Wednesday 6 April 2016

Wordless on Wednesday with Parsley

Wednesday greeting pawesome pals

Mew may remember last week on Thoughtless on Thursday with Smoochie and myself, that young Parsley aka Mr Sauce accidentally slipped off a wobbly rockery stones and fell into the pond while he was purrsuing a young froglet.

And although he got out faster than mew could say "make mine a niptini, shaken not stirred!"   this got me to thinking that purrhaps we needed to implement a few safety features around said pond.  I've called the new scheme 

'Pond Watch

Now our pond was installed purely fur the little froggies in the garden, there's no fishies so the P.A. didn't net offur it and to be honest we get puddles in the courtyard bigger than this installation.  Other than the froggies there's a bit of pond weed and a rather lovely water lily and that's it.  There are three shelves around the edge to place plants on but the P.A. just removed the old ones as they'd seen much better days, basically we have a purrmanent puddle as a garden feature.

So do any of mew have ponds, and how do mew police yours fur safety? 

Bearing in mind that we only have frogs so netting isn't going to wurk...

Our only other thought is that since Parsley had an unexpected dip, did he learn his lesson and in future keep away from said wetness?

So many points to ponder...

See mew on the morrow when we'll be here with much thoughtless abandon


Basil xox

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  1. You maybe need to get a swimming instructor. That would also help kitties not only if they fall in, but then they might be able to do underwater chases of froggies...hey, not a bad idea!

  2. I wish we had a pond! With frogs. AND fish. But my human is not up to all the care they require.

  3. We don't have a pond, but me also doesn't go outside lessen me's in me's stroller so there wuldn't be any need fur pawlicin' anyways. Good luck, we think Parsley learned da lesson...till da next time. MOL

    Luv ya'


  4. dood...sum one can dig a hole with a SPOON over heer... & call it a pond ~~~~ therz just such a hole bee hind boomer & dai$y's houz a ways; but they iz in door onlee.... sew we haz noe tipz.....sorree

    ya look awesum in yur fotoz two day....most handsum inn deed !! ♥♥♥

  5. Maybe Parsley would be safer with water wings!

  6. Those little floats that kids put around their arms might be just the right size for around Parsley's middle. You could make him wear it whenever he goes outside. MOL! That would be a sight. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  7. Good plan for safety. We don't have a pond and if we did it wouldn't matter, we are indoor only.

  8. You have a pond of frogs? How cool! We don't have a pond but sometimes we get a toad or two on our patio.

  9. Parsley, you gotta be careful around that pond!


    Gracie and Zoe

    PEE ESS: You have a POND? With FROGS and FISHES??? Can we come visit? Please??? :)


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