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Claws of Terror is an action-packed and immersive adventure that takes mew on a journey through a world of danger and excitement. With vivid and detailed descriptions of the intense battles and spine-tingling encounters, the story draws mew in, making mew feel as though mew are right there with The B Team, fighting for survival.


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Chapter Eight

Fluff Me, I Never Saw That Coming

Sometimes mew never know what’s coming next, and that’s why the bunker is filled with everything for every situation. But sometimes no amount of preparation can prepare mew for revelations that mew had no idea were coming.

          The drone whizzed through the dense swirling mist, straight through the lichgate and into the churchyard.

Amber had given Vera control of the laser and instructed the A.I. to keep firing at the raptors so they’d keep chasing.

Snowie, Pandora, Melvyn, Amber, Miss Warts and Mogs stared at the monitors, watching as drone ten repeatedly fired the laser weapon at the pack of Red Wings Raptors and drone six live streaming from a lower side view as it kept pace with the ravening horde.

Drone ten flew through the lichgate seconds ahead of the rampaging raptors and drone six hovered, giving a view of both sides of the church gate.

The raptors, incensed and angered by the laser charged through the gate and hurtled up the path towards the church doors.

“Nothing’s happening,” Amber spat angrily. “I was hoping to see them explode or at the very least burst into flames!”

Pandora hissed and added, “Me too. I was certain something would happen.”

“Wait,” Miss Warts said. “Look, the one nearest the church door, something is happening.”

“Oh my fluff!” Mogs breathed, and before he could utter another sound, the raptor glowed red and burst like a wet bag of custard, spraying the church door and walls in organic matter.

It was like a chain reaction, as every raptor exploded and splattered all over the churchyard.

“WOW!” Melvyn said in awe. “I didn’t expect that!”

“Me either,” Snowie agreed.

“HA!” Amber said triumphantly. “I knew it would work.”

“Hang on a minute,” Miss Warts suddenly interrupted. “Did it actually kill them, or just rid the robot of its outer organic layer?”

They all stared intently at the monitors as drone six zoomed in.


          Funghorn Furkle stood hidden in the shadow of a large oak by the church wall. He’d watched his robotic pet raptors run onto the hallowed ground and subsequently explode.

“Curses!” he lisped angrily and whipped out a crystal-tipped wand from the inside of his billowing robe. “Desecar Ruinete!” he bellowed and pointed the wand at drone ten; a bolt of white lightning hit the drone and it plummeted to the ground and smashed into pieces. He did the same at drone six but the lightning bolt missed it by a gnats whisker and the drone sped off into the night.

“Curses!” he growled again and stomped towards the church wall and peered over at his inert pets, who were still laying dormant where they’d fallen. Pointing his wand at the nearest one, he barked, “Riso organimi automachi!” The wand shot out a bolt of pure red light, but it fizzled out just on the other side of the wall, not even making close to the fallen raptor. Stomping even more angrily, he went to step through the lichgate, his foot landing heavily on the hallowed ground, and he screamed as his foot burst into flames and his robe caught fire. 


          On Level Two, Humphrey’s lab was full. He was busy grabbing things off shelves and out of boxes until finally he dumped everything on his workbench as we all stood around and watched him fiddle with a rainbow array of coloured wires and stuff them into a black box followed by a crystal battery, several terminals and a rather sophisticated circuit board with numerous computer chips in all the colours of the spectrum.

He harrumphed a few times and moved the wires around, soldering them to the circuit board, and matching the wires to the coloured computer chips. Watching him was quite mesmerising, and I let everyone oh and ahhh over his impressively epic skills.

Touching my comms unit, I said. “Snowie, is it all quite on Level One?”

“Basil,” she replied a few seconds later, and I listened as she told me of the churchyard incident.

“So have the raptors reanimated?”

“Not yet,” she answered. “But the necromancer tried to revive them, but he couldn’t step on hallowed ground either, and his foot burst into flames. He thought drone six had gone, but Vera activated the cloaking device, so he didn’t know we were still watching, and Basil, when I say it was hilarious, it was fluffing HILARIOUS!”

Amber said, trying to choke back the laughter, “Basil, we’ve got the making of a viral meme on our paws and when this over the world will see!”

“Basil,” Pandora spoke next. “Did mew know Melvyn has Magi abilities?”

My brain froze for a moment as I took in Pandora’s question. I looked around Humphrey’s lab and everyone had stopped what they were doing, turned and were looking at me. Obviously, we’re all on the same comms channel, so of course, they were all listening to the conversation.

“What?” I replied.

“Melvyn is a Magi!” Pandora repeated in her odd little foreign accent. “Did mew know?”

I stood, shaking my head in bewilderment, and said. “No, I had no clue,” making eye contact with Bomber, the huge Maine Coon, I asked. “Bomber, did mew know Melvyn possessed such abilities?”

The M-Unit shot each other sideways glances and Bomber said. “We suspected, but had no evidence of any superpowers.”

