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Recently, we're finding that some peeps/business's who contact us are taking offence and umbridge at us charging for our services, and they assume that we're delighted to work for free. 

We have this to say: Mew are in business to make money, to make a profit and that's great, but why should we work for nothing to make mew more money? There's no incentive at all is there?  Everywhere else charges for services, why should a cat blog be any different.

Mew can't live on fresh air! 

Ask yourself this: Would mew work for us, or anyone else for that matter for free? and we know that the answer would be a definite, no hesitation NO, so please don't expect us to work for nothing either, it insults our intelligence and our blog, as it shows that there is no respect for us or the work we do.

We take great pride in our blog and how we present our posts, so if mew don't value that, mew're definitely not the right fit for us.

Also, like any business we have lots of expenses too; cat food doesn't grow on trees and veterinary services are not free either, have mew ever heard of a cheap vet? NO, neither have we.

So our point is this, there is not another cat blog in the world like ours, we are completely unique in what we do and how we present ourselves and the content we share, if mew can't see the value of that and want it gratis please go elsewhere because we have enough content for the next 10 years and lots of lovely things to share all on our own. 

But if mew'd still like to contact us regarding a: 

 sponsored post
guest interviews
 book review
food review
 toy review
furniture review
advertising, sponsorship or other matter 

**FYI We are not accepting guest posts or affiliates right now** 

here's how mew can...

For all enquiries, please use our email below

deardrbasil @ gmail . com

or simply use the contact form on the left-hand sidebar.

FYI:- we are only in the BBHQ Blogging Office a couple of times a week, so if mew don't hear back from us straight away ~ this is normal, and we will reply as soon as we are onsite.

Please note:

That by contacting us with the above email address, mew agree to allow us to contact mew in the future.  We do not send marketing emails and we do not sell or share your data. 

Vuelio Pet Blog Finalist 2018

We're also listed in Vuelios Top 10 UK Pet Blogs fur 2017 at #5 and in 2018 we're the #2 Pet Blog in the UK, which we think is epically epic.

And we're still in the #2 slot for 2019 and now in 2020 too!  #EPICALLYEPIC


Wing Commander Basil & The B Team

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