Saturday 30 June 2018

Pet Peeves with Parsley #17 ~ What's Your Boggle This Week? Why Can't I Stay Outside Late, Actually All Night!!!

Many greetings pawesome pals

Parsley here *waves paw* and welcome to 

Pet Peeves With Parsley

This week supurr furriends the weather has been absolutely incredible and plus the full moon was shining so bright in a cloudless starry sky on Thursday evening, and I wanted to stay out really, really late as it was so purrfect fur hunting...

 ...but the P.A. said, "NO!"

I mean how selfish is that at 9pm when I want to go off on a covert jolly down the field until the wheneffur?  Yep I knew mew'd agree that it was heinously selfish!

Note to self: must install a secret catflap! MOL

*    *    *

And now it's time fur

 The Caturday Art Blog Hop

caturday art

My picture was transformed with: Prisma - The effect used was: Aviator

*    *    *

What's been your biggest pet peeve this week?

...feel free to leave your peeves in the comment form, all are welcome!

Peevish purrs and MOL-ing!


Graphics used under paid licence


  1. Your art looks great, Parsley! Our Paisley's pet peeve is that she isn't allowed out in the yard but the dog is. Not fair! :)

  2. You sure look darn artsy Parsley!

  3. Parsley! Your picture this week is PAWSOME! And do I have a pet peeve...? I sure do, my pet peeve is lap time. Mom comes home and she puts her laptop on her . Then she wants to visit my furrends and I just want pets.
    Now you know!

  4. Lovely art! TW was just floored that British cats do speak with a British accent. What did she expect? My peeve that week is the hot weather. It's like 100 degrees C and I don't feel like eating or anything.

  5. I have a peeve. I am peeved that there is no jigsaw puzzle, this beautiful art would make a great one. XO

  6. Great art and photos!

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie

  7. The art is lovely. I have never tried Prisma so maybe I should give it a go. That was unfair that you couldn't take a night time stroll. It would have been lovely beneath the full moon.I must admit though that Eric and Flynn were not allowed any further than the garden at night.

  8. Great art ! Our actual pet peeve is that our kitchen is going to be renewed : noise and mess are coming ! Purrs

  9. My pet peeve is that wee pup that lives here now...bwahahahaha!! I keep him under the control of mw and he is scared of me, MOL!


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