Tuesday, 19 February 2019

Repost from 2012 ~ Welcome To Our Blog ~ Bionic Basil™ ~ Home of Basil & The B Team

Bionic Basil Graphic @BionicBasil™ 2019

Basil & The B Team @BionicBasil™ 2019

Hiya pawesome pals

This is an updated version of our furry furst post from 2012, so if mew missed it, here it is.

Greetings, salutations and many purrs to all our wonderful furriends in Cyberspace!

This page originally published 27th June 2012 has been updated fur 2019 [18-02-19], as where we began and where we are today are poles apart, literally in different dimensions.

Those of mew who are new visitors may be wundering why our furst post was in June 2012 and the blog archive starts in January 2016 ~ well pawesome readers that's because we've removed 600+ posts from 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015 as they don't seem relevant anymore.

There will be a few posts since the start of 2016 that do have back-links in them that won't wurk anymore, so do give us a shout if mew come across any and we'll remove them.

We've also had issues recently with our content being stolen and used illegally on other websites, which in all honesty really spoiled our mood, as we spend a lot of time on our posts and we are trademarked [and have been since 2018], so we do take copyright theft, plagiarism and the like furry seriously.

So now all the serious stuff is out of the way, let me introduce The B Team to mew:

  My name is Basil if mew hadn't already guessed, and I did get my Wing Commander status in September of 2018 though that hasn't slowed me down in the slightest thanks to Humphrey's ingenious invention, The E.M.D. aka Earth Me Device which enables Rainbow Bridge Kitties [R.B.K.] to come back to the earth realm in solid form - woo hoo fur that dudes! MOL

Anyhoo, I digress... ah yes, the introductions... Humphrey [all black], Posie [tuxedo] and Snowie [all white] bottom row right to left, are also R.B.K.'s departing fur the RB between 2015 - 2017, and they still adventure here with us now and again but mainly they join in our once yearly blockbuster adventure, which runs fur about 16 - 20 posts during the summer months.

   Young Melvyn [tabby and white] bottom left is our newest recruit, joining only last month and making his debut on the blog on our Valentines 2019 Crafting with Cats post, he's my nephew and so it's really nice that he's been able to join our Heathen Horde of Elite Kitty Kommando's, and at one and a half he's the youngest B Team Memfur at the moment.

Next we have Fudge, our Ginger Ninja with the biggest, floofiest tail this side of the River Trent, to his immediate right is Pandora our supurr furry torti, with more torti-tude than mew have effur seen [plus she has the hairiest paws we've effur seen too!]

Amber is our Matriarch right now, at 16 and almost a half, she's the fierce ginger and white, above her is Parsley, all black with a white star at his throat, to his left is Smooch our tripawed white and black kitty and finally moi, tabby and white, shouting all the orders! MOL

So that's all of us, and we bet mew're now wundering, so what does a bunch of cats like mew do all day?  Well that's why we have this blog so we can show mew exactly what we do.

We have different programming schedules throughout the year, here's our current selection of posts:

Plus we develop new posts effury year to keep mew entertained and our blog supurr fresh and exciting!

If mew have any questions, feel free to leave us a comment - we do answer as fast as we can, although sometimes our P.A.'s [Purrsonal Assistant] day job gets in the way [so selfish of her, and yes we've told her too] and it delays our replies a little.

Well that's about it, we do hope mew enjoy your visits with us and hope to see mew regularly, and on that note we'll say...

Have a great day 

 Bestest purrs

Basil & The B Team

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Monday, 18 February 2019

Colouring with Cats #79 ~ Getting Your OM on with Mandalas on Mondays ~ Melvyn Is DEEP DEEP In The OM-Zone

Mandalas on Mondays @BionicBasil getting your Om on! Unleash Your Zen Harmonies

Supurr Monday greetings beautiful furriends

Welcome to another glorious week on the blog, what a delightful weekend it's been here at BBHQ. The temperature reached a balmy 13C, so we spent quite a bit of time outside clearing up, cleaning the pond out and sweeping; a little bit of snipping and pruning here and there, mew know a general kind of tidy up, and while we were snoopervising that, Melvyn was doing this... 

