Tuesday 27 December 2016

FLASHBACK FEVER! BionicBasil Revisited #14 ~ The Purrsday Paw ~ Are Mew NUTZ?

Welcome to our 14th Flashback post.

Today we are revisiting one of squirrely posts:- Are Mew NUTZ?  This one is from November 14th 2013, so we're only going back 3 years with today's time-travelling excursion! MOL 

Let's jump in the time dilation vortex and go way way back....

Woo hoo, that was fun... and not as swirly as yesterday either! MOL

Today on

The Purrsday Paw

'Are Mew NUTZ?'

NUTZ Abound!!!

Well I have to say, this squirrel certainly has his mittens full!

[Cheeky little blighter!!!]

And only in England could mew have signs, that warn mew that there are furry dangerous squirrels eating nutz ahead and to proceed with the utmost caution when entering densely wooded areas! 

Who knew that?

Not me until last week, when the P.A. showed me this picture.  I mean it's furry obvious what it means!

The big red triangle for danger and the highly hazardous wee beasty gripping the nut. 

There is no other way to interpret this, other than squirrels are completely nutz!

I wonder if they have gangs, purrhaps they even even have turf or I should say tree wars?


So there mew have it, don't effur enter densely wooded areas if mew see this sign and especially not effur if mew are carrying a bag of walnuts, cashews or similar.

Until next time

Bestest nuttiest purrs


As many of mew have now found out since reading Fast Furry & Dangerous, we have learned that squirrels are highly dangerous individuals and even wurse when they band together in militia groups!!!! 

And before we go, many thanks to Flynn fur pointing out the truly heinous spelling mistake on yesterdays post! MOL [It was promptly corrected].  Dude the P.A. got another cold a week last Sunday and is out of her tree on Night Nurse [in fact she's probably nuttier that a forest full of squirrels right now] and she said she only wishes it was champagne! 

Bestest festive purrs and don't furget to stop by tomorrow fur another Flashback Fever post, who knows where we'll be travelling to! MOL

Basil & Co xox

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  1. My human always eats a small bag of honey roasted cashews for breakfast... maybe that's why the squirrels are always running around outside our office in the morning!

  2. We gots lots of those dangerous beasties in our yard! WE may need your help!

  3. We kind of enjoy squirrels here. They're fun to chase, but they cheat and run up trees.

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas.

  4. Thiose dudes and their helpers...ir the red ones the black ones and the grey ones have made a discovery here...and now we have to recruit dog-guy to help us...they all found our burd feeders...now the burds will not have any time to eat their fill peacefully...and dog guy will go beserk trying to chase/catch them...which in his current state of purrmanent drunken gait is not possible and funny to watch...but kind of embarrassing and maybe dangerous for him. (he has an inner ear problem due to his many years of doggy wisdom...he is 14.5 years old, which is like 98 in human years...)
    So we need your help, OMC!! Furst meeces in the cellar and now skwerls on the feeders...what next?!

  5. Cheeky squirrels. They're always taunting us.

  6. Cute flashback. Squirrels are evil :)


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