Thursday 22 December 2016

Crosswurds & Wurdsearch's by Professor Basil ~ Festive Brain Training with Cats! #15

Welcome to

Supurr Festive Crosswurdy Greetings Furriends

It's only two and a bit days to Catmass - WOO HOO!

Sorry but we have to share a little festive cheer MOL

And just so mew know I'm feeling so much better this week, and last weekend I went outside fur an hour and caught myself a mouse, I was so chuffed and thoroughly enjoyed my 'fast food' snack and to be honest I really think eating mices d'houvres really helped me turn a corner! MOL

Anyhoo, we know time is short this week fur effurypurrdy, so let's dive right into today's puzzles, as we know mew need a quick break from the festive madness.  We've got a crosswurd and wurdsearch fur mew today, Catmass themed of course, so purrlease enjoy.


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Time to get scribbling on...

Just right click the crosswurd image to save to your 'puter and print it.

And fur all those who complete it, there's another rather nifty and vibrant badge fur your excellent efforts on the next puzzling post.

[just right click to save the wurdsearch to your 'puter or print it off.] 
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And here's a delightful badge fur your pawesome efforts, just right click the image to save it to your computer.

Well it's time fur us to go get ready fur tomorrows Catmass Pet Parade, but in the meantime we hope mew have lots of fun, and do let us know what mew think of today's puzzle.

And furry quickly in other news, the pawesome kitties at have a give-away happening right now with my book, Basil the Bionic Cat book as the prize, so if mew'd like to get your mittens on a free copy, just head offur and enter.

A quick reminder before we go... don't furget to go and join in the supurr Thankful on Thursday Blog Hop, which is now being hosted by the pawesome blog: Brian's Home

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Until tomorrow...

Keep Calm


Puzzle On

Bestest purrs

Basil & Co xox

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  1. I really do think that catching that mouse lifted your spirits and helped you mend, Basil!

    1. Summer, that mouse was the best thing to happen to me in ages! MOL XOX

  2. We are so happy that you feel better, Basil and I'm sure that snack helped a lot ;) Pawkisses for a wonderful day :) <3

  3. We're very happy you're feeling better, Basil ! Your crosswords are so much fun, and a nice challenge for us : thanks to you, we increase our vocabulary ! Purrs

    1. Hi Swiss Cats, oh we're delighted mew are enjoying the crosswurds and your vocabulary is purrfect!!! XOX

  4. I am glad you are feeling so much better, Basil. Of course a freshly caught mousie is the best tonic you can get.

    1. Hi Flynn, dude mew know the benefits of fresh mices, it can't be bettered! MOL XOX

  5. I am glad you are feeling better Basil.These look like fun puzzles.

    1. Hey guys, oh we're just so glad mew're enjoying the puzzles! XOX

  6. Woohoo! We're so happy you're feeling better, Basil. What an awesome prezzie for the holidays! :)

    Thanks for the supurr fun puzzles!

    1. Hey guys, so glad you're liking the festive puzzles!!! MOL XOX

  7. Catching a mousie was so great that the activity revved up your healing motors, Basil! And eating it was fuel,MOL!

    Stockingstuffers...what a fun word in that search! And such a pretty star shape, too:)

    1. Hey Pipo & Minko, that mouse was purrfect and such a tonic! Glad mew liked today's puzzles and we thought as it's Crispmouse we'd better make it star shaped! MOL XOX


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