Saturday 9 December 2017

Pet Peeves with Parsley #11 ~ What's Your Boggle This Week? Meowy Humbug and so much fur my modelling career! And The Caturday Art Blog Hop

Many greetings pawesome pals

Parsley here *waves paw* and welcome to 

Pet Peeves With Parsley

Furstly I must apologize fur being absent, it's not my choice, appurrently 'others posts' are more impawtant than mine - that's why mine get bumped supposedly!

And funnily enough that brings me straight to today's gripe...

Why is it that my posts are the furst to get bumped?

Oh heck no, Amber just heard me....

"Parsley I am greatly displeased my posts are being bumped off too!" Amber said huffily.

'Oh heck no!' I thought and tried to make my escape.

Logo Design by
Logo Design by

"And did mew know that I sent off a small portfolio of myself to a top London modelling agency," Amber began. "Look here's some of the pics, the ones on the left."

I was still backing out of the door when she insisted I go and look at the photo's.  And believe me when I tell mew that I really didn't want to go there.

I took my time, doing a bit of a one-step, two-step sideways shuffle to delay things all the while purraying fur divine intervention of some kind, or just anything, ANYTHING else to be happening right now... a pin dropping, a giant catnip toy rolling by like tumbleweed, Smooch and Fudge coming to my rescue, the P.A. offuring me a small smorgasbord of my favourite delicacies on a silver platter, then hand feeding me, just anything else and not those photo's again!

By the time I got there she was tapping her paw impatiently and giving me a rather withering look.

She pointed to the furst picture. Top left.

"I call that my vacant-kitty look, can mew see how I'm staring at absolutely nothing?" she said enthusiastically.

I nodded trying not to look but having to seem mildly interested and grumbled, "Oh yeah, that's great."

She pointed to picture two.  Middle left.

"That's my fun quizzical stare, amazing right?" she gushed. "And the last photo, bottom left, I'm sharing my profile, and doesn't that pompom look tres chic?"

"Just fantastic!" I murmured and began to back away furry slowly, then added. "Amazing!"

"So why the freak didn't that agency sign me up on the freaking dotted line?" Amber snapped. "So much fur my modelling career, it appears Senior Cats aren't en vogue right now, and also I look a good five years younger than my real age!!!"

I mumbled my sincerest commiserations of a modelling career that never was, or will be and ran.
So my simple easy-peasy gripe became Amber's tirade, and that is:- the modelling wurld is biased towards aging cats who are ginger and white and wear strange and really bizarre furry fetching and most complimentary hats.

What can mew say to that?! MOL

*    *    *

WOO HOO finally I am getting to join in the Caturday Art Blog Hop again with...  

caturday art

This week my purrtrait app is by: Photolab

 The effect used was:  Pop Art Style

'Thinking back to yesteryear...'

*    *    *

Well that's it fur this week... feel free to leave your peeves in the comment form, all are welcome!

What's been your biggest pet peeve this week?

Peevish purrs and MOL-ing!



  1. Amber looks fabulishious in ALL the shots and Parsley, you art is pawsome! We used the same ap! My Caturday Art will be going up in a couple of hours!
    and my peeve this week...Mommy and bringing work home when she should be playing with me!

    1. Hey Marv dude, thanks so much, and isn't that app so pawesome, I love it! Oh no and many sympathies regarding your peeve, I suggest mew keep your mom at home fur a day to make up fur it! MOL Purrs Parlsey XOX

  2. Amber ya make a pawsome model! And luv you art Parsley.

    My pet peeve is not enuf sossidge.

    1. Hiya Lone Star cats, thanks guys, and yes I can see why that would peeve mew, it would peeve me too! MOL Purrs Parlsey XOX

  3. Amber, you look great and that's lovely art, Parsley!

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie

  4. Mew Mew hellos Parsley & Amber! My pet peeve is that my kitchen staffs slept through my breakfast time this morning! Amber, you look so youthful & surely the phone will be ringing with model agencies that want to work with you. Hugs!

    1. Valentine, dude... mew mew back to mew! MOL Seriously your kitchen staff slept through your designated breakfast time - wow mew need to take steps that doesn't happen again!! MOL Oh I think Amber's dreams of becoming a top senior cat model is not going to happen anytime soon!! MOL Purrs Parsley XOX

  5. How cute they are!! I really like your blog for those correct contents you are sharing. Thank you a lot for sharing this put up with us.

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  6. I can't understand it, Amber. You are a sensational model!
    Your art is great too, Parsley. I love that effect.

    1. Hiya Angels Flynn and Eric, jeez don't encourage her!!! MOL MOL MOL Purrs Parsley XOX

  7. You're always en vogue with us sweetie.
    Have a wonderful weekend...

    Noodle and crew

  8. Well, Parsley, you now have two peeves for Caturday. Your blogs are always cancelled for something "more impawtant" and Amber totally hijacked your post today. At least your artwork came out awesome looking.

    1. Oh my Edie, mew saw that too?! Seriously it's pants and I want a new agent!!! MOL Purrs Parsley XOX

  9. Sorry your blog interests get pushed aside fur others...our blog visiting time gets that treatment...hisses:(

    Your art purrtrait is stunning, Parsley!

    1. Hey Pipo, yep it all sucks, and dude me and mew are getting us a new agent stat! MO Purrs Parsley XOX


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