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Claws of Terror is an action-packed and immersive adventure that takes mew on a journey through a world of danger and excitement. With vivid and detailed descriptions of the intense battles and spine-tingling encounters, the story draws mew in, making mew feel as though mew are right there with The B Team, fighting for survival.


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Chapter Six

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Chapter Seven

Things Just got Really Real

Sometimes I wonder what the fluff is going off, how the fluff do we even get into these situations? And I’ve come to the conclusion that there are some species who just live for drama and upset.

          We all waited with eager anticipation for the big revelation of how to exterminate the zombie cats when the tapping suddenly stopped, and our prisoner shrieked in pain and then promptly exploded all over BD1.

“What the fluff!” I yelled. “Parsley, what happened?”

Parsley stared wide-eyed at the splatter and ichor now covering BD1’s viewing windows and shrugged in total perplexment. “Basil, I have no idea,” he replied, looking at me and then back at the dripping windows.

“Did mew manage to get the rest of the message?” Humphrey blurted.

Smooch waved a paw for us all to be quiet as Parsley replayed the last tapping sequence in his mind. His eyes squeezed tight as he tapped the air with his paw several times, repeating the final sequence.

The only way to kill it is…” he began, and then added. “He spelt out necromancer, and that was the last word… before it exploded.”

Bomber, Shadow, Ice and Smoke were in a huddle and seemed to be getting rather animated. Smooch nudged Fudge, who nudged me and said, “Dude, I think they know something.”

Turning to look at the M-Unit, Ice spotted me and gave me a, ‘give us second, kind of wave.’ I nodded and said to Parsley, Smooch, Fudge and Humphrey, “Dudes, this situation is just getting way, way out there, nothing makes sense, and Bomber started to tell me that this has something to do with Melvyn too, but then we got diverted by the morse code.”

“How can this have anything to do with Melvyn?” Humphrey questioned. “He’s only a kitten, look I know there’s a lot mew haven’t told us, but how can a little, cute kitten be part of the reason for this kind of attack?”

“Yeah!” Fudge said. “I thought this was all to do with Mogwarts and the evil fluffing Crimsona?”

“Me too,” Smooch nodded.

“And me!” Parsley added.

We stood thinking about all the pieces of the jigsaw that we’d got so far, and nothing seemed to make any sense. I was just about to chuck a completely absurd theory out there when the M-Unit approached (luckily for me, as it was complete rubbish!), and Bomber said. “Commander Basil, to finish our conversation from a few minutes ago. Melvyn is part of this situation,” he paused and sighed, as if not knowing how to spill the tea, and then he said. “Now I know mew think that his survival is tied with the future and it is, but remember me and my team come from much further into the future and we have some, not all records of events from different timelines,” he sighed heavily. “And this is one of those events.”

“I’m sorry, but mew’re speaking double-fluffing Klingon,” Fudge interrupted. “Can mew tell us in tres simples engleesh please.”

Shadow put a paw and his brother’s shoulder and said quietly. “Let me try.”

Bomber nodded, and Shadow said. “Melvyn is the key to the future of everything. In every timeline he was killed, that world essentially died.”

We all gasped in horror.

“Once Melvyn was gone, each world and its society broke down and in less than a decade, those worlds were dead,” Shadow explained. “We know this as a few times our interdimensional time travelling pod landed in these timelines when were looking for Melvyn, and sometimes we were too late by a decade or two and we discovered all that was left were dead planets.”

“Jumpin’ juniper berries!” I hissed. “Mew didn’t tell me that!”

“Commander Basil,” Ice, the pure white cat spoke. “There is much we haven’t told mew, there hasn’t been time as Shadow and myself were recovering from our injuries, and Bomber and Smoke have been trying to adapt your tech so we use our data crystals to keep track of all the timelines,” he took a breath. “But unfortunately, we haven’t managed to make any of your technology work with it yet.”

“What’s a data crystal?” Smooch asked.

Smoke pulled a small clear cube from a pocket in his armour. “This is a data cube,” he said. Humphrey leaned in closely and held out his paw.

Smoke added. “We each have one, and apart from our armour and a few weapons, this is all we have left from Melvyn’s rescue when Commander Basil met us in 2033. We lost everything, including our pod.”

“If it wasn’t for Commander Basil,” Bomber said. “We’d all be dead.”

Fudge patted the bigger cat gently on his shoulder and said. “Basil would have never let that happen!”

“We know,” Bomber replied, and his team nodded. “As we have quite a bit of intel about The B Team.”

