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Today we have a fab guest post to share with mew, which we're sure prospective, and newbie cat pawrents will love. 

If mew're looking to adopt and are feeling a little overwhelmed as where to begin, what to get, what to do, what not to do, what to tidy away, how to make your home safe for your new arrival, etc...


Take a breath, and keep reading. And as we like to say at BBHQ, we've got your six!

Plus, don't furget that we have dedicated posts on our Top Tips for Cat Pawrents page, where we share a wealth of information to make your life as a pawrent easier.

The Complete Cat Adoption Checklist

Excited to bring a new pet into your family?

Adopting a new cat is a beautiful time full of firsts, but there’s more to think about than what it will be like to play with your pet. You also need to make sure that you are prepared for their arrival using the complete cat adoption checklist.

This checklist gives you an introduction to everything that you should take time to consider before you bring your newly adopted cat home. By working through each category, you can feel comfortable knowing you have done everything you can to make sure your pet will start its new life safe, happy, and well-loved.

Photo by The Lucky Neko on Unsplash

Your Complete Cat Adoption Checklist

  • Question Yourself

  • Education Matters!

  • Preparing Your Home

  • Shopping List

  • Healthcare

Question Yourself

Before you start preparing to adopt a cat, it’s essential to take some time to ask yourself if you are in a

good situation to adopt. As much as adopting is a joyful affair, bringing a cat into an unprepared home

is not the kind choice.

Ask yourself some critical questions as you prepare yourself to adopt:

  • If you own other pets, are they friendly towards cats?

  • Are you prepared to go through an introductory phase with your pets?

  • Do you have enough time to take care of a cat?

  • Have you thought about how your cat will be taken care of when travelling out of town?

  • Do you or other members of your household have any allergies to dander, dust, hair,

or dirt that may be affected by owning a cat?

Education Matters!

Whether or not you have owned a cat before, it’s a great idea to take some time to familiarize yourself

with what it takes to properly care for a cat before you adopt. Statistics say76% of cat owners consider their cats to be members of the family, and knowing how to take care of

them is essential.

There are lots of different ways to do this!

Try the following:

  • Watch videos that showcase “A Day In The Life” of cat owners to see what their tasks entail

  • Visit a friend that owns a cat and walk through the steps of ownership with them

  • Talk to your local rescue or adoption centre about cat ownership

  • Read books and pamphlets on the topic

There are many ways to get educated about becoming a cat parent.Part of your job will be to learn what to do, and doing this before you bring a cat home is ideal.

Preparing Your Home

If you do not currently own any cats or pets at all, chances are high that your home needs to be

cat-proofed! Many potential hazards exist in our homesand many of them are things that we don’t even think about from day to day.

Take time to go through the following list to ensure your home will be safe and cat-friendly from day one:

  • Tuck away wires and cables

  • Ensure breakables cannot be knocked over

  • Check if heavy items could be a danger to your cats

  • Put away small items they may try to chew or eat

  • Get down on the floor and explore from their level to find additional hazards

  • Lock windows and make sure screens are secure

  • Look up any houseplants to ensure they are non-toxic to cats

Photo by Nick Karvounis on Unsplash

Beyond preparing your home by removing cat hazards, it’s also crucial that you give cats some cats

only space. A separate room for when they first arrive and a cave-like bedcan be great ways to help your new cat feel safe and secure in their new environment.

Shopping List

There are several important cat care supplies and accessories that you should be sure to have before

you bring your new cat home. Some of these items, such as cat food, should be adjusted to fit the

specific dietary needs of the cat you are adopting.

  • Food bowl

  • Water bowl

  • Cat food

  • Cat treats

  • Litter box

  • Litter

  • Litter scooper

  • Collar with ID tag

  • Travel carrier for vet trips

  • Nail clippers

  • Comb and/or brush depending on coat type

  • Non-toxic cleaner for litter box and spot cleaning

  • Odor neutralizer for litter box and spots

  • Cat toys

  • Cat first aid items

  • Chews and/or brushes for dental care

  • Cat bed

  • Cat furniture (tree, scratching post, etc.)

Some of these items, like nail clippers and dental chews, can be gradually added to your cat care items.

Still, it’s good to know in advance how much you will need to budget to care for and enrich your cat properly. 

A Happy New Life Together

Every aspect of cat adoption introduced today is a small part of your larger care plan.

This checklist can help you make sure that you’ve taken time to work through every area that needs

to be addressed but remember: it’s not an exhaustive list.

If there is anything in the complete cat adoption checklist that you are unsure about, take some

time to ask fellow cat owners, pet specialists, or your vet! It’s OK to be uncertain as long as you are

ready to learn. With the right attitude and supplies, your new cat will live the happiest life possible.

Guest Author Credit

All About Cats’ is a popular cat blog with expert-written, expert-reviewed guides bringing you the facts on cat products, behavior, health, and more.



Do go check out their fabulous website, as it's full of fantastic articles.

Thanks very much for joining us today, and many thanks to our pawesome guest author for providing such a supurr starter list to assist newbie cat pawrents in navigating the preliminaries of cat adoption, and the all impawtant settling in period. We do hope mew found it valuable and welcome your feedback. 

Amber will be here tomorrow with another pawesome book review and she's got some fabulous news too, so do stop by the library if mew get chance.

Until next time...

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