Monday 4 April 2022

Time To Give Those Little Grey Cells a Workout on Brain Training with Professor Basil P.H.D. #75 And A Throwback to March 2018

Brain Training with Cats ©BionicBasil®

Happy Monday guys

Welcome to another fab Brain Training sesh on the blog today, and if mew missed any posts since last week, here they are:

And this week I'm sharing a throwback from 5th March 2018, it had been a rather cold week, and the pond was just thawing out.

Brain Training with Professor Basil #75 @BionicBasil® Basil Throwback March 2018

The week before, the pond was a giant frosty ice cube! MOL

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It's time to get those little grey cells working.

Here's the answer key to our last sudoku puzzle #41

sudoku 41 puzzle answerkey

Are mew ready for this week's puzzle?
Brain Training with Professor Basil #75 Sudoku Puzzle 42 @BionicBasil®Downloadable Puzzle For Purrsonal Use Only
Just click right-click to save and/or print the puzzle. 

The answer key will be on next week's post.

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Here's this week's wordsearch.

Brain Training with Professor Basil #75 Things Cats Love Wordsearch @BionicBasil® Downloadable Puzzle Fur Purrsonal Use Only

Just click right-click to save and/or print the wurdsearch.

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And here's this week's jigsaw puzzle.

Brain Training with Professor Basil #75 @BionicBasil® Puzzle

It took me 8 mins 03 secs...  How did you do?

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I hope mew enjoy today's puzzles, The B Team will be back on Wednesday with the Midweek News Round-up, and we look forward to your company then.

Keep calm, and puzzle on

Epic purrs

Professor Basil 

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  1. Thanks for the puzzles. We woke up to ice like that yesterday morning and the sparrows were sat on the frozen bird bath yelling for me to thaw it!

  2. I will work on these! Fanks yoo. XXX

  3. I just saw a meme: "Go Home,'re drunk!"
    Ain't it the truth...

  4. guyz...yur gardin iz like de awesumest...frozen ore knot.. but un freezed
    IZ way better...manee thanx onze again two de PA for de puzzlez; we see
    de werd box all reddy !!! ☺☺♥♥♥

  5. one minit & 27 secondz on de jig saw ! :) ♥♥

  6. My brain kind of hurts now with all this hard work. Fun, but you have to have your thinking cap on.

    Have a fabulous day and week. Scritches all around and a hug to mom. ♥

  7. Thanks for an excellent selection of Brain Training! WQe did the jigsaw in 9:34. Not bad for an oldie, with one paw behind her back, MOL


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