A lot of eyebrows raised and Smooch murmured, “I hope they don’t know about the tank incident or the…”

Ice laughed. “Smooch, mew have no idea!”

Smoke grinned and added. “We loved it when mew guys accidentally blew up Tower Bridge.”

We all looked at one another, and I said. “We haven’t blown up Tower Bridge!”

“Not yet,” Shadow laughed. “But mew will!”

“Dudes, don’t say anymore, as our future isn’t written yet,” I answered, not wanting to cause a paradoxical cluster-fluff. “I get that mew know stuff about us which we don’t even know, but let’s keep it that way, ok?”

The M-Unit nodded, and Humphrey, now holding the data crystal, said. “I think I have something that may work with this in my lab, and maybe we can find out if there’s anything on there which would help us with this situation.”

“What about that?” Fudge pointed at BD1. “We can’t leave it like that.”

Parsley pushed the decontamination button on the control panel, and BD1 began a self-cleaning cycle. “Rest in peace zombie cat. We’re sorry that this happened to mew and we couldn’t help.”

We all saluted the innocent victim before heading off along the corridor towards Humphrey’s lab.

As we turned the corner, Posie suddenly popped up through the floor in her ghostly form. Tapping her EMD (Earth Me Device), she became solid.

“Basil, we’ve got huge problems!” she declared. “The zombie cats have managed to get onto level four through the secret passage leading to your office.”

“That means they could be here any minute!” I snarled, drawing my weapons.


          Melvyn and Pandora sat in the boardroom with Miss Warts and Mogs. Pandora had made catnip tea. She called through to the Control Room to Amber and Snowie. “Do mew want any catnip tea?”

“Yes please,” Amber replied. “And are there any of those delicious catnip cookies, the ones with the catnip frosting on top?”

Pandora laughed, “Amber, mew know there are always the catnip cookies with frosting on!”

She carried a tray through to the Control Room and placed it on Snowie’s comms desk.

Snowie was staring at the array of monitors, which covered most of the wall space in the circular room and was focused on monitor seven. “Something is not right,” she murmured, tapping on her keyboard.

Amber followed Snowie’s gaze and looked at monitor seven. “Vera,” she said. “Zoom in on drone ten.” The mist was even thicker as it swirled in mesmerising circles.

Vera replied in her odd, robotic voice. “Zooming in.”

Pandora peered closely and then gasped. “Is that the pub?”

“Yes,” Vera answered.

They watched as the pack of Red Wing Raptors took turns in charging at the door.

“They’ll be through that in seconds,” Amber hissed angrily. “Vera, is drone ten weaponised?”

The bunker A.I. was silent for a few seconds before saying. “It is weaponised with a laser blaster.”

Amber ran to Humphrey’s station and looked at the complicated array of buttons, levers and joysticks. “What the fluff does Humphrey even do here!” she mumbled as she looked at all the joysticks and then saw the one marked drone ten. Grabbing it, she looked at monitor seven. “Let’s see what those fluffers think about this!”

Aiming the drone downwards, the targeting system was activated, and the evil red raptors were in the kill zone. She pressed the firing mechanism. A thin blue ray shot down and hit one of the raptors; it screeched, turning and looking upwards straight at the drone.

Amber fired again and again, blasting the muther-fluffing fluff out of the raptors, who stopped trying to smash the door in and turned their attention to the drone.

“Vera, can mew fly this thing and lure those creatures back towards the church?”

“Affirmative,” Vera replied.

Snowie said. “Amber, what are mew doing?”

“It’s just a theory,” Amber answered. “But if they are demonic, with demonic essence, from my readings in the library, the hypothesis is that most demonic entities don’t fare so well on hallowed ground, so I thought I’d test the theory with these fluffers.”

“But they are robots underneath,” Pandora said.

“Yes, I know, but I still want to see what happens when they step foot on holy ground,” Amber insisted, as she pulled the trigger on the joystick and blasted them a few more times to keep them interested in the chase.

“Well, this is going to be interesting,” Snowie mused as she instructed Vera to send drone six to watch from a different angle.

Miss Warts and Mogs quietly sipped their tea with Melvyn, as they sat in a comfortable silence. Melvyn could tell that the pair were conferring telepathically, and finally, he asked. “What’s it like to be bonded?”

They both stopped sipping and looked at him.

“Look, I know I’m just a kitten, and shouldn’t really know very much,” he said. “But I’ve seen and learnt stuff in my short time that mew wouldn’t believe!”

Miss Warts smiled at him. “Melvyn, we don’t doubt that you know more at your tender age than you should, and it’s a testament to you that you are so smart.”

