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Claws of Terror is an action-packed and immersive adventure that takes mew on a journey through a world of danger and excitement. With vivid and detailed descriptions of the intense battles and spine-tingling encounters, the story draws mew in, making mew feel as though mew are right there with The B Team, fighting for survival.


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~ Chapter Four ~

The M-Unit

Mew know I’ve never lied to my team, but Melvyn’s identity and where he came from needed to be more secret than the real purpose of the great pyramids of Giza. And by not telling anypawdy, I was in my own way protecting them. Though in this moment I could see the hurt I caused to those I loved the most, and I felt devastated by my stupidity.

Just as I was about to explain further, the Control Room doors swooshed open, and I heard Parsley growl menacingly. “Get your furry backsides in there, NOW!”

In the next second Smooch, Fudge and Humphrey had their weapons pointing straight behind me, and the safety’s were off.

Spinning around, I saw Parsley herding in four Maine Coon cats; they were big brawny cats, armoured up and looking as mean as hell.

‘Could this night get any worse?’ I thought.

“I just found these four lurking down the corridor,” Parsley said. “Seriously, they were just hanging out down there, having a little confab. I asked them what the fluff they were doing here, who the fluff they are, and how the fluff did they even get inside? But now, they aren’t a very talkative bunch!”

Miss Warts and Mogs, who’d been standing quietly, nodded at the newcomers. The four nodded back.

“Basil, seriously dude, mew need to tell us what the fluff is going on here right now!” Smooch said, coming to stand by me. “This isn’t like mew, mew don’t keep secrets, please tell us… please!”

‘How the fluff did this all just unravel in the last thirty minutes,’ I wondered. Then said. “B Team met Bomber, his brother Shadow,” indicating towards the two huge black cats, and then at the white, and silver cats. “And this is Ice and Smoke.”

The B Team looked at the Maine Coons with unease, guns still pointed, but never said a word.

So I continued. “Dudes, Bomber and his unit were waiting at the coordinates in 2033, and they helped me rescue Melvyn and bring him back to BBHQ, I can’t go into the details now, but I promise they are on our side.” I took a breath. “If it weren’t for these brave Resistance Fighters, Melvyn and I would have never made it back to BBHQ.”

Amber spoke. “So, they’ve been living here in the bunker for the last few weeks?”

“That’s why mew sealed off Level Fourteen, isn’t it?” Fudge accused. “They’ve been living there!”

I nodded. “Shadow and Ice were badly injured. I couldn’t leave them in the future for the Purrminators to capture and finish them off, could I?”

Posie said. “And that’s why I found the cabinets in the Med Bay emptied literally overnight, and all the extra deliveries. It was for them?”

“Yes,” I answered.

“Why didn’t mew ask us for help?” Posie asked.

Bomber stepped forward. “I asked Commander Basil not to tell mew because…” his voice was deep and powerful. “Because in our future, anypawdy who knew about Melvyn was killed, and in all the timelines we tried to rescue him, anypawdy that knew of his existence were slaughtered. They were hunted down and purrmanently purrminated. It was vital for all of mew, for your safety, not to know. Melvyn is the last hope for the future, the survival of the world as mew know it depends on one thing.”

My team waited for the answer. “That one thing is that Melvyn lives, and me and my team will give our lives to make sure that he does. We are his purrsonal protection team.” 

Ice, Shadow and Smoke all nodded and hit a clenched paw to their hearts. “HOOAH!” They growled in unison.

“Well fluff me!” Parsley said, lowering his weapon and adding, “HOOAH!”

The entire B Team HOOAH’d, and Melvyn sat looking a little bewildered. Bomber knelt down in front of the kitten and said. “Don’t fear young Melvyn, The M-Unit has your six.”

My head was spinning. This night was just getting beyond complicated. I turned to Snowie and said. “Snowie, get Horice on comms and tell him to get Chuffer, Winston, G.D., Solitaire, and MadCat down to Level Sixteen, and to use the freight elevator. Let them know there’s already a full armoury plus ammo, Camomile knows where it is. Tell them to engage the emergency lockdown for the entire level and make sure they set the infrared alarms, and they should be safe in there. Better that they are with Fudge’s Magical Menagerie and they can all look out for each other.”

Snowie nodded and tapped her comms unit, relaying the message.

Miss Warts and Moggs stepped forward. “Commander Basil, I fear that we have very little time and everything will culminate in the next few hours.”

Parsley had introduced Miss Warts and Moggs to the team, as until this point, everything else had got in the way.

“I’m very sorry for the lack of introductions, thank mew Parsley,” I said gratefully. “Now, Miss Warts, please tell us why mew’re here.”

Just as she was about to speak, the landline phone on Snowie’s desk rang. She glanced at me and then picked up the receiver. “Good evening,” she purred. “This is the Cats Whiskers Holistic Health Retreat, my name is Suki how may I help mew?” (Snowie always answers the landline line like that, as mew never know who may be calling.)

I indicated for her to put it on the loudspeaker. “This is C.J. Catkin Director of the F.I.B.(aka Field Intelligence Bureau), I need to speak with Commander Basil urgently.”

“C.J.,” I said answered coldly. The last time we spoke, I was spitting fur as he’d left my old team to rot in a demon dimension for five years and let me believe they were dead. “What do mew want?”

