Saturday 3 December 2016

Sammy Come Fly with US!



As mew will know our pawesome pal Sammy went OTRB on Friday 2nd December, and we were all gutted by this terribly sad news.

So, and I know we're a little late with this post, but we'll explain more in a moment, we thought we'd share Sammy's far too brief visit with us in Sweepy Ville... if that's ok with mew guys?

The Come Fly with Me blog hop is being held at Dory'sBackyard:

*     *     *

"Sammy, dude!" I said softly, my voice rather croaky due to only just getting out of the hospital. "Really great mew could stop by buddy, even though the circumstances are too sad fur wurds!"

"Basil!" Sammy shouted as he landed his beautiful red and white balloon in the courtyard. "Aftur all this time I finally made it!"

Humphrey, Parsley and Smooch grabbed the balloons mooring ropes and tethered the balloon securely and Sammy hopped out.

I hugged him and we bumped paws. "Been a long time coming, but finally we meet in purrson!" I said.

Sammy nodded wistfully. "Indeed Basil my fellow scout." We saluted each other and I wiped away a tear that began to trickle down my face.

Clearing my throat I said. "Come meet the rest of the Hoard."

We walked across the lawn to the secret entrance to the bunker and headed inside while I explained the schematics and pointed out various things on the way to the control room.

Once inside I began the introductions.

"Sammy meet the Hoard, Hoard meet Sammy!" I said softly.

"Great to meet mew," Amber said waving a paw.

"Hi Sammy!" said Smoochie.

"It's an honour," Parsley said.

"Sammy it's really great to meet mew," Humphrey said.

"I second that!" Snowie said.

"Hey Sammy," Angel Posie smiled, "Me and mew are going to have great fun on the other side!"

Sammy stared wide-eyed at the control room, "Wow Basil this is amazing!"

I gave him a toothy grin and replied, "Sammy dude mew ain't seen nothing yet!"

"So this is where mew have all your adventures?" Sammy asked as we headed back towards the garden.

"Yes, this is where it all happens!" I replied laughing. "We've had many an adventure here and now we're going to share some it of with mew...  We've got a lot planned Sammy, are mew ready fur the fun to begin?" 

He nodded and grinned widely at me.

We stood in front of the summer house and the lawn began to tremble, a moment later the huge metal doors opened up and a tank appeared, Humphrey drove it off the platform and yelled, "Come on Sammy, let's go fur a spin!" 

We drove the tank down the field with Sammy at the controls to meet a furry special furriend of mine.

We hopped off the tank and I said. "Sammy, meet Bunzilla, he's come all the way from the Purrmuda Triangle to wish mew well on your new and epic journey."

Sammy stared at the giant rabbit and said. "Jeez dude you're one big bunny!"

Bunzilla laughed and replied. "Nice to meet mew Sammy, I'm just so sorry it wasn't sooner."

We had a bit of a picnic lunch with Bunzilla and then Parsley fetched the hummer.

"Come Sammy, let's tear up some tarmac in this bad boy!" I laughed as I jumped in the drivers side.

"We're coming too!" Smooch and Parsley said helping Sammy in.

"Buckle up effurypurddy!" I said as we drove out of the field.

"WOOOO HOOOOOO!" Smoochie laughed. "Go faster Basil!"

"We're flat out now Smooch!" I answered as we sped along the quiet country roads surrounding Sweepy Ville pointing to local landmarks.

"Look there's the windmill and just there is the observatory which is run by Dr Hoffenstein and offur there is the river, but we'll come back to that later, let's go blow some stuff up furst!" 

Back in the garden, Amber had got out one of the artillery guns and I turned to Sammy and said. "Dude this is some serious fun, what do mew want to blow up furst?"

Sammy grinned and whispered in my ear.  I roared with laughter and yelled to Smooch. "FIRE!"

Four shells deployed and exploded as they hit a derelict shed at the bottom of the field.

We all laughed and laughed and laughed.

Aftur we'd finished laughing and laughing and laughing and blowing some other stuff up I turned to Sammy and said. "Dude we know mew have to go soon but before mew do we'd like to do just one more thing."

We drove back to the river and moored up was our pirate ship, The Crimson Revenge.

"Come on Sammy, we'll just go out fur a quick sail out of estuary and back again.

My seasoned crew hoisted the sails aftur releasing the mooring ropes and we sailed along the coast-line and headed into open waters briefly before returning to the dock.  The cool salty air was most refreshing but also most poignant of what was to come.

We drove back to Sweepy Ville and parked up next to Sammy's balloon.

Standing in the courtyard we all hugged Sammy and said our goodbyes.

Once safely inside the basket Sammy said. "Basil this has been the best fun effur, thanks so much buddy and to the rest of the Hoard too, I wished I'd come to visit sooner but mew know it's time fur me to go, so I'll say a fond farewell to mew all and see mew in the next life." 

Smooch, Parsley and Humphrey released the mooring ropes, Sammy waved as the balloon rose up while we watched.  We waved like a bunch of crazy cats as tears streamed down our cheeks and Sammy soared up into the sky, hidden too soon from view among the white fluffy clouds.

*    *     *

R.I.P. Sammy, gone but neffur furgotten.

