Wednesday, 27 January 2021

Welcome to Our Mid-Week News Round-Up and Hot Gossip on The Pet Parade & Today's Headlines are ~ Filing With Fudge, Queues On The Staircase and Smooch Is On Pawtrol - Bully Free Zone PLUS **SHOCK HORROR** Pandora's In A Box

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Happy Wednesdays fluffies

Welcome to our mid-week news round-up and our furst story this week is...

Filing with Fudge 

Our ginger ninja decided that he wanted to be an office cat this week, as he's thinking about signing up at a temping agency to get a bit of extra cash. Therefore he needed some office experience for his C.V./Resume and insisted he assist the P.A. with some filing and other light duties in the BBHQ blogging office, and as mew can see from the photo he was an enormous help! MOL

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The P.A. said that his invoice for 5 bags of Dreamies was utterly exorbitant for the amount of wurk he did, as he spent most of the time sitting or napping in the drawer.

He said reflecting upon his day, "It wasn't what I expected but the pay was good."
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Next up in the news this week...

Queues On The Staircase

There were severe traffic delays and backlogs on the staircase on Monday morning.

And as mew can see from Parsley's expression he was getting rather hissed off as he was desperate for his post-breakfast nap in the dressing room. Melvyn on the other paw was taking it rather calmly.

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Aftur further investigation, it would appear that Amber was holding everypawdy to ransom from her basket on the landing and demanding a toll fee to pass, which could be paid in cash or her preferred currency, Amazon gift cards.

Her latest venture netted, £15.27 in cash, 2 bags of Dreamies (from Fudge) and 4 amazon gift cards totalling £35.00.

When interviewed about her latest book scam fundraiser, she said she was delighted at the pawsitive response from other B Team memfurs (we did ask for individual comments but sadly can't repeat any of them) and that she looks forward most eagerly to extorting more money receiving more generous donations from them soon as she's installed her new toll barrier at the top of the stairs, which requires a passcard to open and said passcard will incur a recurring monthly fee.

It would appear that Amber has finally come up with a solution to fund her book buying addiction. And the moral of this little story is; mew're never too old to come up with a con great money-making idea.


A small riot broke out on the staircase and a picket line is now in situ, preventing the installation of the new toll barrier as appurrently BBHQ residents are not happy with Amber's new proposal, her reply was: It's natural progression and they should get with the program, which then incited further rioting. 

More on this story as it happens.

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Last up in the news this week at BBHQ...

Smooch Is On Pawtrol - Bully Free Zone

Smooch spent his time yesterday in the garden on pawtrol, as the Mewton-Clawson Village Watch sent a newsletter out saying that there was a rather large hawk about, and it was picking on the smaller birds in gardens around the village.

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He said, "I'm not having that in our garden, our garden is a safe-zone so if any hawks are hassling and bullying anyone, they've got me to answer to." And he was most vehement about it, adding. "It's what Basil would do!"

So there mew have it, BBHQ does not allow bullying and any attempts at bullying will result in Smooch taking extreme action and trust me when I say this, last time Smooch took extreme action he's a supurr scary dude but obviously, I can't talk about it as it's classified.

Though if mew've read any of our B Team Adventures, mew'll have a purretty good idea of what I'm talking about.

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**SHOCK HORROR** Pandora's In A Box

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Now mew may not know this about Pandora, but she's a rather purrculier cat; she doesn't like treats, or catnip, valerian, even silver vine.  She's not much of a lap cat either, she tolerates a small amount of brushing and she really doesn't play with anything unless the P.A. has one of the wand toys out.  

We're not saying she's boring or anything, she knows what she likes and doesn't like, and there is no comprising, so to see her in a box doesn't happen very often, even in our Boxing Day post, there was no sign of Pandora in one.

So we're thrilled today to be able to show mew this, and she sat there for a whole 2 minutes. #anewworldrecord

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If mew've missed any of the posts offur the last week, here are the catch-up links:

Amber will be here on Friday with another fun book she can't wait to share with mew, so do stop by the library; tea and nip cookies will be served and we hope to see mew then. 

Epic purrs

Wing Commander Basil The B Team

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