“Basil, I know mew and I parted on bad terms, however, a serious situation has come to light and I am calling to warn mew as it’s unfolding around Mewton-Clawson.”

I didn’t answer, so he continued. “There’s been a massive surge in cosmic-fluence, and our satellites are picking up strange energy signatures popping up all over the area.”

My team looked at me. The M-Unit bristled, and Miss Warts and Mogs shook their heads in dismay.

“We zoomed in on several of the energy signatures, and I don’t know how to say this, but there’s some type of winged, red dinosaurs running around your neck of the woods, and I don’t mean to be the harbinger of more bad news, but there are also dozens of zombie cats amassing and heading directly towards your bunker.”

The silence stretched out, and C.J. said. “Mew know about it already, don’t mew?”

“Yes, C.J.,” I replied. “We’ve just had a run-in with one of the raptors, Parsley killed it, or so we thought.”

“What do mew mean, or so we thought?” C.J. demanded.

Letting out a breath, I filled him in on what we’d just witnessed via the drone footage.

“This is so bad!” C.J. sighed warily.

“Tell us about it!” I shot back. “We’re right in the thick of it.”

“What’s your plan?”

“We hadn’t got that far, as we’re still gathering intel,” I responded. “Now if mew don’t mind, my team and I have to go as we need to take care of things before it really kicks off.”

Miss Warts stepped forward and said. “I am very sorry to interrupt you, however, I feel that what I have to say will impact the F.I.B. too.”

“Who are mew?” C.J. demanded.

“My name is Miss Warts, and I am an Oracle Nisse from the Age of Enlightenment,” she said calmly. “Also, I am the Headmistress of Mogwarts Academy of Magical Sciences & Alternative Arts.”

C.J. paused for a moment, and we heard the frantic tapping on a keyboard in the background. “Ah, I have heard of mew,” C.J. spoke cautiously. “Mew are the one who takes orphan cats and trains them to be magical familiars aren’t mew?”

“That is correct,” Miss Warts replied. “I am here to assist Commander Basil and his team in their perilous quest this evening with my familiar, Mogs, and we have vital information that will help.”

The Control Room was deathly silent as we waited for Miss Warts to impart this crucial intel.

“In my dimension,” she began. “A small coven of necromancers who worship all that is dark and malevolent awakened a great evil,” she paused and conferred telepathically with Mogs. “They are hellbent on destroying all that is good and light in the world. They want darkness to reign supreme and anyone that is not of the dark must be eradicated, and that is why they unleashed the evil entity on the fringe of Mogwarts, as we are the largest establishment of our kind in the known universe and our light shines the brightest.”

“That’s why mew wanted us to come to your dimension,” I said.

“Yes, Mogs and I thought that if you came to us, that mew and your team could possibly conquer the evil at the source,” she said. “But sadly, the necromancers found out about our plan, and learned of you and your team, who are the brightest lights for good in the universe, and your history of dealing with the darkness and evil is unsurpassed.”

Mogs spoke, his voice was smooth and charismatic. “They learned that Commander Basil and The B Team are the most formidable fighting force for good over evil, and they recalibrated their plan to come to your dimension to exterminate mew from existence before returning to our dimension to finish the rest of us off.”

Miss Warts continued. “The entity that they awakened is called Crimsona Ubel, which means red evil. She was once a sorceress who sold her soul to the Dark Lord for dominion and power over our realm. However, the soul exchange didn’t go as planned, and she ended up trapped between dimensions until now, and the necromancers have been stealing our students and feeding them to Crimsona to restore her lost powers.”

Mogs added. “Six students have gone missing in the last three weeks. We found a body yesterday, well I say body, it was nothing more than a mummified husk. It had been completely sucked dry.”

There were gasps of horror and dismay for the loss of an innocent. Fudge nudged me. “Dude, this is so bad!”

Amber asked. “How long until this Crimsona thing is fully restored and back to full power?”

“About another week. We think they are working in conjunction with a rare celestial alignment which culminates on the evening of the seventh day of the eleventh month, the seven eleven alignment,” Miss Warts answered. “That’s when she can harvest the powers in exchange for her soul.”

“Therefore, they have sent these creatures tonight, on All Hallows’ Eve, as the veil between the dimensions is at its thinnest,” Mogs said. “And they want to eradicate mew in your world, and then mew will never come to our aid at Mogwarts to stop this event from happening.”

I hissed, as I was now really fluffed off. “Mew mean those necromancers think they can come here, to my home turf and start a fluffing war, and we won’t retaliate!”

Pandora’s paws began to glow bright red. “Basil, something isn’t right.”

I spun to look at the monitors, but then I felt it. A cold, tickly dread dancing all over my hackles and the bunker A.I. said in her robotic voice, “Bunker Breach on level seven. The secret service chute and elevator up to ground level has been breached.”

“Cameras live on monitors one, two, and three,” Humphrey said.

We all turned and stared at the screens, and my heart sank.


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Guys, mew know how we roll, so many apologies to cut it right there, but we will say, OH MY COD, it's really heating up at BBHQ, can we take the pressure???? MOL

If mew would like to read Chapter 5, let us know in the comments, as OH MY CAT, this is getting crazier by the second!  If mew want to keep seeing where it goes, we'll gladly continue a chapter a week, but that is up to mew.

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