Monday 9 January 2023

Time To Give Those Little Grey Cells a Workout on Brain Training with Professor Basil P.H.D. #55 A Cute Throwback with Me and Smooch

Happy Purrsday guys

Welcome to another fab Brain Training sesh on the blog today, and this week I'm sharing a throwback from April 2015 with me and Smooch.  

It was a truly glorious Spring that year. The lawn was supurr lush and green, the tulips were out, and the sun was shining. What more could mew ask for? MOL

Basil & Smooch April 2015 @BionicBasil™ Brain Training with Cats Professor Basil #55

I call this one Kitty Paradise, because to me our garden is a little slice of paradise.

It's time to get those little grey cells wurking.

Here's the answer key to last times puzzle  How did mew do? 

Are mew ready for this week's puzzle?

Basil's Easy Sudoku Puzzle #24 Brain Training with Cats @BionicBasil_
Just right-click to save the puzzle to your 'puter or print it off. 

The answer key will be on next weeks post.

Basil's Bonkers Wurdsearch #40 @BionicBasil_ - wurlds rarest gemstones
Just right-click to save the puzzle to your 'puter or print it off. 

And here's this week's jigsaw puzzle, featuring Smooch and Melvyn from a 2019 Pet Parade post.

Smooch and Melvyn on The Pet Parade 288 @BionicBasil™ Jigsaw

It took me 12 mins 01 secs...  How did you do?

I was a little slow this week, as my attention was diverted when the P.A.'s accountant rang mid-puzzle and completely trashed my focus! 

So mew guys should all really thrash the pants off my time this week! MOL

We'll be back on Wednesday with some more Midweek News and Melvyn Modelling the next top pick bandana. Until then...

Keep Calm


Puzzle On

Epic purrs

   Professor Basil 

 Basil & The B Team on Instacat

Jigsaw Puzzle  Sudoku & word-search created with paid licence
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  1. That picture you made the puzzle from had me giggling!!
    Your garden really s a little slice of paradise!

  2. Your garden is lovely. I think I will have to give up on the puzzles. My bluetooth keyboard types what it feels like sometimes so I have gone back to wired. It came with a wired mouse which is okay, but I just did a puzzle and it won't let go of the darned pieces unless I click again. The puzzle I did took at least 10 minutes longer than it should have!

  3. Marvelous garden! Kitty Paradise for sure!

  4. You two fancy gardners looked fabulous!

  5. Always good to work the brain.

    Thank you for joining the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend. Scritches all around and a big hug to mom. ♥


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