Young Melvyn The New B Team Recruit @BionicBasil™  17-2-19

His homewurk was to purractice his OMing and getting his Zen Harmonies happening, and to be honest we were quite impressed with this furst effort ~ mew can just see those Zen Harmonies oozing off him, talk about being DEEP DEEP in the OM-Zone ~ purrfection fur sure! MOL

And know let's get your Zen Harmonies happening and your OM's on!

Anyhoo, we do hope mew've all have a totally pawesome weekend and that mew're ready fur the week ahead, so let's jump right in and start as always with our little breathing exercise, which we're sure mew all have down paw by now...  but if mew've furgotten, stop what mew're doing fur a moment and take deep fulfilling breaths; counting to five on the inhale and five on the exhale:

Breathe in
Breathe out

Breathe in
Breathe out

Breathe in
Breathe out

Don't mew feel better already?  I know we do!

Smooch is here again to offur mew assistance in getting your OM's on and Zen Harmonies happening, so just press play, close your eyes and follow his instructions.

Don't mew feel better already? We most certainly do! MOL

All the mandala's featured are created & designed by us, unless otherwise stated.

Here's this weeks mandala.

Mandalas on Monday #79 BionicBasil™  Colouring With Cats Downloadable Picture 17-2-19
Just right click the image to save and print it...

And here's our finished version... using greens, blues, and pinks fur a totally relaxing vibe.  These colours correspond in mentioned order to the following chakras:  heart, throat and higher heart, so absolutely purrfect some self-love and speaking your truth this week.

Colouring With Cats  Mandala #79 @BionicBasil™  Coloured by Cathrine Garnell 17-2-19

Coloured on the iPad and then transformed in Prisma, this time we chose the effect - balloons.

Don't furget mew can download our free Colouring with Cats ~ Books One, Two & Three here, if mew haven't already done so:


So on that note we'll say bye fur now, and hope to see mew on Wednesday when we're back with The Pet Parade Blog Hop with Dash Kitten and Barking from the Bayou, so we do really hope mew can come and hop around the wurld with us!

Until then

Keep Calm and Colour OM!

Bestest chilled and most soothing purrs

Basil & The B Team

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Sunday, 17 February 2019

Valentines Cats on The Sunday Selfies Blog Hop

Supurr Sunday salutations pawesome pals

Welcome to another selfie selection and today...

...our theme is:

Valentine Cats  

Inside & Outside Valentine's Selfies ewith all The B Team @BionicBasil_ 15-2-19

Hope mew're all having a great weekend and we'll be back on the morrow with another mandala just fur mew!

Wishing mew a supurr chilled day with lots of snoozy snuggles

Bestest Sunday Purrs

Basil & The B Team

Don't furget to join in the pawesome Sunday Selfies Blog Hop with

 Angel Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer ~ visit them at their pawesome blog:

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Saturday, 16 February 2019

**New Post** Getting All Arty-Farty with The Artful Fudger featuring Basil's New Pawtrait ~ A Present Fur Valentine's Day from The P.A.

Welcome To

Pawesome Greetings Dudes and Dudettes

Welcome to another arty-farty post and let me just tell me what I've been up to since mew last saw me.  I've been doing my own paintings, yep it's true and here's one of my efforts...

This is a painting of our gorgeous sisfur, Snowie.  I call it:

Bungly Jungly Snowie

Now let me show mew the main event, the P.A. decided to get something special fur us all this Valentine's Day and she surprised us with this.
She made this pic in an app a while ago - she can't remember which app - anyhoo she found the pic in her camera roll a few weeks ago and loved it that much she pootled to Vistaprint and had it turned into a 40 x 60 cm canvas to try.  And it came out so fab it made her cry, she's just deciding whether to frame it or not, so it's sitting in the sky lounge on the desk right now where we get to admire it effuryday.

