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National Black Cat Day with Parsley Sauce ~ Top 13 Reasons To Adopt A Black Cat

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   National Black Cat Day 

Today we're celebrating all house panthers, house panfurs, mini panfurs, aka all black cats and if mew love black cats as much as we do, don't furget that our wunderpurr blogging pal Layla Morgan-Wilde at www.catwisdom101.com wrote a truly pawesome book a couple of years ago very aptly called,


Amber reviewed it here, so do check that out as Parsley is featured in it too #soepic

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Anyhoo, black cats have a real bad rap at shelters and are notoriously hard to find forever families and homes for.  We find this completely absurd, let us tell mew why we think mew need to adopt a black cat today.

Top 13 Reasons To Adopt A Black Cat

Black cats are lucky, and who doesn't want more luck in their lives.

Black is always in fashion, it's a classic and so chic, Coco Chanel says so.

Black cat fur doesn't show up so much on your clothes, well only if mew like wearing white all the time! MOL

Black cats are like mini panthers, and who doesn't want a real panther.

Black cats are mysterious, and what's not to love about a bit of mystery.

Black cats are epically cool, just look at Parsley & Angel Humphrey. 

Black cats are just like any other cat, except they're black.

Black cats and Halloween are the most purrfect combination.

Black cats make mew look slimmer, especially when holding one in a photo.

Black cats are expert ambush hunters with their nocturnal, inbuilt cloaking device.

Black cats are easily located in snow.

Black cats have the most amazing eyes.

Black cats are just fluffing epic, get one! 

So there mew have it, 13 epically epic reasons to adopt a black cat.

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If mew're in the U.K. check out www.catchat.org to find your local shelter, and if mew visit any local shelters, a couple of questions always to ask:

 Who's been there the longest?


Has anypawdy been repeatedly returned? 

This way mew get to meet the most needy cats who are desperately seeking their soulmate, and who knows mew could be the one they've been waiting for.

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 BBHQ's Epic Panfurs 

Parsley Sauce & Angel Humphrey

National Black Cat Day ©BionicBasil® Parsley

National Black Cat Day ©BionicBasil® Angel Humphrey

National Black Cat Day ©BionicBasil® Parsley

National Black Cat Day ©BionicBasil® Angel Humphrey

National Black Cat Day ©BionicBasil® Parsley

National Black Cat Day ©BionicBasil® Angel Humphrey

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We were asked if we could share a link to: www.wirefence.co.uk/national-black-cat-day-donation, as they are collecting funds to donate to a black cat charity in the U.K. which has yet to be chosen, although yesterday when we tried to visit their page our browser blocked us ??? but anyhoo these guys are doing their bit today, so thanks very much dudes, we hope mew raise oodles and change a few lives for the better. 

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Thanks for celebrating Black Cats with us today and don't furget to stop by tomorrow as we'll be back with The Pet Parade, so do come and hop along with us. Also, mew've still got time to enter Amber's 18th Birthday Giveaway and yes, the pawty is sill raging in the bunker, the last I saw the Pirate Ship was full-sized down on level 8 in the biosphere and some guests we're having great fun walking the plank! MOL 

Tuesday Purrs

Parsley Sauce & Angel Humphrey

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