Thursday 28 April 2016

Thankful on Thursday with Parsley

Today young Parsley Sauce is with us, sharing his uber thankfulness fur having such a beautiful shiny coat, he say's it's because he spends a lot of time primping and preening, and while this is fact he omitted to mention that the P.A. spends quite a bit of time brushing him, sometimes 3 times a day, as young Mr Sauce in all honesty is Addicted to Brush! MOL

The P.A. says he's fur feels like velvet, so she also calls him Mr Mint Velvet.  Seriously though what cat comes hurtling across the garden at light speed when a brush is waved at him? [Pansy]  There are also several types of brush employed, from supurr soft bristles to combs and massage varieties, and Parsley seems to like a combination of treatments on a daily basis. 

Are mew addicted to brush?  

As now I'm curious, as purrsonally I'm not a fan.  Smoochie enjoys it and gets a little too excited resulting in a back-hawk [mohawk], chest hawk and tummy hawk, this is when the phrase: Back Hawk Down comes into play! MOL  Snowie is also a rather keen and willing brushee, as is Humphrey.  Amber can take it or leave it and Angel Posie was a complete no-go-zone unless mew wanted to lose digits.  

This leads me to wunder, is it normal fur cats to be addicted to brush, or am I in the minority of not enjoying this hairy fairy fur inducing past-time?  

The P.A. also has this to say on the joys of brushing; 

If cat fur were currency she'd be a billionaire!  

She would also like to add this addendum; 

After carefully removing all traces of cat fur with a super sticky lint roller from my clothing every morning before I leave the house, by the time I get to work I can still look like I've rolled on the floor in a pile of it - what is this strange phenomenon?  Am I a cat fur magnet? Is it some predisposed condition and if so is it treatable? And forget using any type of lip-gloss unless you want to have fur-mouth! [Not a good look on anyone LOL]


Enjoy your day 


Basil xox

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  1. de fanz oh a brushin heer in de land oh trout; boomer & tuna; we like ta chillax for bout 15 mintz for R brushinz....

    dai$y likez ta get brushed....three timez...ore; three swipez....N thatz ...IT

    parsley....ya iz lookin total lee handsum two day dood !! ♥♥♥

    1. Hey Tabbies mew made us laugh about Daisy, Snowie used to be like that and we called it 'the three pat rule' if someone was daft enough to lose count, well let's just say it wasn't purretty! XOX

  2. Most of my kitties love the brush. Cute photos.

    1. So that's more votes fur brushing - I'm feeling a little out on my lonesome right now!!! MOL

  3. Paisley, your furs glow! We don't get brushed very much.

    1. Parsley had this to say... probably a good thing as it can become furry addictive! XX

  4. Minko likes to be brushed, Pipo, well he seems to like it to the point that he tries to catch that brush, so its hard to do it, MOL!
    Sme of our furbeeas were brush addicts, too.

    Fur on evfurrything?? Yes, meowmy changes her clothes esp her pants/skirt or dress just before she leaves...and uh huh...voila, cat hairs...and usually some JRT dagger hairs too. Evfurry kitty owner's badge of honour! MOL!

    1. Oh yes, no outfit is complete with a covering of cat fur! MOL


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