*    *    *

We did try to leave a message on Sammy's post on Friday, but when we checked it wasn't there, so we'll say it again here.

Sammy mew will be missed terribly, we are so furry sorry mew had to leave, but do understand even though it still breaks our hearts.

Your Grande Finale was most Epically Epic and we hope mew enjoyed your short time with us today.

Me and The Hoard salutes mew and we'll be flying the flag at half mast in your honour....  see mew in the next life buddy, the one where we all live fureffur!

*     *     *

We're sorry we are a little late posting this, but as a few of mew will know I've been rather poorly this week with pancreatitis and have spent most of the week at the vets, having rather too many meds, blood tests, being prodded, poked, xrayed and examined.

The P.A. has also been rather poorly with the flu and with me being poorly too, this actually made her wurse due to the stress.  She said and I quote. "Worst timing ever!"

I was put on a drip on Tuesday after being admitted and given loads of meds that turned me into a space cadet, Wednesday evening I came home and Thursday morning I was back at the vets all day to have my meds, 6  doses of orally administered vileness throughout the day.  It was the same on Friday and Saturday I finished one of the drugs, so I was give a long-lasting injection of Baytril to last me until Monday afternoon when I return to the vets fur another check-up.   I also have to have some other stuff squirted on my food in the evenings, but that one is rather tasty, so it's not so bad.

I've also been put on some special diet food fur the foreseeable future until things get better.... I'm still furry lethargic and tired but I am eating and trying to gain back the weight I lost.   I'm feeling the cold too so the P.A. has furry kindly got me snuggled up with her wheatbag, so paws crossed I'm on the mend.... and there's no outside time on the horizon either...  ah well...

On that note we'll finish up


So here's to Sammy may mew frolick in endless fields of catnip, chasing flutterbys galore and snooze on the softest beds imaginable.

Gentle purrs

Basil & The Heathen Hoard

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  1. We're so glad to see you, Basil! Bear and I were worried and we missed all of you. We hope your Mom and you both feel better soon ... for not feeling good, the two of you sure wrote a wham-bam awesome post for Sammy!

  2. What an epic visit Sammy had with all of you, Basil and Co.! Surely he will regale all of those who came before at the Bridge with the memories. We sure will miss him. Already do, in fact.

    Basil, we're glad you're back home. Keep on eating, okay? And we hope you and the P.A. are all the way better real soon. Hugs, purrs and prayers...

  3. What a fabulous visit Sammy had!! Memorable for sure!! We miss him so! :'( I am sorry you've not been well, but glad you are back home again. You need to chow down and put on some weight now! xx

  4. Dear Basil and company - first of all I hope you're feeling better soon buddy....that pancreatitis stuff is no fun I know and seems a lot of our pals have fought with that lately. Please GET WELL! Considering all of that, you and the Hoard truly DID show me the BESTEST OF THE BEST time on my Farewell Tour! We sure did a lot of stuff - tanks, pirate ships, humongous bunnies - what did we miss? NOT MUCH! You are the best and I had the time of my life. I'm now resting up from the trip around the world here in the Bacon Suite at the Bridge. IT's been amazing. Thanks for being part of it.......

    Love and Heavenly Hugs, Angel Sammy

  5. Oh Basil, you sure gave Sammy a fabulous day! I hope you get well very very soon, so we can all share in your fabulous adventures. PS i hope your special diet includes loads of Pizza, cream, and mice, at least thrice a day. Works for me! purrs ERin

  6. Basil bless your little heart...what a week for you and your peeps too. We hope you are feeling some better each day and we do thank you for joining the hop for Sammy.
    It is never to late to tell a buddy how much they mean to you.
    Hugs madi your bfff

  7. What an awesome journey that Sammy got to take with you! Such a lucky kitty on his awesome tour. He will always be in our hearts. Basil, I hope you and the P.A. feel better soon!

  8. What a wonderful time Sammy had with you. I hope you and your P.A. are soon feeling much better.

  9. What a fabulous day Sammy had with you ! We send you purrs and hope you feel better soon. Purrs

  10. What an exciting and fun day for Sammy. I know he loved it. A great send off for Sammy.

    We didn't realize you and the PA were so sick. You have pancreatitis Basil...that's a tough one. We will purr our famous Meezer Purrs just for you. Oh sorry and for the Pa.

    Shoko and Kali

  11. Basil, that looks like a really fun time! Guy stuff. We are all sad that Sammy had to leave.

    You take care of yourself, Buddy, and your mom too! We don't want anything to happen to either of you.

  12. We thank you for provid Sammy with a most pawsome adventure in your SLeepy Hollow!

    And we sure hope you are beginning to be on the mend, too. Pancreatitis is not fun at all...we are purring and pawyering hard for you. And your Mummy has the flu? What a bummer that is. POTP and pawyers for her, too.

  13. What a week. :-( I hope both you and your human are feeling better, Basil.

  14. Basil and Mum, we hope you are both feeling a bit better. The timing of illness is never right is it? If we can help in any way, just let us know OK?

  15. Basil this was an amazing trip for Sammy! You cats are the bees knees! MOL

  16. What a wonderful time you gave Sammy. He sure deserved it. The loss of this dear friend to so many of us is just super sad. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo


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