“Though in one timeline, we did get intel that he was the most powerful Magi kitten ever born on that particular world,” Ice added. “But he was long gone from that realm when we arrived and we thought he was dead.”

“But the timeline we rescued him from was a non-magical realm,” Smoke mused. “So there was no need for us to think he was of a magical lineage.”

“So why did mew suspect something?” I asked.

“Because,” Shadow replied. “Just before mew arrived in 2033 at the designated time-space coordinates. We had just rescued Melvyn from a necromancer.”

“And the only way a necromancer would be interested in a kitten,” Bomber continued. “Was if that kitten was special!”

“Pandora, is Melvyn on comms?” I asked.

“No,” she replied.

“Ask him if the timeline we rescued him from was his actual birth world,” I said.

Mew could have heard a pin drop while we heard Pandora ask the kitten.

Though I couldn’t actually see Melvyn, I could imagine that his eyes were as big as saucers as terror flooded through his veins as we’d just put another piece into our very perplexing jigsaw puzzle.

His voice was strained, and wobbly as he said. “No, I was born elsewhere.”

He confirmed my suspicions; I turned to the M-Unit and said. “Does that mean that every timeline mew visited to rescue Melvyn, and he was gone, that he’d jumped into a new timeline?”

Bomber looked confused, as did the rest of his team. “Mew mean that there was only ever one Melvyn, and he kept jumping from world to world?”

“Yes, that’s exactly what I mean,” I answered. “Pandora ask Melvyn if that’s what happened.”

We listened and waited, and finally, Melvyn’s squeaky little voice crackled over the comms channel. “Uncle Basil is correct.”

 “Melvyn, come here,” Pandora said softly. And I heard the sounds of sobbing.

Staring at my team and the M-Unit, I shook my head in disbelief. “What has my poor nephew been through to get here?” I felt sick to my stomach as I thought about little Melvyn fleeing for his life across multiple dimensions and timelines just to survive.

Humphrey put a paw on my shoulder. “Basil, we couldn’t have known,” he said comfortingly. “Mew can’t blame yourself for something mew didn’t know about.”

“I know,” I growled angrily. “But he’s so little, and has been through so much, and he hasn’t even told us!”

Fudge stepped forward. “Basil, if we had known about him and his plight, we would have moved heaven and earth to get him, mew know that.”

“I know,” I conceded, giving Fudge a half smile, then added. “And how did he even do it?”

Pandora spoke. “Basil, Melvyn says he has an amulet which opens dimensional portals, his father gave it to him.”

Closing my eyes tight shut, I let out a tremendous sigh, before saying. “And this is why another necromancer is here. He wants Melvyn as a sacrifice for Crimsona Ubel.” I paused, putting the pieces together in my mind. “He is going to be the last sacrifice to complete her power restoration and return to the mortal plane.”

Posie, who’d been rather quiet for the last several minutes, blurted. “Basil, that is not going to happen.”

Humphrey broke the ensuing silence. “Dudes, the transfer box is ready. Let’s see if it can download the info off the data crystal.”

He was just about to place the clear cube into the slot when the bunker A.I. alarm sounded and the bunker lighting changed to an ominous shade of red.

“BBHQ Perimeter Alarm Activated,” Vera’s robotic voice rang out across the tannoy system. “T-Rexs are trying to find a weakness in the invisi-dome.”

The siren was deafening. “Vera, turn off the siren please,” I yelled. “And return normal lighting parameters.”

The alarm ceased, and the normal lighting was re-activated. “Vera, how long have we got until the T-Rexs break through the shield?” I asked.

“Approximately ten minutes until full energy drain, as they appear to be siphoning the voltage and increasing their own power.”

“What the fluff?” Parsley blurted. “Mew mean those things are draining our power and getting stronger?”

“Affirmative,” Vera answered.

“Basil dude, this ain’t good, and it means that we can’t use any blasters or energy weapons on them,” Parsley added.

Fudge looked worried, as did Smooch. “Where’s Posie?” I asked, suddenly noticing she wasn’t in the room.

Her ghostly head poked through the wall, and she hissed. “Shufflers have breached the stairwell and are headed up to level three, mew’ve got about thirty seconds to get up to level one and barricade the stairwell before we’re overrun!”


Claws of Terror ©BionicBasil® Halloween Adventure - Divider

Guys, mew know how we roll, so many apologies to cut it right there, but we will say, OH MY COD, it's really getting out of control at BBHQ, can we take the pressure???? MOL 

Who knew what poor little Melvyn had been through? And how the fluff did he manage to stay alive?


Will Humnphrey's new device read the data crystal? And will we get any clues on how to defeat the T-Rexs, shufflers or necromancers?

Fluffing fluff, who'd have thought we'd be in a situation like this?

If mew would like to read Chapter 9, let us know in the comments, and we'll share that on January 2nd 2024, as next week Tuesday is Boxing Day and mew know we have to share Boxing Day Special. Sorry about that! 

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