Tuesday 26 September 2017


Pawesome greetings fabulous furriends

As we've been supurr, mega busy offur the last few days** sadly this week Part 10 of The Last Big Jolly will have to wait until next Tuesday.

**Well actually it's all the P.A.'s fault this time - she's been really swamped at wurk and stuff... in fact she hasn't even posted on our Instacat profile fur 6 days and has barely looked in on Facebook page either and Twitter has been pawsitively tweetless too!
We do apologize fur this heinous interruption to our programming schedule, so in the meantime to soothe those jangled nerves aftur last weeks epically epic, tense and even possibly thrilling episode, just press play on the soothing elevator mewsic below. 

We even recommend shaking purrtend maracas [unless mew have real ones - even better] in time with the mewsic...

Amber is still finding it most, and I repeat MOST therapeutic! 

[sometimes, I really, really, truly, honestly wunder about my fursibs *shakes head in complete dismay!*]

Once again purrlease accept our sincerest apologies fur possibly ruining your entire week thus far and just so that mew know, this weeks episode was legendary too and we were so looking forward to sharing it with mew, but never fear, it will be here next week instead.  

Epic purrs

Basil & Co  XOX


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