Monday, 25 June 2018

Welcome To Our Furst Gardening with Cats! And What could be more fun than growing your own greens?

Welcome to

WOO HOO  Pawesome Pals


As mew know we really love our garden and do spend rather a lot of time outside, weather purrmitting and a lot of that time is spent snoopervising the P.A. as she completes the tick list/job sheet we purrpare fur her! MOL  Yes it's true, she'd be absolutely lost without our expert gardening guidance, if it was left to her we'd just have a totally jungly wilderness.

Though she is rather good at carrying out the weekly tasks, and Amber has a couple of shelves just fur gardening books in the library, so she's our onsite knowledge base, if mew have a gardening purroblem, Amber can solve it fur sure!

So what is Gardening with Cats? we hear mew ask.

Well, we're going to show mew how to grow things from scratch, how to take care of your plants and generally have some fun.  And it doesn't matter if mew live on a 100 acre farm or in an apartment in the city with no garden whatsoeffur; what we do here, mew can do at home too, that's what Gardening with Cats is all about, if we can do it, so can mew.

And today we're going to show mew how to grow your own greens, it's furry simple and within a week to 10 days mew too could have some delectable nibbles to help aid your digestion and help with those pesky furballs too.

How to Grow Your Greens aka Cat Grass

What Mew Will Need:

Organic Compost
Suitable Plant Pots + A Dish
A Sunny Window Sill

Optional - gloves fur handling compost

We bought our seeds from our local garden centre, and they cost about £1.49 fur a packet

Take your chosen pots - we used some of the P.A.'s old Bonsai pots which have a flat dish to sit on, purrfect fur when mew're watering.

So furstly fill your pots with the compost and firm.

Sprinkle some seeds on the top.

Cover the seeds with another layer of compost and firm again.

Water well, and we find the best way to water at this stage so mew don't disturb the seeds is with a squirt bottle on the mist setting.

See, it doesn't disturb the soil or the seeds.

Once thoroughly wet like below...

...wrap the clingfilm offur the pots.

Then place in a sunny windowsill.  Use your squirt bottle to water daily; lift the clingfilm, spray with water and then replace to keep the warmth and moisture in so the seeds germinate.

On about day 3 to 4, mew should start to see the seedlings appearing, leave the clingfilm in place until the shoots are touching it, then remove and below is what it looks like on day 6.  

TOP TIP: Try to keep the soil moist at all times.

This is what it looks like on day 7, as mew can see it grows so quickly, oh and don't furget to turn your pots around otherwise your cat grass will lean towards to light instead of growing straight up.
Day 9 and we're good to nom!

Or mew could just watch the video...

Fudge loves cat grass as does Amber, though Fudge only likes to eat the tips, ah must be the best part! MOL

As mew can see it's supurr duper easy to grow your own greens, no skillz at all are required, the only thing is: just remember to water! MOL

We have about 4 pots in various stages of growing/growth so we have a constant supply of fresh greens.

Don't furget to water your cat grass daily and if it becomes too leggy and lackluster just give it a quick trim with some scissors to encourage new growth.

If mew set a new pot every seven days, then mew'll constantly have a supurr, fresh supply of healthy greens year round.

Well that sadly brings us to the end of our furry furst Gardening with Cats, we do hope mew enjoyed it and do let us know if mew decide to grow your own.  And next time we're going to show mew how to pot up some flowers fur a really purretty summer display.

We'll be back on Wednesday with another new post called '8 Things About...' so we do hope mew can join us again. Oh and there's a new puzzle on the 'Puzzle Page' of Fudge to keep mew entertained in the meantime... 

Until then

Bestest green-pawed purrs

Basil & The B Team xox

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Saturday, 23 June 2018

WHAT'S IN THE BOX? on In The Spotlight ~ Product Review featuring Hey Diddle Diddle Cat Food

Welcome to

Wunderpurr greetings fabulous furriends

Today we're sharing one of our *sponsored posts with mew from the fabulous peeps at...

image @HeyDiddleDiddle

... who emailed us a while back and asked if we'd like to try some of their amazing cat food, and how could we say no to that!!!

So let's show mew what was in the box.

But seriously, this is what was in the box

What Happened Next:  

Our closing thoughts

We love that Hey Diddle Diddle only use top quality ingredients, hooman -grade, mew can find out more here on their FAQ page.

Mew know that we only like top quality nosh which is free from all additives and other things here, and Hey Diddle Diddle tick all the boxes fur a top, primo food but without the primo price.  One box of 12 pouches is £4.00, when you put that next to other mainstream cat food pouches, it's the same price but fur top quality and top nutrition, and what kitty doesn't want that?!

There are 3 different boxes of wet food [12 pouches per box] which mew can choose from with 4 different flavours in each, that's 36 different taste sensations altogether to get your taste buds tingling and your fluffy tummy full.  Some are in jelly and some are in gravy or a light sauce, it really is a gourmet buffet fur all mew kitty food connoisseurs visiting today.

We really enjoyed all the different flavours and will definitely be putting an order in for more.

