesome blog at:

So said hat is now speeding its way across the Atlantic as I type and should arrive on warmer shores early next week, if mew'd like to join in the tour purrlease do as the more blogs the woolly headgear visits the more money we raise fur our favourite kitty rescue and we will be monitoring its progress on our new page, here and are hopefully joining in and has furry kindly offured a donation if we supurr-impose a pink version of the bobble hat on one of her gorgeous foto's - no purroblem we said, as yours truly has a pink one!! MOL

So paws crossed that we can raise a few £'s and help some kitties in need.

And aftur all my cuteness modelling one of the bobble hats and mew have too much of a cuteness overload happening, I think it's time to share this weeks selection.

This week on book reviews with Amber, I'm sharing

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Oxford Tearoom Mysteries ~ Book 1


I have another furst to share with mew again this week, this is my furry furst cozy mystery written by a U.K. author!  

Here's the book blurb courtesy of Amazon UK:

When an American tourist is murdered with a scone in Gemma Rose’s quaint Oxfordshire tearoom, she suddenly finds herself apron-deep in a mystery involving long-buried secrets from Oxford’s past.
Armed with her insider knowledge of the University and with the help of four nosy old ladies from the village (not to mention a cheeky little tabby cat named Muesli), Gemma sets out to solve the mystery—all while dealing with her matchmaking mother and the return of her old college love, Devlin O’Connor, now a dashing CID detective.
But with the body count rising and her business going bust, can Gemma find the killer before things turn to custard?

My thoughts on the novel are in a nutshell:-  I really did enjoy it, though used to an American narrator as most of the audio books I choose to listen to are written by American authors; I have to say this was most enjoyable, the narrator oozed a Miss Marple type of vibe and being a huge Agatha Christie fan this entertained me muchly!

As I'm back on the cozy mystery genre, obviously there's a cute cat.  The cat is called Muesli and while most cats in books [except Bob & our furry own Basil] are usually fictitious Muesli isn't, she is the inspiration fur the author and mew can meet Muesli here.

Ok it's time to talk about the novel.  Gemma Rose, recently returned to England after abruptly quitting her high flying corporate job in Sydney, Australia decides to buy a tea shop in a quaint English village just outside of Oxford.  Only three weeks after the opening a rather brash American chap is murdered by a scone - yes hard to believe, and Muesli goes missing but mew know I won't spoilerize anything fur mew.

And that's when it all starts to get rather good.  Additionally there are four old biddies with bouffant hairdo's, who are also frequent visitors to the tea shop and they become amateur investigators assisting in solving the crime plus they add a good touch of comedy.  I had no clue who the murderer was until the big reveal aftur much twisting and turning of the plot.  

In my humble opinion I think this would be an excellent addition to your library and a must read fur any cozy mystery fan and what makes it even better, there are another four books in the series, so mew know what I'm reading next! MOL 

Paperback copy: 334 pages

Audio Edition: 6 hours 53 mins long

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The Amber Biblio Rating System Fur Offurall Enjoyment:

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A Scone To Die For



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I do hope mew enjoy this novel and if mew've read it already, tell me did mew like it?

Sadly it's time fur me to say BFN or bye-fur-now as mew know the drill, so many books, so little time!

Happy reading or listening

Bestest biblio purrs

Amber xox

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  1. Amber, you certainly look fetching in that bobble hat! And your review, as always, has made us want to read this book. Thank you, and hugs to you and the rest of the crew! :)

    1. Hey guys, thank mew so much, I do feel rather speshul when wearing it! MOL So glad mew like today's review :) purrs Amber xox

  2. amber; we wood loves two purr tizz a pate in yur bobble hat rezz cue help; ewe lookz total lee awesum in yur hat; in fact ya lookz gorgeouz....we iz knot troo lee sure de food servizz gurl can getz a hat on uz tho afturr de scarvez foto shoot; can we copee yur fotoz frum heer & putz R face in it; will that be de same ? pleez add vize sew we can lend a paw; & yur book ree view iz awesum two ♥♥♥

    1. Tabbies and Miss Dai$y, mew don't actually have to wear the bobble hat, it's not compulsory as we know that most kitties don't like 'dress-up' just write a few wurds about it, take a picture of it on an orange or melon MOL and pass it on, but if mew want to copy this one go ahead and use any of the graphics on the Bobble Hat page, whateffur mew need use with our blessing and we'll add mew to the Tour list and Smooch & Parsley will have to cough up another £2.00 - I can't wait to tell them, mew've made my day MOL MOL :) purrs Amber xox

  3. You are super cute in the bobble hat. My cats can't wait to try it. That sounds like a great book/series.

    1. Awwwww thank mew, and we're all so excited that mew're joining in with the tour, poor Smooch & Parsley - I can't wait to tell them! MOL Purrs Amber xox

  4. That sounds like another very good book, Amber. You look very cute in your pink hat.

  5. This sounds like quite the mystery! I love that the cat in the story is inspired by an actual cat. :) Cats are great detectives.

    1. Oh it is a really great read, and I loved that it was inspired by a real kitty too! purrs Amber xox

  6. I'm not convinced the kitty is enjoying being part of the fashion show... but thanks for linking up at

    1. MOL I only wear the hat fur a couple of seconds and that is my happy face, trust me if I was grumpy mew'd see it fur sure! purrs Amber xox

  7. What a cute hat, Amber! We can't wait to see it travel the world.

    1. Hi Island Cats, oh I'm so excited to see where the hat will go, hopefully some bloggers will want to join in the cause :) purrs Amber xox

  8. Great Book review, another one on our list of must haves! My virtual Time Travelling Bobble Hat is awesome, Thank You so much Basil, I have doubled my pledge for you as this is definitely this seasons MUST HAVE accessory! purrs ERin

    1. Hi Erin, oh I'm so happy that mew like the hat! I think mew look gorgeous in it and thank mew so much fur your pledge it means so much to all of us <3 <3 <3 purrs Amber xox

  9. Replies
    1. Oh guys, Muesli is the cutest and don't mew just love the bookcover too? purrs Amber xox

  10. Is Muesli cute enough to eat?? That is breakfast here sometimes, MOL!!

    1. Oh mew guys are too funny!!! It's breakfast here too on occasion! MOL purrs Amber xox

  11. That sounds like a fun read! I like that it's part of a series because I like to keep reading about the characters that I grow attached to.

    1. HI Rachel, it is a fun book and like mew, I love a good series and the more book in it the better! MOL purrs Amber xox


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