The P.A. loves it, I mean really loves it, so it was an artful success!

And furry quickly before I go, I'm also joining gorgeous Athena on the...  

caturday art

This picture was made with: BeFunky [paid licence]

Don't furget to stop by fur our regular Sunday Selfies post tomorrow Valentine's Style and many thanks fur joining me fur my third post, and I'll get some more exciting cat art to share with mew soon.

Bestest Arty-Farty Purrs

The Artful Fudger

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Friday, 15 February 2019

Feline Fiction on Fridays #91 at Amber's Library featuring **The Valentine Cat** by Clyde Robert Bulla

Welcome To

With Amber ~ The Best Library Kitty in the entire Mewton~Clawson Parish

Supurr salutations pawesome furriends

*waves paw*

Hello gorgeous library guests and welcome to my private library this Valentine's week.

OMC what a week it's been, mew know those post-stealers at petzilia, they have now finally taken down our 60+ posts but only aftur we had to get our lawyer on-board to email them.

And the hilarious thing is this; aftur they illegally used our Wednesday post on their site [aftur 4 previous take-down notice emails from us to remove effurything], they now want us to remove our post from here, what a classic ~ we MOL'd so much we fell offur!

Howeffur, they were still stealing our posts aftur they'd emailed us at 10.30 Thursday morning us to say; sorry and we're going to remove them.

We have several screen shots to prove this, fur future use, just in case. And we have 100's of screen shots of effurything else of what they used illegally.

But the good news is this; since alerting the cat blog'o'sphere to the blogpost theft, and asking our pals to check the site fur their posts, the site has now been taken offline temporarily by their host GoDaddy due to many complaints of copyright theft, etc.

So we, the kitty blogging community have small victory, yet we shall have to be vigilant so this level of plagiarism and theft this does not occur again. 

And now all that kerfuffle is offur I can finally get back to my catnip heart, and oh my cod, when I tell mew this nip is truly epic, it's mind-blowingly epic! MOL 

Amber & the catnip heart @BionicBasil™  feline fiction of fridays #91

Now I think it's time to share this weeks book.

This week I'm sharing

The Valentine Cat 


Clyde Robert Bulla

**FYI the above Amazon.co.uk image is an affiliate link. I will get a rather modest commission should mew decide to click through and purrchase it**

I've had this book fur quite sometime, in fact I think I originally bought it fur last years valentines review, then furgot about it and bought another one instead! MOL

Anyhoo, I found it in the stacks recently and it's here today; now this was furst published 1959, so this is the books 60th year in print, how pawesome is that, epically so.

It tells the story of a lonely artist, who has given up on his painting, until one day a little cat who has a heart-shaped white splodge on his forehead turns up and needs a home - mew know I don't do spoilers, so enough said there! MOL 

This is a lovely story and will delight young and older readers. The illustrations throughout are absolutely charming and if mew don't have it on your bookshelf, I would get a copy if mew can. My copy is a second-hand pawed one as I don't think there's a current print run, and I think buying used books is fun, and good fur the planet too! 

In summary, I loved this little tale, and am so glad I got a copy, it's just purrfect fur Valentines Day.

*    *    *
Publisher: Troll Medallion

The Amber Biblio Rating System Fur Offurall Enjoyment:

Ratings of:

The Valentine Cat

Offurall Enjoyment

I do hope mew enjoy this gorgeous little book if mew decide to give it a try... 

...and if mew've read it already, what did mew think?

*    *    *

Sadly it's time fur me to say BFN or bye-fur-now as mew know the drill, so many books, so little time and I'll be back next week with another specially paw-picked book just fur mew. And don't furget that all my previous reviews can be found on my Book Review page.

deardrbasil @ gmail . com

Happy reading or listening until next time and stop by to see Fudge tomorrow who's here with another Arty-Farty post!

Soft purrs

Amber xox

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