Moggs nodded. “For one as young as mew to have survived what mew have, is truly amazing.”

Miss Warts continued. “It is very nice to have a bonded soul cat,” she looked at Moggs and stroked him gently. “I would be lost without Mogs.”

Moggs added. “I would be also lost without my mistress.”

They conferred silently again, and Miss Warts said quietly. “Melvyn, you are in great danger, and I feel that the necromancer who has come through the rift knows of your existence.”

“He is from a future world and one that knows of your importance to the light,” Moggs said. “He is also the one who created the original purrminators sent to destroy mew.”

Pandora appeared in the doorway.

She bristled as she said. “Did mew know this before mew came here?”

“No,” Miss Warts said quietly. “It wasn’t until Melvyn was introduced to us that we realised the significance of this timeline.”

Pandora moved towards the table. “So mew have in fact led this circus straight to our door, and Melvyn?”

“Unwittingly, yes,” Miss Warts conceded with shame. “If we had known that Commander Basil’s great, great, great etc… nephew was here, we would have never come, and stayed in our own dimension and battled the evil there while we waited for Commander Basil to arrive.”

Pandora hissed angrily. “So now we’ve got a necromancer who is aware of Melvyn’s importance for the survival of this realm, and mew’ve put our entire world in danger?”

“Accidentally,” Mogs answered apologetically.

Amber and Snowie had heard the raised voices and were listening just outside the door.

“What?” Amber roared, storming into the room.

Snowie, right behind her, put a soothing paw on Amber’s arm and said. “Be calm Amber, they couldn’t have known that Melvyn was here, as Basil made certain that no one knew, not even the P.A. knows he’s here.”

Amber let out an angry huff. “But he’s so little and defenceless,” she sighed, then looked at the kitten and added. “No offence little dude, but mew are.”

Melvyn bristled, his citrine eyes wide and defiant, but he nodded. “I know I’m only little, but I can still fight!”

Pandora looked at him, her gaze penetrating deep into his soul. “Melvyn, do mew have powers?” she asked in her odd little foreign accent. “I can sense something different about mew. What’s going off?”

Looking a little sheepish, Melvyn answered. “My father was a full Magi. My mother, a descendant of Basil, had no powers.”

“Well, fluff me!” Snowie exclaimed.

“Me too!” Amber agreed.

“I didn’t see that one coming!” Pandora murmured.

Miss Warts and Mogs looked equally shocked.

“If your father was a full Magi,” Miss Warts said thoughtfully. “That means that you will have inherited all of his powers if he is no longer in an earthly realm.”

Melvyn nodded. “I did,” he answered shyly. “But I keep my powers cloaked so that they are undetectable.”

“No wonder they are after your light. The patriarchy of the Magi is a mighty lineage,” Mogs said, most reverently. “And under other circumstances, my mistress and I would be inviting mew to Mogwarts to help mew train your abilities to the utmost.”

Miss Warts agreed. “Yes indeed, it would have been a privilege to have you at Mogwarts.”

Pandora placed her paw on Melvyn’s paw and said. “Melvyn, mew and I are part of the same lineage. I am an Ethereal Magi and harness the powers of all the elements.”

He smiled at her and said, “My father spoke of mew when I was first born and told me that one day, mew would be my Magi Mentor.”

Pandora looked shocked.

“He said, mew were the last Ethereal Magi,” Melvyn said, seeing Pandora’s confusion. “My father had the gift of sight, into the future and also the past. He was the most powerful in our timeline. He saw things and told me, even though I was but a mere newborn, I remember everything he said, though now I think he used magic to make sure I never forgot.”

Pandora picked the tabby kitten up and gave him a hug, “Mew are with family now, little dude.”

Melvyn wrapped his paws around Pandora’s thick ruff and purred as he snuggled into her arms.

Amber was just about to speak when the bunker A.I. said. “Fifteen seconds to holy ground breach.”

They all ran into the Control Room just in time to see the Red Wing Raptors chase the drone into the churchyard.


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Guys, mew know how we roll. So many apologies to cut it right there, but we will say, OH MY COD, the pressure's building beyond control!


Fluff me, we didn't see that coming with the zombie-splosion, and what about the raptors on hallowed ground? Who knows what might happen!

Seriously guys, this is our most complicated mission yet, and who knew that young Melvyn was so impawtant, jeez, I think we're going to need bigger guns!

If mew would like to read Chapter 8, let us know in the comments, as OH MY CAT, this is getting wilder by the second!  Remember, this story is for mew, and mew decide if it continues.

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