We're giving Hey Diddle Diddle Cat Food:

10/10 fur presentation
10/10 fur taste and texture
10/10 fur plate appeal - yes it looked yummy before it vanished into our tummy's
10/10 fur a total foodie experience

Top marks guys fur a fantastic product!

We would like to say a special thanks to the pawesome peeps at Hey Diddle Diddle fur giving us the oppurtunity to try out their supurr tasty cat food ~ THANK MEW FURRY MUCH!

Visit Hey Diddle Diddle online:

Many thanks fur joining us today and we'll be back early next week with our new summer programming schedule... finally... sorry about the wait! MOL 

Bestest purrs

Basil & The B Team xox

*FYI: Even though we were given this item/s free of charge for a review, our review is completely honest and reflects our own experience with the product/s

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Thursday, 21 June 2018




And it's Fudge's Birthday today too, so come on in and join in the fun!

Earlier in the day...

We got all paws on deck decorating the garden, which was snoopervised by our resident Feline fashionista aka Pandora... 

Then Smooch decided to join me under the gazebo... where we had a deep and meaningful discussion on whether we needed any more red balloons or more blue balloons, which thoroughly wore us out and then we needed to another take a quick nap! 

Though a short while later, it all started to come together...
Then we got a couple of vintage vehicles out of storage from level 12 in the bunker, and next to arrive was the atlas crane sent by the P.A.'s brother fur bungee jumping.  It hadn't been parked fur more than a minute when Smooch just had to get all offur it, what a total heathen and Fudge couldn't wait fur his turn! [OMC, I can see this is going to get rapidly out of control! MOL]

Pandora really loved the vintage car and got dressed appropriately fur a sedate drive around Mewton-Clawson with our guests when they arrive shortly.  So anypurrdy that wants to go 'Driving with Miss Dora'  do shout up, as I think she'll be quite in demand this evening!

Plus, fantastic news; Angels Humphrey, Snowie and Posie turned up just as we'd got set up on the lawn, ready to pawty hard and get their wildz on.

The lights came on as it got darker just as our fab furriends began to arrive from all offur the wurld...
Doesn't it look purretty?

 *    *    *

So pawesome pals grab a hat, we've already got ours! MOL

Get some cake!
The Nip Bar is OPEN!
Have a drink! 


Who want's to go Tank Driving?

Don't panic guys, I've not touched a drop of Smooch's lethal Mindbender nip cocktail, so I'll be your designated tank driver tonight, all-a-board fur oodles and oodles of fun, and don't tell the P.A. but we might go blow some stuff up, just because we can! MOL 

Also we're offuring a 'one time only guided tour' of our secret bunker, though we did start pawtying in there earlier aftur our epic angel fursibs arrived, sorry about the mess - OOPS - if mew're feeling a bit peckish Humphrey can whip mew something up in his lab, yes, it doubles up as his purrsonal kitchen when he pops in to visit and he invented an A.I. replicator that can make anything mew want; so fur all those that want oodles of bacon with their bacon butties, bacon pies and bacon burgers mew are definitely in the right place and put your paw in the air so he can fulfill that bacon, with bacon, with extra bacon on the side with bacon sprinkles on top order just fur mew!

Oh just a quick warning during the tour, if mew feel an uncontrollable urge to push any RED BUTTONS that are clearly marked DO NOT PUSH - purrlease heed the warning as we don't want the dragon to escape again, or anything else fur that matter! MOL

And don't wurry about the kraken either, K.D. aka Kraken-Dude is on level 8 with Horice in the Bio-sphere, so unfortunately we'll be missing out on that level due to health and safety protocols as K.D.'s lessons in 'A Krakens Guide To Adapting To The 21st Century' are going a wee bit sloooooooow and he hasn't quite grasped that he can't just randomly eat people wheneffur he feels like it. 

Help yourselves to nibbles!

Get some pudding!


And our fab insta pals Oz, bean and Winston are here to ENTERTAIN US!!!


Go check out and follow their fab insta page, these guys are just epic!

Now onto the Give-Away

The give-way is open wurld-wide** as usual, and all mew have to do is leave a comment below.  We'll do the video draw fur the winner next Thursday at 5pm, so mew have until then to enter and we'll post the winner on next Fridays Pet Parade!

And what's the prize, we hear mew ask?

Well, as all our pawesome regulars know, our give-aways are epically epic and we like to surprise mew with a goodie bag filled with delightful things fur mew and your hooman, so it's a win win fur effuryone. 

[**Unless mew're in one of those countries that aren't allowed to join in. Mew know who mew are!]


We do hope mew all have an EPIC time at the pawty, and if mew need to chill we have allocated the Crystal Room as the zen-zone, so mew can have a snooze, take five or just crash out.

We were going to share our birthday cards from our fab pals too but we're going to do another post next week to showcase them so they have the spotlight they deserve, and thank mew so much to all our fab pals fur sending us them.

Thanks effur so much fur coming to the pawty

Luffs mew all loads

Basil and The B Team

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