Tuesday, 2 March 2021

Happy Dr Seuss Day and Blog Hop ~ Plus **FREE DR SEUSS WORDSEARCH** & **JIGSAW PUZZLE**

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Hello supurr fluffy furiends

Welcome to March and to Dr Seuss Day!

As mew can see, I'm really in the mood for all the wacky fun, and I know the rest of The B Team are too!

I've also turned this epic picture into a jigsaw puzzle, so do see if mew can't beat our time of 11 mins 16 seconds. (Link goes direct to Jigsaw Planet.)


As I haven't shared any Brain Training posts in a while, I thought it would be most excellent fun to share a Dr Seuss Wordsearch - WOOOOO HOOOOOO!

Brain Training with Professor Basil Free Printable Dr Seuss Wordsearch @BionicBasil®Downloadable Puzzle Fur Purrsonal Use Only

Just right-click the image to save and/or print.

[**see our download policy here]

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Many apologies for missing our usual Sunday Selfies and Mandala's on Monday yesterday; mew may remember on Caturday when Amber posted her latest book review that we mentioned we were running behind schedule, well things got wurse as when we tried to write Sunday's post on Caturday teatime the broadband connection was nowhere to be found, and it was missing all day Sunday too, in fact, we only got the PC back online on Monday afternoon, so we were going to do the posts, and then we saw the reminder about Dr Seuss Day and thought we'd just jump in there instead. Sorry guys, mew'll have to print off one of the existing mandala's if mew need to do some colouring, and for those who need to do a few breathing exercises, just find Smooch on any of the older Colouring with Cats posts to join in and get your Zen Harmonies happening.

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Also, don't forget to go visit these 3 epically epic blogs who are hosting all manner of wonderfulness for your entertainment today:

Emmy and all from 15 and Meowing!

Ranger from The Adventures of Ranger.


Timmy from Tomcat Commentary by Tim. 

Way to go, Timmy and Emmy, we haven't met Ranger yet, but we're on our way. Thanks so much for hosting mew guys - MEW ROCK!


Many thanks to Ann from the ameowzing blog Zoolatry for making all the wunderpurr Dr Seuss blog badges for today!

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Happy Dr Seuss Day

To join in this epically epic blog hop, just pop to see our truly pawesome pal, Sandee at Comedy Plus to enter your blog link:

Dr Seuss Blog Hop at Comedy Plus

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We'll be back tomorrow with our usual Pet Parade post, so do stop by if mew get chance. Thanks for stopping by today, as mew know how much we love your company.

Wishing mew oodles of fun, and we hope mew enjoy the puzzles!

Wing Commander Basil & The B Team xx

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We've also added some new Brain Training posts, just to keep your little grey cells in tip-top condition. And we’ll be adding extra jigsaw puzzles to the puzzle page.

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